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Eugenics founded Planned Parenthood targets Haiti for Black Genocide

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Life Talk Program with Mark Crutcher March 2010

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Planned Parenthood targets Haiti for Black Geno…, posted with vodpod

Florida abortionist on Haiti, “Stew in your own juices”

In the film Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America, Florida Abortion Clinic owner, Joyce Tarnow makes some stunning comments on population control. Among those statements are disturbing comments regarding Haiti, which she made to a local Florida newspaper.

In the interview below of Tarnow from Maafa21, she quotes population control author, Paul Ehrlich who co-authored books with Obama’s Science Czar, John P. Holdren. Tarnow clearly advocates Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” and says that the US should not help those nations who “cannot help themselves.”

Watch Tarnow Interview at .20 seconds into this:

In a July 15,2004 News Times article , they quote former abortionist Joyce Tarnow as saying:

America “can’t take all the people in the world,” “We need to help nations that can subsist and let others wither on the vine.”

And how about this sensitive approach to countries like Haiti, which, she says, “has denuded the whole land“? “Stew in your own juices,“.

This is the way these pro-abortion people feel about people of “color” in my view. Just like recent comments by Harry Reid, it is time African Americans and minorities wake up and see how these supposed liberal progressives view them.

Is abortion clinic owner, Joyce Tarnow’s wish coming true after the Haiti Earthquake?

In the same News Times article Joyce Tarnow reveals her true motives:

Fertility is an environmental issue,” she says. “That’s why I try to get as many people sterilized as are in my way!”

Tarnow, is the former owner of the Women’s Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: which performed approx 800 to 900 abortions per year, with many clients being low income of Haiitian. Tarnow was a proud member of the National Abortion Federation.

Tarnow works tirelessly to make sure that the ones she didn’t get through abortion are NEVER allowed into this country through immigration. She is president of the anti-immigration group: Floridians for a Sustainable Population.

She is also listed on the anti-immigration group FAIR as one of their “local contacts” . FAIR stands for the Federation for American Immigration Reform and they are run by former “Zero Population Growth” and “Planned Parenthood” members.

A group which opposes Tarnow states that, “To pursue this agenda, Ms. Tarnow founded and leads the fringe population control group called Floridians for a Sustainable Population. A close reading of the group’s Web site reveals more of their agenda: they call for limiting families to two children; cutting benefits for newborns; higher taxes on families; severe restrictions on legal immigration; and more. “

Get the film – Maafa21 and watch it in full and see how the rest of the abortion industry views minorities:


Pro-choicers accused of mail fraud

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‘Abortion Kit’ Flyer Called Mail Fraud Used Address of Pro-Life Advocacy Group
Thursday, 08 Apr 2010,

By Lilia Chacon, FOX Chicago News

Chicago – Some may call it a prank, a hoax or a sick joke. The U.S. Postal Service said a flyer for an “at-home abortion kit” will be investigated as mail fraud.

Fraudulent “abortion kit” flyer (pdf)

The flyer was mailed in the mane of a non-existent group called American Women’s Health. It offered an ‘at-home abortion kit’ for $400 and encouraged people to call or write for more information.

But the phone number and address on the flyer belong to the Pro-Life Action League, a group opposed to abortion.

“This is clearly meant as harassment to the pro-life movement,” said Ann Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League. “The mailing appears to have gone only to pro-life organizations and some churches.”

Mailings went out to more than 50 churches and right-to-life groups in a dozen states, but the post mark is local, from northwest suburban Carol Stream.

The sender appears to have used a home printer and a roll of forever liberty stamps.

The tone of the flyer is jokey and sarcastic: It claims a patented two-step process that uses chemicals and enzymes to break down a pregnancy into harmless bio-waste. A special promotion offers three kits for $1,000, for future unplanned pregnancies.

The Pro-Life Action League has contacted the FBI and U.S. Postal Inspectors.