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Jim Wallis of Sojourners , “I read Karl Marx”

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Jim Wallis: Sojourners

In 1971, Jim Wallis founded Sojourners and in this interview he admits to Outreach Magazine:

So in college, I joined the Civil Rights movement as a campus organizer but eventually found that the student movements I was involved in didn’t have an adequate foundation. I read Karl Marx, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh, but they didn’t satisfy; a spiritual foundation was missing. I decided to take one last look at the New Testament, starting with Matthew. I read the Sermon on the Mount and I was just amazed. This is a whole new order called the kingdom of God, I thought. He wants to turn everything upside down—economic, social, spiritual, political.

You shall know them by their fruits:

Where we differ. Wallis believes that it is government, not the church, who will ultimately help the poor.

On Abortion Wallis and Sojourners call for “Common ground” something I reject- because we cannot have common ground with those who murder children. This is a flawed approach that takes Planned Parenthood’s current strategy of passing out contraception to our kids, and seeks to bring Christians on board. Do we think that in Germany, during the Nazi Holocaust we should have sat down with Hitler to talk about “reducing the amount of Jews thrown in the ovens?” Reducing abortions is important, as long as each time we reaffirm the sanctity of their very human life, something the abortion industry will never do.

Jim Wallis on abortion
“I don’t think that abortion is the moral equivalent issue to slavery that Wilberforce dealt with. I think that poverty is the new slavery. Poverty and global inequality are the fundamental moral issues of our time. That’s my judgment”

On 2/5/2009, Sojourners sent out an e-mail and Wallis wrote this about Obama’s New Faith-Based Council , “The launch of the President’s Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, on which I will serve, recommits our nation to the necessary and positive vision of partnership between the public sector and the faith community. It is significant that both the elimination of poverty and the reduction of abortion are central goals within the administration and this new initiative. This indicates a shift toward a deeper and more constructive engagement with the faith community and civil society around substantive policy issues.“…..

I am sorry Mr. Wallis- did I miss something? Where has the most pro-abortion President reduced abortions with your help? Where has he defunded the Eugenics based tax funded to the tune of $350 million dollars a year, Planned Parenthood the largest abortion mill- the US????

Jim Wallis on Homosexuality:
“I believe in equal protection under the law in a democratic, pluralistic society…Some would debate whether civil unions are necessary for that, or whether other legal protections are adequate. And that’s a fair discussion. I don’t think the sacrament of marriage should be changed. Some people say that Jesus didn’t talk about homosexuality, and that’s technically true. But marriage is all through the Bible, and it’s not gender-neutral.
I have never done a blessing for a same-sex couple. I’ve never been asked to do one. I’m not sure that I would. I want churches that disagree on this to have a biblical, theological conversation and to live with their differences and not spend 90 percent of their denominational time arguing about this issue when 30,000 children are dying every single day because of poverty and disease.”

“The Episcopal Church showed some typical American arrogance around the Robinson ordination when they weren’t willing to continue to be in conversation with their brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion globally. But the church shouldn’t divide over this. They should stay together, live with their differences, keep talking, and respect each other’s opinions. There are churches that will bless gay unions, and that’s just a fact. They’re there. And there are churches that won’t. And those that won’t shouldn’t be pressured to do so by their liberal denominational leaders.”