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Bat wielding Abortion clinic worker “So what – we kill babies – so what?”

Posted in Abortion Clinic Worders, pro-choice violence with tags , , , , on January 13, 2014 by saynsumthn

In 2010 an abortion clinic worker came flying out of her car with a bat to threaten pro-life side walk counselors. She waved the bat and yelled expletives at the demonstrators before confronting them face to face. It was caught on camera.

Bat weilding abortion worker

She became enraged again when the demonstrators documented her license plate number:

Bat weilding abortion worker2

The pro-lifers mentioned that they kill babies and she stated, “So what we kill babies, so what? You all mother F****** ain’t got anything to do about it, so what?”

(NOTE: A message has been sent to the protesters to inquire if they pressed charges, please check back for an update.)