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Al Sharpton And Rick Santorum debate the issue of abortion and black genocide

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Learn how Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger were trying to reduce the black population, watch Maafa21



I am wondering when Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton will protest the $350 plus millions of tax dollars that Planned Parenthood receives each year because they target African Americans for Black Genocide by abortion. Jackson used to be an ardent voice against the targeting of blacks by the family planners.

Jackson once stated, “It is strange that they choose to start talking about population control at the same time that Black people in America and people of color around the world are demanding their rightful place as human citizens and their rightful share of the material wealth in the world.”

Is Jackson and Sharpton in agreement with the way Planned Parenthood targets the black race or do they keep silent because of political reasons?

Maafa21 Clenard

According to the Rev. Clenard Childress, “The truth is, Al Sharpton wouldn’t dare raise his voice due to his own proclivity to support the abortion ideology. … Rev. Sharpton … has been absolutely and utterly silent on the racism of Planned Parenthood and the execution of over 15 million African-American children under the watch of those who took a vow to preserve their lives.

Has anyone noted the silence of the NAACP on the racism of Planned Parenthood? …The NAACP, once the vanguard and protector of the Black Community, has become the personification of liberal thinking and has also refused to condemn the racism at Planned Parenthood. This should not surprise anyone since the NAACP censored the Macon chapter in Georgia due to a resolution submitted that had abortion content. They refused to read it to the body, a clear violation of their own by laws. No, there will be no discussion on race here either as long as Planned Parenthood is in the discussion. It is obvious that the “author of racism” does matter with the NAACP.

And there is Jessie Jackson of the Rainbow Coalition. He led a march of about fifty protestors demanding the firing of Don Imus, saying, “Three strikes you’re out ought to apply to this position.” Not many know what Jackson wrote in a 1000 word essay to the National Right to Life News in January 1977 some thirty-one years ago. He said:

There are those who argue that the right to privacy is of higher order than the right to life. I do not share that view. I believe that life is not private, but rather it is public and universal. If one accepts the position that life is private, and therefore you have the right to do with it as you please, one must also accept the conclusion of that logic. That was the premise of slavery. You could not protest the existence or treatment of slaves on the plantation because that was private and therefore outside of your right to concerned.

Another area that concerns me greatly, namely because I know how it has been used with regard to race, is the psycholinguistics involved in this whole issue of abortion. If something can be dehumanized through the rhetoric used to describe it, then the major battle has been won…. Those advocates of taking life prior to birth do not call it killing or murder; they call it abortion. They further never talk about aborting a baby because that would imply something human. Rather they talk about aborting the fetus. Fetus sounds less than human and therefore can be justified.

What happens to the mind of a person, and the moral fabric of a nation, that accepts the aborting of the life of a baby without a pang of conscience? What kind of a person, and what kind of a society will we have 20 years hence if life can be taken so casually?

Without question, Rev. Jackson’s conscience must be seared, for these thirty-one years later, he is now firmly pro-abortion. And what was his response to this “Third Reich” mindset? You guessed it: Nothing! So I ask: what does happen to the mind of a person that accepts the aborting of a baby without a pang of conscience? Jessie Jackson knows, because more then most, he can now answer his own question. The senator from Illinois was right when he said, “race is an important issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now.” In truth, we really do need a real discussion on race, not just more rhetorical window dressing. We need to discuss why we’re allowing the destruction of our race and who has sold us out.

Jesse and Rev. Al- Please get Maafa21 and get educated !


Maafa21 More Africans Killed

ND Measure Would Ban ‘skull Crushing’ In Abortions

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Published: Tue, April 13, 2010 – 5:09 pm CST Last Updated: Tue, April 13, 2010 – 9:40 pm CST

Bismarck, North Dakota – A proposed ballot measure supporters say is intended to restrict abortions in North Dakota would make it a felony to decapitate or crush the skull of a fetus.

Secretary of State Al Jaeger said the proposed initiative petition was turned in to his office late Tuesday. He has until April 22 to review the measure and approve it for circulation.
North Dakota’s constitution gives residents the right to put state laws directly to a vote if they can muster enough petition signatures. Backers of the measure will need signatures from at least 12,844 voters to put the proposal on the ballot.

The proposal seeks to ban the use of “any instrument or procedure to grasp the skull or neck” of a fetus in order to decapitate it or crush its skull. Any doctor who did so could be prosecuted for a felony that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

If a skull fragment were to seriously injure the woman during an abortion, the doctor would face a life prison term without possibility of parole, the measure says.

One of the sponsors, state Rep. Dan Ruby, R-Minot, said the initiative is meant in part to prevent an abortion procedure during which the fetus is partially removed from the woman, and then its skull is compressed or crushed to help its removal. Abortion opponents call the procedure “partial-birth” abortion.

The U.S. Supreme Court in 2007 upheld a federal law banning partial-birth abortions. The chairman of the North Dakota measure, Daniel Woodard, of Minot, said his proposal also would apply if a fetus remained inside the womb during the procedure.

“I see this as an incremental way to provide protection for unborn children. It is something (voters) can understand, something they can grasp,” Woodard said. “They know what decapitation is. They know what skull crushing is.”

North Dakota’s only abortion provider, the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, was closed late Tuesday and a spokeswoman could not be reached through its answering service.
Ruby said he did not believe the measure would affect the clinic, but said it could prevent the skull-crushing procedure from being performed in the state.

“I don’t think any form of abortion is what you would call humane, but this seems to be particularly gruesome, and in many cases it is used in later-term abortions,” Ruby said. “I just want to make sure that this doesn’t happen in North Dakota.”

Ruby has sponsored a number of anti-abortion bills in the North Dakota Legislature. During the 2009 session, he sponsored a bill that sought to confer human rights on a fertilized egg. It was approved in the House, but defeated in the Senate.