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PP employees work at PR Firm cleaning up after Planned Parenthood’s baby parts scam go public

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As Planned Parenthood begins to mop up after a video exposed their grisly market of selling babies they butcher inside their abortion clinics and interesting detail has emerged.

Deborah Nucatola Planned Parenthood body parts lower extremeties

Aborted pregnancy tissue donation and research are humanitarian undertakings that hold the potential to cure disease, save lives, and ameliorate suffering,” according to the “backgrounder” distributed by Camino Public Relations, which has a longstanding relationship with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Weekly Standard writes.

Camino Planned Parenthood Humanitarian Undertakings aborted abortion parts

Planned Parenthood employed the PR Firm Camino Public Relations, issuing this letter to the media denouncing Center for Media Progress investigators because their lead, David Daleiden.

Planned Parenthood’s reason why David Daleiden could not be trusted is because he once wrote for the Weekly Standard and that he used to work with Live Action.

Camino PR Firm for Planned ParenthoodCamino PR Firm for Planned Parenthood 2

In respond the Weekly Standard had this to say:

    Another background document seems to suggest that David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress, the group that performed the undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood, should not be trusted because he has “written articles for opposition outlet The Weekly Standard and Human Life Review.”

    Elizabeth Toledo Planned Parenthood Camino PR Grab

    Elizabeth Toledo of Camino Public Relations confirmed to me Tuesday night that Camino is working for Planned Parenthood. Toledo, former VP of Communicatins at Planned Parenthood, reiterated that Planned Parenthood only seeks reimbursement for donating what she called the “products of conception” for research.

    “It’s not like someone comes and say like ‘I’d like to buy an arm,’ or something like that. It really doesn’t work that way,” Toledo told me. “They take the products of conception and they send it to whoever. It’s just not the kind of gruesome process” that critics suggest it is.

    Toledo confirmed that Planned Parenthood will “donate” human remains to for-profit as well as non-profit entities.

Toledo is the president of Camino and the former vice president of communications for Planned Parenthood Federation of America as evidenced by her Linked page:

Elizabeth Toledoa Planned Parenthood CaminoElizabeth Toledoa Planned Parenthood Camino 2

A search on the Saynsumthn Blog shows that Toledo often steps in to clean up messes that her employer creates.

She was one of the media contacts when Planned Parenthood of Golden Gate (PPGG) which operated eight Planned Parenthood clinics, was outed for financial mismanagement. Read here.

Tax documents filed with the I.R.S. suggest that PPGG has not only been losing money in recent years, but is in financial disarray.

“Understanding the true financial picture for health care providers takes a very in-depth evaluation,” Toledo said at that time. “PPFA and PPGG were working together over the last few years to resolve fiscal challenges.”

Try as Toledo did to keep the scandal from getting out of control in the media- the PPGG story took several bad turns forcing the national Planned Parenthood organization to eventually strip the Bay Area clinics of their affiliation.

Ironically, several Planned Parenthood centers, which receive millions in tax payer dollars, have been accused of everything from Medicaid fraud to financial mismanagement – but- the media refuses to investigate the issue as a possible problem across the entire organization.

Blogger Jill Stanek discovered the Camino / PR Firm / Planned Parenthood connection a while back writing this at Life News :

    Well, last week I stumbled on one when reading an article in the New York Times, which quoted “Elizabeth Toledo [pictured right], a public relations consultant for abortion rights groups.”

    I googled Toledo and found she is the president of Camino Public Relations, a firm “dedicated to bringing new communications technologies and proven media strategies to progressive causes.”

    Indeed, Camino’s clients include Planned Parenthood Federation of America and three Planned Parenthood affiliates.

    And this is no surprise since Toledo’s bio says she is a former Vice President of Communications for PPFA.

    Of further interest are Camino’s other clients, which demonstrate the interconnectedness of liberal groups, none of which are actually service oriented but rather profit oriented.

    One of Camino’s “featured clients” is the Service Employees International Union. SEIU’s International Executive Vice President is Kirk Adams husband to Cecile Richards.

    Another Camino client is Danco Laboratories, which manufactures Mifeprex, aka RU486. Danco advertises Planned Parenthood as a Mifeprex distributor, and Planned Parenthood states “medical” (Mifeprex) abortions account for 32% of its abortion business now. Rest assured Planned Parenthood has negotiated a sweetheart purchasing deal with Danco.

Planned Parenthood’s crisis communications firm, Camino, was responsible for cleaning up after the Susan G Komen Foundation dropped Planned Parenthood from their grant funding, receiving a PRWeek industry award.

Camino Planned Parenthood Komen

In addition to Toledo, another Camino PR Firm employee, Ben Bostic also has Planned Parenthood connections:

Ben Bostic Camino Planned Parenthood

    He has also been active in New York politics, working as a Campaign Intern for New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s 2014 re election campaign and as a member of Planned Parenthood New York City’s Activist Council.

Camino Public Relations’ support for abortion is clear not only by their work with Planned Parenthood but they brag about it on social media evidenced by this Facebook post:

Camino Public Relation taxpayer funding of abortion

One more note, Planned Parenthood’s PR media letter suggests that Daleiden should be disregarded because the CMP established a “fake corporation” in order to conduct the sting.

Funny- that the media has not castigated Planned Parenthood for this given the numerous times they purchased buildings or land to build under a variety of different names so they can “procure” or build abortion clinics in areas where they will be opposed.


One example: the Aurora, Illinois Planned Parenthood

From the Chicago Tribune:

    Planned Parenthood in September is set to open this 22,000-square-foot facility in Aurora. In an effort to avoid protesters, as well as boycotts from building contractors, the ownership of the facility was kept secret by the group until recently.

A June report by Life News quotes Thomas More Society Special Counsel, Peter Breen, after an Illinois Appellate Court, Second Judicial District, overturned a lower court’s dismissal of a zoning and fraud lawsuit brought by the Thomas More Society.

    “Planned Parenthood built its abortion facility in Aurora under false pretenses and in blatant violation of the strictures of Aurora’s zoning code, which require a tax-paying for-profit use on that site. This facility was built on a foundation of deception, and the appellate court’s ruling reaffirms that Planned Parenthood must obey Aurora’s zoning laws, just like any other resident of Aurora. We look forward to returning to the circuit court and continuing to prosecute this lawsuit aggressively.”