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Powerful black preacher, “Church is perverted for sacrificing their children…we are worshipping the god of Baal”

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Learn the history of those who founded abortion in the United States and see how it was all based on racism- Maafa21 (Trailer below)

Rabbi Levin “Stop the baby-killing today NOW!” and To Congress, “Don’t you dare, include baby-killing funds in health care- we will throw you the hell out ! “

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Watch This- Don’t Hold Back Rabbi Levin :

By Peter J. Smith

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 26, 2010 ( – Leading a delegation of Orthodox Jewish rabbis, pro-life leader Rabbi Yehuda Levin fired up hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates gathered at the 37th March for Life, and told them to lobby their state governors to use their state’s constitutional rights and nullify Roe v. Wade.

“If we make noise we can be heard and make a difference. What are we doing about abortion?” declared the rabbi in an impassioned address to the massive throng. A crowd estimated at over 300,000 pro-lifers attended the March for Life rally (the vast majority being youth) before taking their protest to the US Supreme Court building.

“Write millions of letters addressed to Justices of the Supreme Court,” shouted Levin. “They legalized abortion on demand, tell them they must fix it now!” The animated crowd joined in chorus with Levin, chanting, “fix it now!” …

“A courageous, compassionate, God-fearing, family-loving, children-embracing governor can close down the abortion clinics in his state through interposition,” said Levin.
“If the feds want to send in the National Guard to protect the baby killers, the governor will be a hero, and God’s people will rally to him. The back of the baby-killing industry will be broken.”

“Pro-life America, contact your governors!” cried Levin, just before rabbis blew on the Shofar, a traditional horn once blown by Jewish leaders before going into battle.

He encouraged pro-lifers to be more welcoming toward new lives into their own families: while Europe faces demographic extinction, he said, Orthodox Jewish families typically “bring in 7-14 children per family.” “God loves it,” said Levin – at which point an affirming cheer erupted from the crowd. “You can also have another holy baby,” he added.

Levin also had a message for Congress.

“Don’t you dare, don’t you dare include baby-killing funds in health care or any other legislation,” he said.

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“Uncomfortable Questions” Asked by Jewish Rabbi Outside Planned Parenthood Abortuary

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

SPRING VALLEY, New York, January 27, 2010 ( – While the Washington D.C. March For Life was taking place on January 22, Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, Executive Director of Torah Jews for Decency, was standing outside the Planned Parenthood abortuary in Spring Valley NY, reading a list of “uncomfortable questions,” and providing the equally uncomfortable, but necessary answers.

Carrying a banner that said, “Planned Parenthood Spreads Spirit of Barbarism” Rabbi Leiter began by asking, “What is worse than yet another year of mass-murder of the most defenseless citizens?”

The answer? “Another year of the State-Sanctioning of that Holocaust.”

He then asked: “What is even worse than the murder of 60 million preborn babies?” answering: “Planned Parenthood – which brazenly legitimizes – and thereby perpetuates – that crime.”
The Rabbi continued to read a series of questions along the same lines.

“How can ‘the little guy’ hope to fight the agenda funded by leftist billionaires?” he asked, pointing out in response, “Mere exposure of the actual ‘power behind the (satanic) throne’ diminishes their effectiveness.”

“If we don’t deal with the source of subversion – we certainly won’t stop it,” he said. “But if we do address those shadowy forces (e.g. the foundations of Soros, Ford, and others) we most likely will merit to see significant successes – perhaps well beyond our expectations. May that be His Will.”

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How Pathetic Preaching Damages National Security

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From WorldView Times:

By: Dave Welch

One of the country’s most articulate and credible voices on the threat of radical Islam within our borders stated last week that it is the greatest threat to our nation today beyond any other domestic issues we are addressing. In the strictly national security and geopolitical contexts, this person was right. As she stated, government takeover of health care and other industries are not a concern to those who are dead.

I’ll have to admit, however, that my spirit rejected the notion that radical Islam is THE greatest threat to America any more than it was when Muhammad’s hordes were sweeping on horseback through northern Africa, the Middle East and into western Europe a millennia ago. Imperialist Islam has been defeated and contained before and certainly can be again.

The question is whether there are as many Christians left in America willing to live and die for our faith, families and freedom as there are orthodox Muslims willing to kill and die for theirs.

The pathetic preaching that has created a generation of shallow, self-focused professing followers of Jesus Christ has done far more damage to our national security than any conspiracies of men of any religion or no religion, any race and any creed could do.

Theologian Francis Schaeffer asserted in his powerful book “The Great Evangelical Disaster” that:

There is only one perspective we can have of the post-Christian world of our generation: an understanding that our culture and our country deserves to be under the wrath of God. It will not do to say the United States is God’s country in some special way. … The last few generations have trampled upon the truth of the Bible and all that those truths have brought forth.

The fact is that the blood of nearly 50 million legally (not lawfully) murdered babies has cried out to the throne of heaven. It demands justice, and the merciful God who I believe governs over all the universe could not turn a blind eye to the child sacrifice pandemic in and by the country once hailed as a “shining city on a hill.”

Barack Hussein Obama and the reprobate minds governing most of our governing entities were elevated to civil authority by a people who have largely rejected the God of our fathers, the authority of His written word and 2,000 years of history – all in desperate search for a human king who would take care of us. We have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind.

Practitioners of orthodox Islam who seek to conquer and subjugate the world can only be a threat if there is not at least a passionate minority in this country who accept the charge to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors of faith and nation by redeeming everything we touch in His name.

How can we credibly demand that terrorists adhere to a worldview that respects the value and sanctity of every life when we ourselves do not?

How can we legitimately insist that politicians respect the boundaries of the U.S. and state constitutions when we have required them to destroy those boundaries to meet our “needs”?

How can we rise up in indignation against sexual perversion and demand a “pro-family” standard for a nation that has undermined God’s definition of family, rejected children as a gift from Him, treated marriage as an agreement rather than a covenant, etc.?

The terror plots foiled in Dallas and Springfield, Ill., last week give proof – again – that we have mortal enemies walking among us. Why should they not? We invited them. Our dumbed-down, “have it your way” church culture has provided no defense for aggressive multiculturalism that places Judaism and Christianity on equal footing with animal worship.

We’re told by toothy-grinned TV pastors that we just need to “love Jesus,” but please don’t mention the “S word” (sin) or be faithful to teach the whole counsel of Scripture that convicts, cleanses and restores. After all, it was for our “best life now” that Christ was crucified, not because of our sin … not.

The Equal Access Act requires that if any club is allowed on school campuses, all clubs must be allowed, hence the rising number of Muslim groups, sexual diversity groups, etc., since all beliefs are equal and we cannot make moral judgments.

Islamists who have clear and documented links to terrorism are allowed to immigrate and live here because we prefer to say that our war is just a “war on terror” rather than against Islam.

Tyrants and dictators who rule by terror and who are our mortal enemies are allowed to spew their venom and deception on our own soil because we refuse to stop playing host and sugar daddy to the globalist “Animal Farm” called the United Nations.

Who is the enemy?

President Ronald Reagan admonished us in his landmark address, “Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation” that:

The real question is not when human life begins, but, what is the value of human life? The abortionist who reassembles the arms and legs of a tiny baby to make sure all its parts have been torn from its mother’s body can hardly doubt whether it is a human being. The real question for him and for all of us is whether that tiny human life has a God-given right to be protected by the law – the same right we have.

When we stop the slaughter of the unborn and choose leaders who choose life, we will have the spiritual and moral standing to ask God to protect us from foreign and domestic terrorists. If not, they may serve as His hand of well-deserved judgment.