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Abortion rights org honors anti-immigration advocate who promotes population control

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According to a tweet to NARAL the abortion group honored Richard Lamm, who promotes anti-immigration thru several organizations.

The Southern Poverty Law Center accuses several anti-immigration groups of racism.

NARAL Honors Richard Lamm

According to Image 2050, Richard “Dick” Lamm: the former Governor of Colorado is long-time associate of Tanton. Lamm has long served on the board of advisers for the Federation of American Immigration (FAIR), the group Tanton founded in 1979. Lamm was a part of the Tanton-inspired attempt to hi-jack the Sierra Club’s board in 2003, after the group dropped population politics from its agenda in 1996. Lamm has also served on PFIR’s board since its launch. In the past, the former Governor has attacked immigrants by regarding their presence in the United States to the Denver Post as follows: “this onslaught of new people and new cultures [is] diluting what we are and who we are.” He is also on the national board of advisers of an official FAIR state contact group, Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), which like FAIR has received funding from the pro-eugenics Pioneer Fund.

Richard Lamm FAIR

In 1967, Colorado became the first state in the US to legalize abortion.

Colorado’s bill was carefully steered through the lower house by then Denver Representative Richard D. Lamm. Lamm was the abortion bill’s principle sponsor. The abortion bill was the first one to pass a state legislature in the United States setting off a domino effect of other bills in various other states. It was signed into law by then Governor John A. Love.

Richard D. Lamm is Co-Director of the Institute for Public Policy Studies at the University of Denver, and the former three-term Governor of Colorado, (1975-1987).

Today Lamm sits on the boards of several anti-immigration organizations the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and (PFIR), Progressives for Immigration Reform, and (CAPS), Californians for Population Stabilization.

Lamm has always been in the forefront of political change. As a first year legislator, he drafted and succeeded in passing the nation’s first liberalized abortion law. He was an early leader of the environmental movement, and was President of the First National Conference on Population and The Environment. Lamm was elected to three terms as Colorado’s top elected official, and in serving as Governor from January 1975 and retiring in January 1987, he was the longest-serving Governor in Colorado’s history to that date.

In a press release about his newest book, THE BRAVE NEW WORLD OF HEALTH CARE, Lam writes about limits, rationing and denial to Americans of some of the health care they have come to expect. “We are going to have to have a candid dialog and set priorities on spending limits at the beginning of life, the end of life, and all points in between. No modern nation can build a health care system an individual at a time. The new questions in health care will not only be What do we need? but What can society afford? I hope this book makes Americans more aware of that.” Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm is well known for speaking out about issues that politicians find too controversial to address, including his often misinterpreted “Duty to Die” speech in 1984. He was also a presidential candidate for the Reform Party.

Lamm’s position on the board the (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform lays side by side founding notable population controllers as Paul Ehrlich and Garret Hardin.