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Vid shows NARAL’s hypocrisy on pro-life pregnancy centers

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NARAL has produced a vid accusing pro-life pregnancy centers of giving women alleged “false information” but they are hypocritical in their energy to oppose CPC’s when the abortion industry is filled with dangerous practices for women.


You know when you have hit a nerve when the LARGEST – I repeat the LARGEST abortion lobbying group in the nation NARAL has a full blown marketing scheme to slander pro-life pregnancy centers.

NARAL 990 2012

Just listen to the way they present information in the video below.

They do not quote one single source of documentation to counter any of the points they claim pro-life pregnancy centers make about abortion.


They cleverly selected “random members of the public” on the campus of the most liberal college in America, UC Berkley, who – right on cue- act shocked at what they were hearing.

Those “randomly selected members of the public” never state their views on abortion first.

Even more suspicious is that no one seems to oppose NARAL.

Now, in a nation that is majority pro-life- does that sound like a true selection of “random” passers-by to you?

The truth is that pro-life pregnancy centers far outnumber abortion clinics, 3500 nationwide according to their own stats.

Pregnancy Centers are run by donations while abortion (for which NARAL works to further) is a for-profit business.

So, if NARAL wants to question the motives and or actions of pro-life pregnancy centers go for it.

NARAL Planned Parenthood 990

But, do not for one moment think that NARAL’s motives – which are of course abortion on demand for any reason and at any stage- are pure as the driven snow.

The video begins with NARAL asking their alleged random public this question:

Who do you think are the types of people who would work at Crisis Pregnancy Centers?” they ask.


They quote no studies to show who works at pregnancy centers when they imply that medical professionals do not work at CPC’s.

But, even if that were true- pregnancy centers are NOT performing surgical procedures like – oh…say…Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics do.

But- when you try to inspect, regulate, or require abortion clinics to be operated by physicians, have the same standards as other surgical centers do, and be inspected at least once a year- NARAL fights it.

Point number two is that NARAL accuses pregnancy centers of claiming that “abortion is fatal.”

Wonder where a pregnancy center would get such an idea?

Perhaps they think of women like Tonya Reaves, Lakisha Wilson, Laura Hope Smith, Marla Cardomone and others now dead after their “safe and legal” abortions at clinics, Planned Parenthood centers, and even hospitals.

SafeandLegalabortion Marla Cardamone

Or…maybe they are referring to the unborn child who is left dead after the abortion.

According to NARAL death from legal abortion is a joke – because – and we all know the narrative “abortion is a safe and simple procedure.”


Then tell me NARAL why hasn’t that memo made it to the abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood centers who require women to sign an abortion “consent form” to waive her legal rights if she DIES from the abortion since it IS a possible complication?

Desert abortion clinci consent

Planned Parenthood abortion consent page 1

Planned Parenthood abortion consent page 2

Potomic FP abortion consent

NARAL also asks their “random member of the public” on the most liberal campus, “have you personally ever seen something that wasn’t a baby but thought it was a baby?”

“Like maybe you saw a pile of jackets in a stroller and you thought maybe it was a little person?”

NARAL CPC vid baby

NARAL asks the question because they claim that a pregnancy center incorrectly told a woman that her IUD was a baby, and they are mocking such a wrong diagnosis.

But- they fail to point out the numerous times an abortionist has a misdiagnosis or botches an abortion endangering women.

Like those so-called “dreaded complications” where an abortionist misses the BABY altogether and the child is born alive!

And, all those other kinds of pesky abortion “complications” NARAL ignores:

    Students for Life of America has discovered that a lawsuit was filed against Planned Parenthood Metropolitan located in Washington, D.C. on February 12, 2008.

    Emma Jean Butler is suing Planned Parenthood for $50 million dollars in damages. Butler took her daughter to the D.C. Planned Parenthood on September 7, 2006 to abort a child conceived in rape. During the abortion, the young girl sustained severe abdominal bleeding, severe vaginal injury, severe injury to the cervix, significant uterine perforation, and a small bowel tear. In addition, parts of the child were found inside young girl’s abdomen on September 8, 2006. Because of these injuries, the young girl will be infertile for the rest of her life.

    Planned Parenthood Metropolitan has denied the injuries suffered and the infertility of the young girl. In addition, they state in their answer that Butler’s claims are barred by the doctrines of informed consent and assumption of risk.

When a woman dies or is injured by abortion – its just a “complication of surgery” to abortion advocates….

And, as long as we are talking about those misdiagnoses – what about the woman who isn’t pregnant and the FOR PROFIT abortion clinic says she is?

Is NARAL speaking out about that?


In that instance the woman is often put under anesthesia to have risky SURGERY performed one her!

But hey….nothing to see here….move along…we must send NARAL undercovers into the pregnancy centers that DON’T do surgery and where women NEVER die rather than dangerous abortion clinics.

Lest you think this type of misdiagnosis never happens? Think again:

abortion not pregnant

In early December, an Oklahoma abortion doctor was arrested after an undercover sting revealed that he was offering to perform abortions on women who were not pregnant.


News reports indicated at that time that undercover agents set up appointments with the 62-year-old abortionist where they say he administered ultrasounds and pregnancy tests and then told them they were pregnant, when they weren’t.

Funny I do not see a video by NARAL about the risk of abortion, the women who die now from legal abortion, the Gosnells and the Steven Chase Brighams and others who are shut down by health officials the numerous ambulance calls because of abortion complications, and on and on the list goes?

Wonder why?

Because, NARAL’s sole reason for existence is to advocate FOR abortion and they cannot do that if women have the legitimate “choice” to visit a pregnancy centers and receive FREE – yes FREE help!

Because….abortion has never been about CHOICE $$$ !!

In conclusion, I must say that for NARAL to send undercover supporters into pro-life pregnancy centers they must have a lot of time on their hands.

I mean…come NARAL, get a life already. (No pun intended.)

US Approved Bayer IUD – Skyla

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Reuters is reporting that U.S. regulators on approved a new low-dose hormone intrauterine device designed to prevent pregnancy, the first new device of its type in 12 years, according to Bayer AG.

The T-shaped polyethylene device is designed to prevent pregnancy for 3 years, during which time it releases a diminishing dosage of progestin, according to Bayer documents.

The proportion of women using long-acting reversible contraceptive methods such as an intrauterine device (IUD) climbed to 7.7 percent in 2009 up from 2.0 percent in 2002, according a 2012 study by the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health and rights organization based in New York, [and the research arm of the eugenics founded Planned Parenthood organization.]

The highest level of use was among women aged 25-39 and those who already had at least one child.

The IUD, called Skyla, is aimed at younger women who have not had children. During a trial of 1,432 women aged 18 to 35 years, the rate of pregnancy over a three-year period was 0.9 per 100 women, and 77 percent of women wishing to become pregnant did so within 12 months of its removal, Bayer documents said.

“Over half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended and there’s just a need out there to have effective birth control,” said Pamela Cyrus, Bayer’s head of medical affairs said in an interview.

Bayer makes one of the two other IUDs available on the U.S. market, Mirena. It is designed for use for women who have already had children.

Bayer will launch Skyla in the United States starting next month. It is still seeking other regulatory approvals outside the United States. Its side effects include bleeding pattern alterations, vulvovaginitis, abdominal/pelvic pain, acne/seborrhea, ovarian cyst and headache.

Botched Procedure Causes Hemorrhage at FL Abortion Clinic

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Previously on our blog we posted this: Pro-lifers outside the All Women’s Health Center in Altamonte Springs report that on November 14,2012 an ambulance arrived to the Florida abortion clinic:

Pro-life counselor Michele Herzog stated, “While we were at AWHC this morning, November 14, an ambulance and a fire truck drove down the street and ended up at the AWHC abortuary. As you can see a young lady was transported to the hospital.

Herzog continues, “The medical assistant is holding up a sheet so we wouldn’t see the girl on the stretcher, with Melvin guarding the scene.
The young lady is being taken out the back door. We pray for this young lady that was taken to the hospital and we also pray for this medical assistant looking at us. She knows the truth about what abortion really is and she knows that it is not safe either

But Now, Operation Rescue has released the 911 Audio of the call:

Operation Rescue recently obtained the 911 recording and Computer Aided Dispatch Transcript that confirmed the nature of the woman’s injuries and produced a video that includes the emergency call recording.

Michele Herzog of Pro-Life Action Ministries, who witnessed the incident, told Operation Rescue that the clinic’s security guard told her that the injured woman was “an employee that was pregnant and she started bleeding.That story was completely refuted by the 911 communications that stated specifically that the woman was a patient who was not pregnant and hemorrhaged during an attempt to insert an IUD.

An IUD, (Intrauterine Device), is a method of birth control that consists of a t-shaped object that is inserted into the uterus that prevents implantation of a growing human blastocyst, or baby at the earliest stage of development. IUDs are considered to cause very early abortions and are not a true contraceptive, because it causes the death of a growing human being. True contraceptives prevent the egg from being fertilized.

In order to cause the heavy bleeding, it is likely that the IUD perforated the uterus. This is a very dangerous complication that would likely require emergency surgery to correct, according to our research,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

This incident just further illustrates the dangers that lurk at our nation’s abortion clinics. There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ abortion clinic. In our years of experience, we have never found one that follows the law.”

Case in point:

In 2009, Agency for Health Care Administration found several deficiencies at the abortion clinic ( Report here)

Other All Women’s Locations have also had deficiencies sited during abortion clinic inspections:



Abortionist Gary A Dresden is listed as the doctor and Officer for the clinic ( Here )

According to the Florida Medical Board, Dr. Gary Dresden has a complaint on file ( here ) Case #61535 Suspension-Other Penalty Imposed

Gary Dresden is originally from Long Beach, New York. He attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada and Medical School in Bologna, Italy. He moved to St. Petersburg Florida for his residency and practiced OBGYN in St. Petersburg, Fl with Dresden, Ticktin, Klein and Sibley MD PA. He currently owns and operates several abortion clinics in Florida and New York.

Dresden once stated, “Like most everybody, I want to be loved, listened to and heard. But I also want to be remembered, without my ideas and deeds being lost in the swirling winds of time. As an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, I have been proud of my contribution, the difficult deliveries, the difficult surgeries, and concomitantly, the lives that I’ve touched and saved. But the clarity of these actions fade with the years and the feelings go unremembered, lost forever in the bottomless wastebasket of forgotten memories.”

Read about one of Dresden’s abortionists Here: Abortionist arrested for firearms violations,drugs, and history of abuses has died

More on Dresden here

Black woman claims doctor secretly (eugenically) sterilized her

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Black woman claims doctor secretly (eugenically…, posted with vodpod

Woman claims doctor secretly sterilized her
Thursday, February 16, 2012
Steve Daniels

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — When Sarah Cotton had severe stomach pain and bleeding in 2007, her sister Brenda Womble took her to see a doctor.
What they saw in CT scan images stunned them.

“We were just flabbergasted,” Womble recalled.

The X-Ray images showed Cotton had an IUD – an intrauterine device designed to prevent pregnancy – in her body. Until that moment, Cotton never knew it was there.
The sisters began tracing back through Cotton’s medical history, and realized the device had been implanted some 40 years before without her permission.

“It was something forced on her without her consent and I equate that as a woman being raped. It’s something against her wishes,” offered Womble – a professor at NC Central University.

Cotton was 21 in 1967 when she gave birth to her third child at the Mathiesen Clinic in Pittsboro, NC. According to the birth certificate, Dr. K.M. Mathiesen delivered the baby boy.
Womble said her brother-in-law recalled having a heated conversation with Dr. Mathiesen.

“The last thing he heard was ‘You-all don’t need to have any more children,'” said Womble. “He had to have inserted it right there because she was still in the hospital.”
That a doctor could take it upon himself to secretly prevent a woman from having more children is not surprising to Dr. Eric Juengst with the UNC Center for Biomedical Ethics.
“This sort of surreptitious sterilization or implantation of contraceptives was done,” he explained.

In 1967, North Carolina was at the height of its eugenics movement. According to the state’s own records, the Eugenics Board ordered women as young as 10 sterilized for offenses as minor as not getting along with schoolmates, being promiscuous or running afoul of local social workers or doctors.

North Carolina wasn’t alone. Nationwide, there were more than 60,000 known victims of sterilization programs, with perhaps another 40,000 sterilized through “unofficial” channels like hospitals or local health departments working on their own initiative.

North Carolina records reflect it officially sterilized some 7,600 people between 1929 and 1974.

“These decisions were made disproportionally for poor, people of color, uneducated, the marginalized parts of the societies,” said Juengst.

Eugenics was aimed at creating a “better society” by filtering out people considered undesirable, ranging from criminals to those imprecisely designated as “feeble-minded.”
North Carolina officially ended the sterilization program in 1977, three years after the last procedure. In 2002, then-Gov. Mike Easley apologized for the program. Just last month, a governor’s task force on eugenics released its final report and recommended paying $50,000 to each living victim. The issue now goes to the General Assembly for action.
Womble told ABC11 what happened to her sister was a reflection of the times.

“It was an era where blacks were ill treated,” she said. “The 60s is when the riots were going on, the blacks were protesting, we were trying to get our equal rights.”
While Cotton’s case was not part of the official eugenics program, Juengst told ABC11 he finds it just as disturbing.

“It’s particularly problematic from a moral point of view. Not just for the moral, [there are] ethical reasons that you shouldn’t do things to patients without their consent,” he said. “Legally, this was battery, essentially unconsented touching, and that applies to the practice of medicine as well as to people on the street.”
Womble agreed.

“Battery is a very strong word and I think that is the correct word to use for her and for this situation,” she said. “It was just like taking an animal and doing something to the animal that couldn’t fight back. It was horrible.”

Womble said her sister has no doubt Dr. Mathiesen was the doctor responsible.

“She’s certain about that because she went to no other doctors. She’s never been sick, we didn’t get physical checkups back then,” she explained.
Dr. Mathiesen’s side of the story is not available. He died in 1999.

According to old newspaper articles, the Mathiesen Clinic in the heart of Pittsboro opened in 1949 and closed in the 1970s. Mathiesen’s old medical partner told ABC11 the clinic did implant IUDs in the 1960s, but only with the patient’s consent.

He told us Mathiesen was a good doctor and a compassionate man. Some long-time Pittsboro residents agree.

“He was the only person who could give medical attention to anyone at the time – black or white,” offered Kevin Sanders who remembers the clinic where he was born.
“My grandmother still speaks so highly of him, and she’s going on 93,” he said.

But Womble and her sister have a different view of the late doctor.

“I don’t know the man personally, so I hate to make a judgment about his character. I just know what was done to my sister,” said Womble.

Cotton had the IUD surgically removed and the pain in her stomach went away. The 40-year mystery about why she never had any more children was solved.

“I think there is a lot of sadness with it. It’s a sadness when I reach back and see how she longed for children,” said Womble.

Womble told ABC11 she doesn’t believe her sister was the only woman who had an IUD implanted against her will. She’d like to know if there are more victims out there.


Planned Parenthood Medical Director leads suspicious study which could increase tax dollars to the organization !

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Washington University School of Medicine’s Dr. Jeff Peipert, headed a governmental advisory group which recommended health insurance plans cover contraception at no cost. (Article here)

Called the Contraceptive Choice Project, the study headed by Dr. Jeff Peipert, seeks to determine whether removing financial barriers to contraceptives will decrease the frequency of unintended pregnancy.

Peipert who is was a Planned Parenthood Medical Director at the time, claims he had no idea that free contraceptives would become part of the health-reform debate when he began his study in 2007. He said the government should adopt the institute’s recommendation since teen pregnancies and unintended pregnancies are serious public-health problems. He points to reports showing that nearly 50 percent of all U.S. pregnancies are unplanned, one of the world’s highest rates, and that between 74 percent and 95 percent of teen pregnancies are unintended.

Also of note is the fact that the Washington University study is financed by a foundation that wants to remain anonymous. The foundation called the university about the project in 2006 and planning began the next year. “It does seem like they had a crystal ball and could see this (institute’s report) coming in the future.”

The thinking of the foundation, he said, was wouldn’t it be great if we had birth control free of charge and we had universal access regardless of the women’s means to pay? Anyone could get what they wanted — and what would happen?

Well..isn’t that interesting..I am calling on truth on this study to get to the bottom of who funded it, because it leans toward financing Planned Parenthood with millions of more tax dollars to hand out “free contraceptives”. Planned Parenthood calls abortion pills which prevent implantation “contraceptives” …so in essence they are promoting FREE ABORTIONS paid for by the taxpayer.

I find the entire study suspect as his resume shows he is the Medical Director Planned Parenthood, St. Louis Region, and is also with the Association for Reproductive Health Professionals.

In 2009, Peipert was exposed for heading a training for abortionists called the Family Planning Fellowship Program ( read here ) and collaborated with the Washington University joined forces with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Planned Parenthood of St. Louis.The Family Planning Fellowship Program states that most of the fellows’ abortion experience will be at Planned Parenthood. HMMMMM……In the area of research, fellows are told that they will work with leading clinicians and researchers “to develop new approaches to…pregnancy termination in the United States and abroad.” In the area of public policy, fellows are advised that they can “learn about and participate in advocacy efforts of pro-choice and professional organizations.” (STL Today) According to Washington University, Family Planning fellows working at Planned Parenthood “counsel patients on family planning and provide medical care, provide physical examinations, birth control options, write prescriptions and terminate pregnancies under the supervision of a physician on staff at Planned Parenthood.”

Perhaps this “STUDY” was funded by this pro-abortion “Fellowship” Just Say’n?