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John Lennon “I don’t believe overpopulation”

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A Vintage vid reveals that Beatles star John Lennon did not believe the overpopulation myth.

John Lenon Overpopulation

A question about overpopulation was posed to Lennon’s girlfriend Yoko Ono.

Yoko Ono

The problem is not overpopulation as people believe to be, but its more of the balance of things,” she replied.

You know like food. Some part of the world is wasted the food and some parts nobody has food. And that kinda of a balance if that is solved I don’t think we will be worried so much about overpopulation.”

John Lenon Overpopulation 2

She was interrupted by John Lennon’s response, “I think its a bit of a joke the way people have made this overpopulation thing into a kind of myth. I don’t really believe it, you know. I think whatever happens will balance itself out and work itself out,” Lennon says.

It’s alright for us all living say ‘well its enough of us so we won’t have any more don’t let anybody else live.’ I don’t believe in that, I think we’ve got enough food and money to feed everybody and I think the natural balance even though old people will last longer. I think there is enough room for us…”

Yeah, I don’t believe overpopulation,” Lennon stresses, ” I think that’s kind of a myth the government has thrown out to keep your mind off Vietnam…and all the important subjects,” said the rock star.

The host of the show then stated, “Oh, I think you are wrong about that,” he said.

And in typical Lennon style he replies, “Oh, I don’t care!