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Abortion clinic posts ad to lure girls to abort without parental knowledge

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Pendergraft OWS Parental ConsentIn Florida, an abortion clinic in the state is advertising how to get abortions without parents finding out on YouTube. The video entitled How to Get an Abortion Without Your Parents Knowing was uploaded by the Orlando Womens Center abortion clinic which is operated by notorious abortionist James Pendergraft whose medical license has been suspended in the state. The video contains a links to a page on the clinic’s website which instructs minors that they can go to a judge to seek a waiver if telling their parents about the abortion is not in their best interest.

Parental Consent OWS Pendergraft

Notorious Florida clinic offering $100 off abortion after offering Sunday discounts

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YouTube100Last week, a Florida abortion clinic is caused a controversy after they posted a coupon for $50.00 off abortions performed on SUNDAY! Owner, James Scott Pendergraft told the media he would be opened 7 days a week after he was closed following seizure of his assets for a medical malpractice claim he was not paying on.


Now the abortion clinic has posted a YOUTUBE- which advertises $100 off an abortion:

YouTube 100 off

The Orlando Women’s Center writes, “There are those that say that the Women’s Center are offering women of low income a coupon to have their abortion procedure performed. There are others that say we are targeting the poor and the vulnerable by offering our $100.00 off abortion clinic coupon in the State of Florida. First and foremost, any out of State woman is able to use our coupon. The $100.00 off abortion clinic coupon is not just available to the poor or indigent. It is available to all women who wish to use our services for first trimester abortions performed either surgically or by the Abortion Pill process. Our Abortion Pill Procedures are performed from 3 to 24 weeks gestation and are completed in 24 hours or less. Please read about the second trimester or late term abortion completed in 24 hours or less by going to…
Please call and ask questions and schedule your appointment today. Please bring in your $100.00 off Abortion Clinic Coupon at the time of your appointment to receive the discount.”

50 couponAnd links to this PDF which does not say $100 off? I am puzzled- if the doc cannot do a simple coupon correctly- would you trust him with your life??

pendergraftAbortionist James Scott Prendergraft

Abortionist James Scott Pendergraft owns a chain of abortion clinics in Florida called:

Orlando Women’s Center (here)
EPOC Clinic (here)
Ocala Women’s Center
Women’s Center of Hyde Park (here)
Fort Lauderdale Women’s Center (here)

Pendegraft said he has six licensed doctors on staff performing abortions since he cannot. He said he’s working on getting the seized equipment back, as well as his license.

Abortion is BIG BUSINESS and Later Term Abortions even bigger !

Abortionist James Scott Pendergraft has a sordid history which you can read here

He recently lost a $36 million lawsuit and because he had not made any payments to the woman he injured, his office equipment was seized. But within weeks, the abortionist was up and running and in business yet again.


Read more here and here

In 2012, Operation Rescue caught late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft IV and his Maryland accomplice, Harold O. Alexander, red-handed operating an illicit late-term abortion mill in Forestville, MD. Learn more about that here

According to the Forerunner Blog, Pendergraft has lost his medical license five times in the state of Florida:

The most recent suspension stems from unpaid fines going back to 2006. A Florida Department of Health suspension order filed on Friday, April 19, 2013 reads in part:

Suspension Language – Respondent’s Florida medical license shall be indefinitely suspended until such time as Respondent complies with the following outstanding terms in the Final Order (DOH-10-0208-FF-MQA) issued in Case Number 2006-05930:

A. Respondent must pay the outstanding a fine in the amount of nineteen thousand ($19,000.00) dollars;

B. Respondent must pay costs in the amount of one-hundred two thousand three hundred and twenty-one cents ($102,303.22)….

Addresses – Respondent must keep current residence and practice addresses on file with the Board. Respondent shall notify the Board within ten (10) days of any changes of said addresses.

Pendergraft’s first three suspensions were the result of evidence that he did illegal third trimester abortions in 2004 and 2005. These suspensions were imposed in 2006, 2007 and 2009. The fourth suspension was imposed in 2010 on evidence that Pendergraft

Allowed a woman employee to administer narcotics to patients although she had no license to do so;
Knew she abused drugs but gave her “free reign” to order drugs under his name;
Prescribed steroids for the woman without medical justification.

Pendergraft’s license then came up for review on April 24th, 2012. The complaint stated that Pendergraft still owed a fine of $121,303.22 from the time of the previous suspension of his license in 2010. As a result of a pledge to pay his fines, James Pendergraft’s medical license status was changed from “suspended” to “probation.” This meant he could operate under the supervision of another doctor. Then in February 2013, the state board suspended Pendergraft one more time, this time “indefinitely” for failure to pay.

As far back as 1999, a Florida Agency for Health Care Administration report noted the following incidents of babies that had been born alive at several of Pendergraft’s abortion clinics:

Interview with the physician revealed there was an incident … where a patient allegedly went out to get some lunch after starting the procedure, got lost, delivered a viable fetus in the car, and patient and fetus were sent immediately to the hospital. Baby lived 2 days. Policy changed, patients no longer leave after getting medication…. Physician also stated that sometimes an 18 week old fetus may twitter but this is not considered “viable.”

On April 2nd, 2006, 911 Emergency received a frantic call from a woman claiming her friend had given birth to a live baby at Pendergraft’s EPOC clinic in Orlando. Harry Perper was the abortionist on duty. When the mother alerted medical staff that her baby was born alive, the staff told her to leave the baby in the toilet. An autopsy report and photos revealed a perfectly formed baby boy who died from premature birth, confirming part of the mother’s story.

So after several run ins with the Medical Board over his complete disregard for unborn children and women- Pendergraft remains in business. Abortion is very lucrative as is obvious from the many ways that Pendergraft advertises online:

OWC AD_html

OWC AD 2images

OWC  pendergraft3

OWC Pill Discount

OWC promotion2 (1)


And on YouTube- Pendergraft wants to suck every dollar he can out of the late term abortion business by advertising to every city he can reach:


Abortion is BIG Business for Pendergraft. His advertisements are produced to lure women into feeling safe. On his “About Us” page he refers to himself as Dr. James S Pandergraft, despite that fact that his medical license has been suspended several times:

Here is a YouTube he entitled : Best Abortion Doctor USA: (HUH?)


In fact, his license if CURRENTLY suspended in July 2013 as I write this blog:

July 2013 Suspended Lic

Pendergraft advertises LATE TERM ABORTIONS under many websites so he can grab every dollar there is in killing babies:

Here is one

Late Term Abortion Net

And here


He also advertises at Abortionclinicsonline ( here)

Here Pendergraft advertises abortions 3 to 34 weeks even though they are only legal (for any reason) up to 24 weeks in Florida:

Pendergraft 3 to 34 weeks


Why all the effort to advertise, to keep running abortion clinics and stay in business after several run-ins with the state – the only explanation is that Late Term Abortion is BIG BUCKS for James Pendergraft !!! What do you think? Leave a comment –

Notorious abortionist James Pendergraft locked out of abortion clinic by police according to reports

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pendergraftAbortionist James Scott Prendergraft — under his FIFTH suspended killing license — is in the far background. Police are allegedly at the clinic now, closing him down. Pendergraft has a sordid history which you can read here

According to pro-lifers, “He has just shown up, and he. is. angry. Phones for this killing place are officially not ringing through as of this morning. Reports are in that the press has arrived. Demons are raging. Police have just been called on the sheriff. Abortionist is trying to get in the building. Police have locked him out.”



Pro-lifers in Florida are reporting the closure of James Scott Pendergraft’s Orlando abortion clinic. According to pro-lifers in the state, “Police are swarming the place — knocking down doors! Hauling out evidence! Furniture, paintings, ultrasounds being loaded in a moving truck! Pro-lifers have been allowed to go inside … seeing the horrible exam rooms where the little ones suffered such horror. And, of course, all the human sacrifice assistants are blaming John in their anger for shutting their big bucks-making killing facility down…”


Yesterday pro-lifers in front of the Orlando Women’s Center reported that a women in her 9th month came by to kill / abort her child, despite the fact that the law only allows abortions thru 24 weeks:


According to pro-lifers, “Danielle actually looked up on the abortuary’s website to see if she could get an abortion at NINE months pregnant. And this morning, she came for her appointment on late-term day to murder her baby. But faithful, full-time missionary, John Barros, was there to stop her and do his best to rescue that little one being taken to the slaughter… to speak up for that baby who had no idea what was about to happen to him or her… to share the Gospel with Danielle and talk to her about repentance. And as of a few minutes ago, Danielle has left the killing place and has gone down to the pregnancy help center! Three other late-term mamas have fled from their killing appointments as well! Praise the Lord for His faithful soldiers on the front lines with the Gospel in Orlando this morning!”



Channel 9 has learned details surrounding a raid at an abortion clinic in Orlando on Thursday.

The clinic is called the Orlando Women’s Center, and it’s located at Lucerne Terrace in downtown Orlando.


Dr. James Pendergraft said Thursday’s raid was tied to a 2001 lawsuit where a patient, mid-abortion, left the facility, and later gave birth to a child with cerebral palsy.

WFTV found out that Pendergraft was found guilty of medical malpractice and his license had been suspended.

That case went to court and there was a $38 million dollar judgment decided in 2011.

But the clinic has only paid $100,000 of that settlement. Pendergraft said the raid is the result of that.

Pendergraft said he got the notice agents would be seizing property Monday.

He said the agents were taking whatever they could to help settle the suit after collections agents could not get money from them.

Pendergraft said the assets were not his, but rather in a trust.

Crews pulled out everything from office furniture to patient exam beds from the Orlando Women’s Center Thursday.

“The sheriff department is following the orders of the judge that had this done on Monday, but what makes this illegal is that it’s not mine or that of Orlando Women’s Center,” said Pendergraft.

Pendergraft said as a result of the raid, his patients are being sent elsewhere.

The clinic has been in the news before. It’s controversial because it’s one of the only clinics in the area that offers late-term abortions and has offered coupons for abortion discounts in the past.

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TYPICAL: Male abortionist blames female abortion patient for botched procedure which landed him a $36 million dollar judgment

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8/16/2011: UPDATE: Judge denies Orlando-area abortion doctor new trial in $36 million malpractice case

The Orlando Sentinel is asking: Will judge reverse $36M verdict against Orlando-area abortion doctor?

An Orange Circuit judge is likely to decide soon whether to reverse a $36.7 million jury award in a medical-malpractice case decided last month against a suspended Orlando-area abortion doctor and his clinic, the Orlando Women’s Center.

An Orange County jury awarded $18.7 million in compensatory damages and a total $18 million in punitive damages against James Scott Pendergraft IV and the Orlando Women’s Center, where he was listed in court papers as one-time medical director.Pendergraft’s attorney, Robert Nesmith, filed a post-trial motion early this month to set aside the verdict for the monetary damages. He also requested a new trial. Nesmith would not comment with the case still pending.

Pendergraft, listed as founder of the Orlando Women’s Center on its website and as the “business owner” by someone answering the phone at a clinic location, could not be reached for comment.

State Department of Health records show Pendergraft cannot currently practice medicine in Florida.

“His license status is currently suspended,” DOH spokeswoman Jennifer Hirst said. However, it is not revoked, and all details behind the license suspension were not immediately available.

The lawsuit involves a woman, identified as C.H. in court documents, who went to the Orlando Women’s Center on Nov. 15, 2001, to terminate what she thought was a 16- to 20-week pregnancy. Staff at the center determined she was 22.3 weeks pregnant, according to the complaint and other court records.

Staff at the clinic gave her 12 doses of Cytotec and a single dose of RU-486 during an 11- or 12-hour period to induce labor. Neither Pendergraft nor another physician at the facility, Dr. Randall B. Whitney, personally evaluated, examined or treated the woman, the lawsuit says.

At about 1 a.m. Nov. 16, “C.H. was instructed to and/or allowed to leave the Orlando Women’s Center while in active labor,” according to the claim.

She then went to the emergency room at Orlando Regional Medical Center in “active labor” and gave birth by cesarean section “to a viable female child,” the lawsuit says.

That baby, identified in court documents as J.F., was “born prematurely and has suffered catastrophic and permanent bodily injuries, impairment, disability, [and] disfigurement.” Expenses related to the child’s care and treatment formed the basis of the lawsuit.

In his motion to set aside the verdict, Nesmith argues that “strict liability” should not have applied in this case. “This is a standard negligence case,” he wrote.

His argument covers Florida’s statute governing so-called partial-birth abortions, while maintaining the procedure performed on C.H. was not an attempted partial-birth abortion.

“By Florida statutes and previous cases, the fetus was not viable when the mother presented to Orlando Women’s Center and thus [the statute] does not apply in this case and therefore there cannot be strict liability,” Nesmith wrote. “Strict liability statutes … only apply to persons,” he also argued. “A fetus is not a person.”

Because the woman came to the center to have an abortion, “survival of the plaintiff’s child was never anticipated under this arrangement,” Nesmith argued.

He also claims the judge made an error in not allowing the defendant to show “the patient was at fault.” Nesmith says C.H. was negligent “for bolting from the Orlando Women’s Center.” She was not asked or forced to leave the clinic, and had she stayed “the abortion procedure would have been completed ….”

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