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Bill O’Reilly and the View gals on the Mosque- the libs walk off set

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Bill O’Reilly and the View gals on the Mosque- …, posted with vodpod

But in 2008- it was okay to mock Christians and call them fanatics:

Joy Behar fired for insensitive comments about Palin’s handicapped son – NOT!

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Behar Mocks Sarah Palin’s “Glad we chose life” Article…. If anyone else said the despicable thing that Behar said , they would be fired. But Behar and the rest of the so-called feminist liberals can spout anything they want with no fear of accountability !

So Far the only “media” I have seen reporting on this is Newsbusters, not FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc.

Go to 9:00 minutes:

BEHAR: Ok. I want you both to take a look at this “In Touch” cover of Sarah and Bristol Palin with their kids. It says, “We`re glad we chose life.” Any thoughts on that cover?

SEKOFF: well, from my understanding that they got paid six figures to do this story.

BEHAR: Well, that`s choosing life.

SEKOFF: So you`re choosing life.

MILLER: That`s choosing a really good life.


SEKOFF: But here`s the funny thing. Last week, I don`t know if you read this in the paper, Bristol Palin is launching her own PR company.

BEHAR: Is that so?

SEKOFF: As a 19-year-old…

BEHAR: Good for her.

SEKOFF: And I think she`s doing a good job. She`s on the cover of “In Touch”, right? So maybe she will see a future for her.

BEHAR: That baby, they passed that baby around more than a joint at a Grateful Dead concert. Is she going to bring that baby on the set of Fox?

SEKOFF: Oh, her baby.

BEHAR: Yes. Any of the babies, their schlepping those babies around like crazy.

MILLER: My favorite moment of the campaign that really didn`t get a lot of publicity, Joy, was she was speaking at a rally in Florida, she is the whole family values candidate and whatever. And she was introduced, the whole family and she goes oh, and Trig, where`s Trig? Oh, well, anyway — and then she just went on with her speech. Like she didn`t even know where the baby is.

BEHAR: I know. It`s just really going to be interesting to watch her on Fox. I love it for my show.

Full transcript of show can be found here.