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Abortion clinic calls police raid – VACATION?

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Last week the Orlando Women’s Center abortion clinic was raided by police and all of their assets seized, pro-lifer John Barros took a picture of what the abortion clinic posted on their door:

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pendergraftAbortionist James Scott Prendergraft — under his FIFTH suspended killing license — is in the far background. Police are allegedly at the clinic now, closing him down. Pendergraft has a sordid history which you can read here

According to pro-lifers, “He has just shown up, and he. is. angry. Phones for this killing place are officially not ringing through as of this morning. Reports are in that the press has arrived. Demons are raging. Police have just been called on the sheriff. Abortionist is trying to get in the building. Police have locked him out.”



Pro-lifers in Florida are reporting the closure of James Scott Pendergraft’s Orlando abortion clinic. According to pro-lifers in the state, “Police are swarming the place — knocking down doors! Hauling out evidence! Furniture, paintings, ultrasounds being loaded in a moving truck! Pro-lifers have been allowed to go inside … seeing the horrible exam rooms where the little ones suffered such horror. And, of course, all the human sacrifice assistants are blaming John in their anger for shutting their big bucks-making killing facility down…”


Yesterday pro-lifers in front of the Orlando Women’s Center reported that a women in her 9th month came by to kill / abort her child, despite the fact that the law only allows abortions thru 24 weeks:


According to pro-lifers, “Danielle actually looked up on the abortuary’s website to see if she could get an abortion at NINE months pregnant. And this morning, she came for her appointment on late-term day to murder her baby. But faithful, full-time missionary, John Barros, was there to stop her and do his best to rescue that little one being taken to the slaughter… to speak up for that baby who had no idea what was about to happen to him or her… to share the Gospel with Danielle and talk to her about repentance. And as of a few minutes ago, Danielle has left the killing place and has gone down to the pregnancy help center! Three other late-term mamas have fled from their killing appointments as well! Praise the Lord for His faithful soldiers on the front lines with the Gospel in Orlando this morning!”



Channel 9 has learned details surrounding a raid at an abortion clinic in Orlando on Thursday.

The clinic is called the Orlando Women’s Center, and it’s located at Lucerne Terrace in downtown Orlando.


Dr. James Pendergraft said Thursday’s raid was tied to a 2001 lawsuit where a patient, mid-abortion, left the facility, and later gave birth to a child with cerebral palsy.

WFTV found out that Pendergraft was found guilty of medical malpractice and his license had been suspended.

That case went to court and there was a $38 million dollar judgment decided in 2011.

But the clinic has only paid $100,000 of that settlement. Pendergraft said the raid is the result of that.

Pendergraft said he got the notice agents would be seizing property Monday.

He said the agents were taking whatever they could to help settle the suit after collections agents could not get money from them.

Pendergraft said the assets were not his, but rather in a trust.

Crews pulled out everything from office furniture to patient exam beds from the Orlando Women’s Center Thursday.

“The sheriff department is following the orders of the judge that had this done on Monday, but what makes this illegal is that it’s not mine or that of Orlando Women’s Center,” said Pendergraft.

Pendergraft said as a result of the raid, his patients are being sent elsewhere.

The clinic has been in the news before. It’s controversial because it’s one of the only clinics in the area that offers late-term abortions and has offered coupons for abortion discounts in the past.

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Bail set at $900,000 for abortion doctor charged in pill mill sweep

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Bail set at $900,000 for abortion doctor charge…, posted with vodpod

In Florida, A West Palm Beach judge has ordered Dr. Zvi Harry Perper to give up his passport and his right to practice medicine. Perper is yet another abortionist who has worked at one of James Pendergraft’s chain of five late term abortion clinics in Florida. Abortionist Perper was arrested and charged with racketeering and drug trafficking in a raid on Delray Beach Pain Management a clinic started by Kent Murry, a convicted drug smuggler and career criminal. Authorities say Perper, ranked 22nd in the nation among medical practitioners in ordering oxycodone. Perper was also on duty at the EPOC abortion clinic in Orlando in 1995 when Baby Rowan was born alive and left to die, and has been disciplined for performing a botched abortion in 2003. He faces 18 counts, including racketeering, trafficking in oxycodone and conspiracy to traffic in oyxcodone.

Another pro-choice Abortionist arrested

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H/T To Pro-Life Florida Blog September 23,2010

Abortionist Whitney arrested on warrant; held without bond

Central Florida prolife activists initiate call to Orlando Police. Abortionist surrounded by cops at Orlando Women’s Center and held without bond. Whitney screams profanities at activists and threatens to sue. Whitney also charged with resisting arrest without violence. Stunning eyewitness account details results of prolife activism.

On the first day of the massive 13-city Florida campaign of 40 Days for Life, Orlando-area prolife activists discovered an outstanding bench warrant from September 10 against notorious abortionist Randall Brooks Whitney.

While doing abortions for four-time suspended Florida abortionist James Pendergraft, Whitney was arrested in March for slapping a customer of Orlando Women’s Center and charged with felony battery. After pleading not guilty through his and Pendergraft’s attorney James Buonauro, Whitney simply failed to show up for his trial.

On September 8, Judge John Adams issued the order for capias and it was formally entered on September 10. Prolife activists who had been following the case were amazed Whitney didn’t show. Even more stupendous is that he continued to kill babies in Orange County instead of staying in his home county of Volusia.

After dark on Wednesday, under a full moon, activists were notified of the warrant and were able to confirm that Whitney was inside the abortion clinic. They contacted Orlando Police and obtained a copy of the warrant. Four police officers surrounded the building while Whitney claimed he was in the “middle of surgery” and that they were superseding legal authority by removing a doctor from his patient.

Police didn’t buy Whitney’s story and arrested him while he was still in surgical scrubs. Police additionally charged Whitney with “resisting arrest without violence”, a misdemeanor common in situations were a person being arrested attempts to give false information to an officer.

As Whitney was led to the patrol vehicle in handcuffs, he screamed at several activists who remained behind to see his arrest. He threatened to come find them and that they would be sorry. He also threatened to sue although it was unclear if he was threatening Orlando Police or the activists.

He also accused the activists of using hardball tactics. He seemed genuinely shocked when one activist openly identified himself as the owner of the house across the street from an abortion clinic where Whitney used to work over ten years ago. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”, he exclaimed. [Full eyewitness account here on that exchange]

Whitney is being held without bond at the Orange County Jail. Activists intend to notify the Florida Medical Board and ask for an immediate permanent revocation of Whitney’s medical license.

READ: Capias Ordered on Sept 8, 2010

READ: Bench Warrant for Randall Whitney

Ten days preceding the arrest, Whitney had slept in his own car overnight in the back parking lot of the abortion clinic. He had exclaimed to sidewalk counselors (whom he frequently interacts with) that his March arrest for battery was a complete misunderstanding. Yet, inexplicably, he failed to show for trial.

Whitney, Pendergraft, and Orlando Women’s Center are currently being sued for malpractice stemming from a 2001 botched abortion. After an early victory for Pendergraft and Whitney, upon appeal the case was remanded back to the lower court by the 5th District Court of Appeals in 2008. On September 13,2010 the parties agreed to proceed with a non-jury trial. It’s unclear whether Whitney’s arrest will further delay justice for the plaintiff in that case.

Original Arrest Story here

Operation Rescue reported that Whitney has faced license suspension and probation in the past and has been accused of illegal late-term abortions beyond the limits set by law by improperly using ultrasound to determine fetal age. Whitney defiantly closed his Daytona Beach abortion clinic rather than comply with laws governing clinic safety.

Orlando Women’s Center is owned by the notorious abortionist James Pendergraft, who is also no stranger to legal problems. On July 6, 2010, Pendergraft had his medical license suspended for a fourth time for botched abortions, committing illegal late-term abortions, and dispensing drugs without a license.

According to Michele Herzog, the director of Orlando’s Pro-life Action Ministries, Whitney has since taken over the work load from Pendergraft, doing an estimated 75% of all abortions at Pendergraft’s five Florida abortion mills.

“We will be forwarding documents to the Florida Medical Board today asking for the emergency suspension of Whitney’s license based on unprofessional conduct and criminal activity,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Whitney’s arrest follows recent news of abortionists nationwide in trouble with the law, including the conviction and jailing two weeks ago of Massachusetts abortionist Rapin Osathanondh on a charge of manslaughter in the abortion death of Laura Hope Smith. Medical licenses of four other abortionists were suspended this month in Maryland and New Jersey on charges ranging from wrongful death, illegal late-term abortions, and aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine.

“The dirty truth about the unseemly side of the abortion industry is being exposed like never before and abortionists are finally beginning to be brought to justice after years of abortion abuses,” said Newman. “Whitney is by far no exception, but rather the rule when it comes to abortionists who are operating outside the law. Illegal activity by abortionists is systemic in the industry and that places lives at risk.”

Operation Rescue works to expose and report abortion abuses and is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and convictions of abortionists who are breaking the law.

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Abortionist license suspended for fourth time in Florida

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Doctor’s license suspended for fourth time


A Central Florida doctor, who has been disciplined in the past for performing illegal abortions, is back in trouble again.

The Florida Board of Medicine has suspended Dr. James Pendergraft’s license for the fourth time.

Pendergraft has certainly had a tumultuous medical career.

According to documents from the Department of Health, his license has been suspended for doing illegal third trimester abortions, distributing drugs without a license, and in 2004, the doctor ran into legal troubles.

He was caught up in what prosecutors alleged was extortion in Marion County surrounding his abortion clinic there.

He pleaded guilty to impeding justice.

“I think it’s a wake-up call for us all when we have an individual who is allowed to practice medicine in a way that draws question as to both his credibility and capability,” said Aaron Liberman, the chairman of the Department of Health Management and Informatics at the University of Central Florida.
The doctor’s troubles don’t end there.

Pendergraft was again before the Board of Medicine Saturday.
Board members voted to suspend his license again for one year. This time he was accused in incidents related to a troubled 31-year-old employee.
The board said he:
• Allowed the woman to administer narcotics to patients although she had no license to do so
• Knew she abused drugs but gave her “free reign” to order drugs under his name
• Prescribed steroids for the woman without medical justification

The Department of Health said Pendergraft’s numerous suspensions will run concurrent to each other, and once they’re finished, he’ll be free to practice in the state of Florida again.

Liberman finds Pendergraft’s lenient punishment wrong.

“Unfortunately, in the state of Florida over the past many years, we have not seen the enforcement and the rigor (in) some other states like Iowa, Indiana, (and) Minnesota,” Liberman said.

He said if Pendergraft was in those states, it’s unlikely he would be eligible to get his license back.

News 13 made several calls to Pendergraft at his clinics in Orlando and Ocala and to his lawyer’s office.
He did not respond to any of our messages.

In addition to the one year suspension, Pendergraft was fined $10,000, given three years probation and will have to attend a course on record keeping.

Abortionist Pendergraft Suspended For Fourth Time
• Written by Operation Rescue
• Posted August 12, 2010 at 11:32 am

News report questions judgment of FL medical board for not revoking Pendergraft’s license

Orlando, FL – Abortionist James Pendergraft has had his medical license suspended for a fourth by the Florida Board of Medicine, which made the decision on Saturday.

“This is a case that should outrage everyone,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Here is a proven quack that has served three previous license suspensions, yet continues to offend. Even a stint in prison hasn’t helped Pendergraft amend his ways. Nevertheless, the Board will allow this man to continue the practice of medicine after he serves his fourth suspension. It is irresponsible to place women at repeated risk from this guy. Enough is enough!”

Pendergraft’s license was suspended for one year, to be followed by three years of probation. He was ordered to pay $10,000 fine and take a course on record keeping. The suspension order was given after the Board found that Pendergraft had allowed an unlicensed employee to order and administer drugs even though she was unqualified and had a known history of drug abuse. Pendergraft also was disciplined for prescribing steroids to her for unknown reasons.

Pendergraft faced previous suspensions, one as recently as January, 2010, for botched abortions, committing illegal late-term abortions, and dispensing drugs without a license. In 2004, he pled guilty to impeding justice while under investigation for extortion.

The Board ruled on Saturday that Pendergraft’s two active suspensions would run concurrently.

Aaron Liberman, the chairman of the Department of Health Management and Informatics at the University of Central Florida, objected to the leniency shown by the Board.

“I think it’s a wake-up call for us all when we have an individual who is allowed to practice medicine in a way that draws question as to both his credibility and capability,” he said.

Pendergraft owns five abortion clinics in Florida. While on suspension, his clinics continue to operate with other abortionists, at least one of which has had his own problems with the law. Abortionist Randall Whitney has had his license suspended twice and place on probation for violations according to the Florida Health Department.

“Pendergraft’s clinics are a menace to the public. They should be closed, and perhaps if he was in another state, they would be. It is simply outrageous that these people who have proven that they cannot comport themselves within the law are allowed the opportunity to continue to prey on an unsuspecting public. The Florida Board of Medicine seriously dropped the ball by not revoking Pendergraft and forcing the closure of his clinics,” said Newman.

Read Board minutes from July 6, 2010 (see pg. 29) Here

Pendergraft’s hired abortionist, Randall Whitney slaps abortion patient

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