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Jim Wallis of Sojourners , “I read Karl Marx”

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Jim Wallis: Sojourners

In 1971, Jim Wallis founded Sojourners and in this interview he admits to Outreach Magazine:

So in college, I joined the Civil Rights movement as a campus organizer but eventually found that the student movements I was involved in didn’t have an adequate foundation. I read Karl Marx, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh, but they didn’t satisfy; a spiritual foundation was missing. I decided to take one last look at the New Testament, starting with Matthew. I read the Sermon on the Mount and I was just amazed. This is a whole new order called the kingdom of God, I thought. He wants to turn everything upside down—economic, social, spiritual, political.

You shall know them by their fruits:

Where we differ. Wallis believes that it is government, not the church, who will ultimately help the poor.

On Abortion Wallis and Sojourners call for “Common ground” something I reject- because we cannot have common ground with those who murder children. This is a flawed approach that takes Planned Parenthood’s current strategy of passing out contraception to our kids, and seeks to bring Christians on board. Do we think that in Germany, during the Nazi Holocaust we should have sat down with Hitler to talk about “reducing the amount of Jews thrown in the ovens?” Reducing abortions is important, as long as each time we reaffirm the sanctity of their very human life, something the abortion industry will never do.

Jim Wallis on abortion
“I don’t think that abortion is the moral equivalent issue to slavery that Wilberforce dealt with. I think that poverty is the new slavery. Poverty and global inequality are the fundamental moral issues of our time. That’s my judgment”

On 2/5/2009, Sojourners sent out an e-mail and Wallis wrote this about Obama’s New Faith-Based Council , “The launch of the President’s Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, on which I will serve, recommits our nation to the necessary and positive vision of partnership between the public sector and the faith community. It is significant that both the elimination of poverty and the reduction of abortion are central goals within the administration and this new initiative. This indicates a shift toward a deeper and more constructive engagement with the faith community and civil society around substantive policy issues.“…..

I am sorry Mr. Wallis- did I miss something? Where has the most pro-abortion President reduced abortions with your help? Where has he defunded the Eugenics based tax funded to the tune of $350 million dollars a year, Planned Parenthood the largest abortion mill- the US????

Jim Wallis on Homosexuality:
“I believe in equal protection under the law in a democratic, pluralistic society…Some would debate whether civil unions are necessary for that, or whether other legal protections are adequate. And that’s a fair discussion. I don’t think the sacrament of marriage should be changed. Some people say that Jesus didn’t talk about homosexuality, and that’s technically true. But marriage is all through the Bible, and it’s not gender-neutral.
I have never done a blessing for a same-sex couple. I’ve never been asked to do one. I’m not sure that I would. I want churches that disagree on this to have a biblical, theological conversation and to live with their differences and not spend 90 percent of their denominational time arguing about this issue when 30,000 children are dying every single day because of poverty and disease.”

“The Episcopal Church showed some typical American arrogance around the Robinson ordination when they weren’t willing to continue to be in conversation with their brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion globally. But the church shouldn’t divide over this. They should stay together, live with their differences, keep talking, and respect each other’s opinions. There are churches that will bless gay unions, and that’s just a fact. They’re there. And there are churches that won’t. And those that won’t shouldn’t be pressured to do so by their liberal denominational leaders.”

WATCH: T.D’ Jakes, Sam Rodriguez, Joel Hunter, Jim Wallis, Vashti Mckenzie, Kirbyjon Caldwell, Dr. William Shaw and Others Sign Open Letter’ Condemning the Misrepresentation of President Obama’s Faith

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WATCH: T.D’ Jakes, Sam Rodriguez, Joel Hunter, …, posted with vodpod

Several prominent Christian leaders are defending President Barack Obama in the wake of questions about his faith.

A recent poll revealed nearly one in five Americans believe Obama is Muslim, even though he’s repeatedly said he’s Christian.

In response, more than 70 pastors and other Christian leaders signed a letter saying the personal faith of public leaders should not be up for public debate.

Some of the names on the list include Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Joel Hunter, and Rev. Samuel Rodriguez.

“President Obama has been unwavering in confessing Christ as Lord and has spoken often about the importance of his Christian faith,” the leaders wrote. “Many of the signees on this letter have prayed and worshipped with this president.”

“We believe that questioning, and especially misrepresenting, the faith of a confessing believer goes too far,” they continued.

The leaders urged the media, public officials, and other faith leaders “to offer no further support or airtime” to those who question Obama’s faith.

The full text of the letter and a list of signatories is below.

As Christian leaders— whose primary responsibility is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our congregations, our communities, and our world— we are deeply troubled by the recent questioning of President Obama’s faith. We understand that these are contentious times, but the personal faith of our leaders should not be up for public debate.

President Obama has been unwavering in confessing Christ as Lord and has spoken often about the importance of his Christian faith. Many of the signees on this letter have prayed and worshipped with this President. We believe that questioning, and especially misrepresenting, the faith of a confessing believer goes too far.

This is not a political issue. The signers of this letter come from different political and ideological backgrounds, but we are unified in our belief in Jesus Christ. As Christian pastors and leaders, we believe that fellow Christians need to be an encouragement to those who call Christ their savior, not question the veracity of their faith.

Therefore, we urge public officials, faith leaders, and the media to offer no further support or airtime to those who misrepresent and call into question the President’s Christian faith. And we join with the President in praying that God will continue to bless the United States of America.

Signed, (Full list here)


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Pro-Obama Care Catholic Group in bed with George Soros

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The National Catholic Register is reporter that twenty-five pro-life Catholic theologians and Evangelical leaders yesterday sent letters to members of Congress urging them not to let misleading information about abortion provisions in the Senate health care bill block passage of sorely-needed reform.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a Washington-based advocacy group, said that the Senate health bill upholds abortion funding restrictions and supports pregnant women.

The letter included a page by page analysis of the Senate bill as it pertains to abortion.

The group asked members of Congress “to make an informed decision about this legislation based on careful deliberation guided by facts.”

But according to this report by Cliff Kincaid:

By Cliff Kincaid November 13, 2009 Originally Located Here:

The critical role of the Catholic Church in passing national health care reform legislation is coming under serious media scrutiny. But the story has taken a strange turn. It has now been revealed that George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator and well-known atheist, has been pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into “progressive” Catholic groups that are significant players in the national debates over health care and immigration.

On the surface, it would appear that Soros would be opposed to many positions of the Catholic Church. A major financial backer of the ACLU, Soros supports such causes as drug legalization, the rights of “sex workers” and felons, euthanasia, radical feminism, abortion rights, and homosexual rights. He does all of this in the name of promoting an “open society.”

But a review of the records of his Open Society Institute finds that a group calling itself Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) has received $200,000 from them over the last several years.

It would appear that this so-called “Social Justice”: ” Good little Catholic Organization” is nothing but in bed with the liberals on abortion.

More details on Soros and the Catholic Invasion here here: Soros money seems to be “Paying Off” Catholics may compromise on abortion / Health Care in Senate

Lawmakers had better think this through – even this week Gallop shows that more young people are pro-life.

According to the poll, Americans Aged 18 to 29 are trending More Anti-Abortion

The analysis focused on public support for the “legal under any circumstances” option in Gallup’s abortion question. There is a somewhat different pattern in the trends by age for those choosing the “illegal in all circumstances” position.

Two important changes are apparent. One is a significant drop in the percentage of seniors saying all abortions should be illegal. This fell from 32% in the earliest years of the trend to 16% in the first half of the 1990s, but has since rebounded somewhat to 21%. This long-term 11-point decline among seniors compares with a 9-point increase — from 14% to 23% — in support for the “illegal in all circumstances” position among 18- to 29-year-olds since the early 1990s.

As a result, 18- to 29-year-olds are now roughly tied with seniors as the most likely of all age groups to hold this position on abortion — although all four groups are fairly close in their views.

National Review online had this to say,

In a piece to be released later this morning, Catholic archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver comes out swinging against the health-care push in Washington this week. He writes, in part:

Groups, trade associations and publications describing themselves as “Catholic” or “prolife” that endorse the Senate version — whatever their intentions — are doing a serious disservice to the nation and to the Church, undermining the witness of the Catholic community; and ensuring the failure of genuine, ethical health-care reform. By their public actions, they create confusion at exactly the moment Catholics need to think clearly about the remaining issues in the health-care debate. They also provide the illusion of moral cover for an unethical piece of legislation.

Do not be misled, in other words, by a Speaker’s lies or by anyone claiming to speak for the Catholic Church telling you a Catholic’s conscience will be clear if he supports this legislation.

Chaput concludes:

The long, unpleasant and too often dishonest national health-care debate is now in its last days. Its most painful feature has been those “Catholic” groups that by their eagerness for some kind of deal undercut the witness of the Catholic community and help advance a bad bill into a bad law. Their flawed judgment could now have damaging consequences for all of us.

Do not be misled. The Senate version of health-care reform currently being pushed ahead by congressional leaders and the White House — despite public resistance and numerous moral concerns — is bad law; and not simply bad, but dangerous. It does not deserve, nor does it have, the support of the Catholic bishops in our country, who speak for the believing Catholic community. In its current content, the Senate version of health-care legislation is not “reform.” Catholics and other persons of good will concerned about the foundations of human dignity should oppose it.

And he adds words of praise for Bart Stupak, among others:

the health-care reform debate has never been merely a matter of party politics. Nor is it now. Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak and a number of his Democratic colleagues have shown extraordinary character in pushing for good health-care reform while resisting attempts to poison it with abortion-related entitlements and other bad ideas that have nothing to do with real “health care.” Many Republicans share the goal of decent health-care reform, even if their solutions would differ dramatically. To put it another way, few persons seriously oppose making adequate health services available for all Americans. But God, or the devil, is in the details — and by that measure, the current Senate version of health-care reform is not merely defective, but also a dangerous mistake.

Just what was the goal of Obama’s Faith Council?

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According to the Washington Post:

We thought we’d post some of our notes that we couldn’t fit into our story today, which examined Obama’s faith office and faith council and looked at some of the criticism and praise that’s been bubbling up about their work. It was really interesting story to work on and we ended up doing a ton of interviews…..

One member, however, who spoke openly and a bit critically about doubts of his own on the council was former Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page.

It’s been my honor to work with all these folks, but to be honest it’s been a mixed experience,” Page said. “For example, I serve on the fatherhood task force. That’s pretty low-hanging fruit. Who’s not going to want more responsible fathers? But even within that, you have to leave your faith at the door in a lot of these discussions. You can’t say here’s why fathers ought to do better, this is what encouragement comes from the Bible, how being a better father is a godly, right and biblical thing to do. When you have 25 people from such a wide range, you’re virtually reduced to a neighborhood group of folk.”

“I felt the issues we do discussed were carefully chose to avoid debate and arguments,” said Page. “When the president launched his office, he talked about abortion reduction as one of his four priorities. That was very quickly taken off the table as something we’d deal with.”

( SURPRISED? – Obama promised the nation’s largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood that abortion would be at the heart of his health care plan. (Code word here” Reproductive Care” )

Page also said that as a conservative when he was first asked to join the council, he said he questioned whether he was being used as a token member, “Being on the task force gave me some weight to be heard, it put my voice at the table, and for that I’m thankful.” But if were asked again today, he said he would have to think equally hard before accepting.

According to the report, the council was split up into task forces to address: economic recovery/poverty, interfaith dialogue, fatherhood, reforming the faith-based office, climate change, global poverty.

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