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Abortion is key in UN Secretary ‘s Road to Dignity !

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Dignity is not something which comes to mind when I think about ripping a baby out of his or her mother’s womb. However, at an informal briefing to the 193-Member Assembly, where the UN chief presented his Road to Dignity synthesis report on the post-2015 agenda he included abortion.

Road to Dignity 2015

Calling the document his guide negotiations for a new global agenda centered on people and the planet, and underpinned by human rights, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s The Road to Dignity by 2030 Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet, was presented to the United Nations General Assembly.

Next year, 2015, will herald an unprecedented opportunity to take far-reaching, long-overdue global action to secure our future well-being,” Mr. Ban said as he called on Member States to be “innovative, inclusive, agile, determined and coordinated” in negotiating the agenda that will succeed the landmark Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The UN-backed effort to has been described as one that will, “reduce extreme poverty and hunger, promote education, especially for girls, fight disease and protect the environment, all by 2015.”


According to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon the alleged goal is sustainable development for all, “The year 2015 offers a unique opportunity for global leaders and people to end poverty, transform the world to better meet human needs and the necessities of economic transformation, while protecting our environment, ensuring peace and realizing human rights. We are at a historic crossroads, and the directions we take will determine whether we will succeed or fail on our promises. With our globalized economy and sophisticated technology, we can decide to end the age-old ills of extreme poverty and hunger. Or we can continue to degrade our planet and allow intolerable inequalities to sow bitterness and despair. Our ambition is to achieve sustainable development for all.”

Unfortunately, in the global world of abortions, ALL does not include unborn children in the womb.

UN sec Ban Ki Moon

Speaking about the conditions of the people of the world he states, “Amid great plenty for some, we witness pervasive poverty, gross inequalities, joblessness, disease and deprivation for billions. Displacement is at its highest level since the Second World War. Armed conflict, crime, terrorism, persecution, corruption, impunity and the erosion of the rule of law are daily realities. The impacts of the global economic, food and energy crises are still being felt. The consequences of climate change have only just begun.”

Continuing, he writes, “These failings and shortcomings have done as much to define the modern era as has our progress in science, technology and the mobilization of global social movements. Our globalized world is marked by extraordinary progress alongside unacceptable – and unsustainable – levels of want, fear, discrimination, exploitation, injustice and environmental folly at all levels. However, we also know that these problems are not accidents of nature or the results of phenomena beyond our control. They result from actions and omissions of people – public institutions, the private sector, and others charged with protecting human rights and upholding human dignity.”

What are some of these problems that must be resolved:

In the document he states, “Carbon dioxide is the largest contributor to human-induced climate change. Fossil fuels usage and deforestation are its two main sources. Increasing warming will make severe, pervasive, and irreversible impacts more likely.”

Access to fair justice systems, accountable institutions of democratic governance, measures to combat corruption and curb illicit financial flows, and safeguards to protect personal security are integral to sustainable development. An enabling environment under the rule of law must be secured for the free, active and meaningful engagement of civil society and advocates reflecting the voices of women, minorities, LGBT groups, indigenous peoples, youth, adolescents and older persons. Press freedom and access to information, freedom of expression, assembly and association are enablers of sustainable development. The practice of child, early and forced marriage must be ended everywhere. The rule of law must be strengthened at the national and international level, to secure justice for all.”

UN Sustainable Develop Goals

In a section on People, which says will, “ensure healthy lives, knowledge, and the inclusion of women and children” – the Secretary-General uses verbiage which would be difficult to disagree with like equality, opposition to violence, human rights education and a safe environment, he then promotes abortion on demand:

“Millions of people, especially women and children, have been left behind in the unfinished work of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),” he writes, “We must ensure women, youth and children have access to the full range of health services. We must ensure zero tolerance of violence against or exploitation of women and girls. Women and girls must have equal access to financial services, and the right to own land and other assets. All children and adolescents have a right to education and must have a safe environment in which to learn. Human development is also the respect of human rights.”

Reporductive Health UN Sec General 2015 Road to Dignity

The agenda must address universal health-care cover age, access and affordability; end preventable maternal, new-born and child deaths and malnutrition; ensure the availability of essential medicines; realize women’s reproductive health and rights

In case you are not aware, reproductive health includes abortion on demand.

IPPF Planned Parenthood logo

Groups such as International Planned Parenthood Federation ( IPPF) know this quite well, which is why they put together a list of demands to the UN requesting reproductive health be included.

IPPF Tewodros Melesse

We are at a crucial moment,” IPPF’s Director-General, Tewodros Melesse wrote, “Between September 23rd and 25th, world leaders will be coming together at the United Nations to discuss what needs to be done over the next 15 years to end global poverty and inequality. We know that sexual and reproductive health and rights are key to individual wellbeing, and therefore, it is essential that they are at the heart of the UN’s discussions, and integral to the next set of global development targets to be achieved by 2030.”

“On September 23rd we, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, will be in New York, calling on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and global governments to show leadership on family planning and reproductive health services.

Reprorights Cecile Richards Gender Equality

In their petition, Planned Parenthood bemoans the effectiveness of pro-life legislation on their agenda, “ Rising conservative tides have threatened hard-won sexual and reproductive rights victories and compromised the safety and well-being of all, particularly of young women in poor communities.”

The abortion giant goes on to state, “By 2015 we want a new international development framework that includes sexual and reproductive health and rights as essential priorities…All individuals should have the right to decide what happens to their body. Governments must: Provide access to safe and legal abortion among other suggestions.”

Even Planned Parenthood believes the UN has just declared abortion rights “Human Rights,” as displayed in their tweet:

UN ABortion Rights PP