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Teen aborts baby from Pedophile

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According to the Journal Gazette a 20 year old man has been arrested over a year after he impregnated a 13 year old child who later had an abortion.

Ronte L Latham

Ronte Lequan Latham has been charged with two counts of felony child molesting, according to court documents. The girl told police that Latham did not ask her age before or during sex that took place at his home.

According to court records the sexual relationship began in December of 2012.

Ronte L Latham COurt

In 2013, the girl told police that she became pregnant and then had an abortion in February.

Latham told police that he was aware that the teen had an abortion.

In March, a Firefighter who impregnated a teen and then paid for the abortion to hide abuse plead guilty in Connecticut. Read here

Firefighter impregnates teen pays for abortion to hide abuse

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In March, a former Connecticut fire chief has pleaded guilty in Rockville Superior Court to having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 15 year-old and paying for her to have an abortion when she became pregnant.

In April of 2013, the girl told police, that 53-year-old Joseph Carilli impregnated her. She said that she had an abortion and that, for a while, Carilli helped her pay for it, but then stopped giving her money.

Jospeh Carilli

In 2013 The Courant reported that Carilli acknowledged having sex with the 15-year-old in the Coventry firehouse, the board of directors room, the firehouse attic, his house and the fire department substation on South Street.

“Carilli said that he knew it was wrong to have sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old but he felt that he had no other option,” according to the warrant.

Police said Carilli told them he was scared of “being exposed” by the girl and that she was “in complete control of their relationship because she is young, has nothing to lose, and he is married and has everything to lose.”

The girl told police that Carilli impregnated her and that she had an abortion. For a while, Carilli gave her money to help pay for the procedure.

The girl said “Carilli would drive her to the post office to get a money order and the bill would be paid in that manner,” according to the warrant. “She said that Carilli told her to do it that way so that his name was not on a check, and because they did not accept cash. She said that Carilli made a few payments of $25-$30 but he stopping paying and she stopped paying the bills.”

The girl also told police that Carilli asked her to send him naked pictures of herself.

Carilli has pleaded guilty to charges including sexual assault and tempering with a witness.

He’s set to be sentenced in Rockville Superior Court May 23.


According to Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics , who has documented the use of abortion to cover for child sexual predators, “Abortion is a safety net for sexually predatory and sexually irresponsible males.”

In 2002, Life Dynamics conducted an undercover investigation in which Life Dynamics called over 800 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation facilities across the nation. The results of this survey were appalling. Even though many of these clinics openly acknowledged to the caller that this situation was illegal and they were required to report it to the state, the overwhelming majority readily agreed to conceal this illegal activity. (Listen to actual audio taped conversations here)

“When we began to investigate we found it was even worse than we thought it was. Initially we thought perhaps the abortion clinics were only reporting half of the incidents, but instead we found that they were reporting hardly any of them,” Life Dynamics president Mark Crutcher said.

Life Dynamics, Inc. in conjunction with several personal injury attorneys around the country has begun a campaign to educate the public about the pedophile protection racket covered up inside abortion clinics.

The response to the campaign has been tremendous. In fact, many of the attorneys Life Dynamics contacted see the value in pursuing litigation against those who violate mandatory reporting laws.