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HYPOCRISY? Planned Parenthood prez tweets support for pregnant workers

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Exactly how much hypocrisy are we to take from an organization which slaughters babies in the womb?

Days ago, Planned Parenthood used twitter to send messages of support to the family of Michael Brown in Ferguson and pretended that BlackLivesMatter to them despite their overt racist and eugenics history. (read here)

Today, abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards tweeted her support for pregnant workers.

cecile Richards Pregnant Workers

Then NARAL followed up with this tweet:

NARAL Pregnant workers abortion

How noble of the promoters of abortion to send out such a “caring” message. That is until you realize they are for killing the babies these workers carry for any reason at any stage of pregnancy using abortion.

In addition, neither Planned Parenthood’s head nor NARAL ever tweeted her support of the family of one pregnant women whom Planned Parenthood left bleeding after an abortion they performed on her.

Tonya Reaves _3399880429594703002_n

Her name was Tonya Reaves.

She was a 24 year-old Black woman who came to Cecile Richard’s Chicago clinic.

She was left inside Planed Parenthood bleeding for five hours before being transported to the hospital where she later died.

As far as NARAL, Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood is concerned, this dead formerly pregnant Black woman never existed !

As for their tweets, someone please pass the Barf bag!