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Witnesses document ambulance at Planned Parenthood

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Coalition for Life , a group that prays outside Planned Parenthood in St Louis, has reported that an ambulance took a patient away from the abortion giant’s clinic in a medical emergency over the weekend.

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According to witnesses from Coalition for Life, “yesterday (July 10th 2014) at approximately 10:45am, our interns and sidewalk volunteers documented the arrival of a firetruck and an Emergency Response team to the Planned Parenthood of the Greater St. Louis Region on Forest Park Avenue. The firetruck was followed shortly after by an ambulance marked Unit 881, which turned into the clinic parking lot at approximately 10:52 am.

“About eight minutes later, three clinic workers held a sheet in front of an unidentified person as he or she was taken out of the clinic and loaded into the ambulance. Intern, Nick Trottier, who was present on the sidewalk at the time of the incident, reported that the ambulance remained parked in front of the clinic for about twenty minutes before exiting the driveway with lights flashing.”

This commercial by Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri claims that they offer “confidential expert care.” – HMMMMM.

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The pro-life group continued, “We are unaware at this time of any further information surrounding this ambulance sighting, though we continue to find the occurrence of such sightings notably disturbing. This intel, in addition to previous information collected about this particular clinic by Operation Rescue and the day-to-day interactions had by our sidewalk volunteers and LIFEChoice interns with clinic workers and clientele seems to largely dispel the claim made by Planned Parenthood of “quality” care provision for men, women and families.”

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As the group stated, this is not the first time ambulances were summoned to this Planned Parenthood as Saynsumthn has documented before here.