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Chick-fil-a manager who delivered food to abortion clinic tells activists he was just doing his job

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Chickfila Abortion

Just doing my job,” this is what the Chick-fila manager at a Holcombe branch in Houston, Texas told anti-abortion activists after they videoed their truck delivering food to a local abortion clinic.

Chickfila Holcomb

The activists were standing outside Houston Women’s Clinic when the delivery was made.

Caleb Head who claims to be an abortion abolitionist posted the video describes what he said to the driver.

According to Head, they are NOT calling for a boycott of the entire Chick-fil-a franchise but a boycott of the Holcombe branch which did the delivery.

Head writes on is Facebook page which is set for public viewing, “CHICK FIL A HOLCOMBE SUPPORTS CHILD SACRIFICE!!! Call and ask for Julie the operator and lodge an official complaint!! This is so backwards, they are CATERING to the busiest abortion clinic in the southern United States!! ChickFilA Holcombe, 713-660-8200. BOMBARD them with calls. DO NOT let up until they REPENT!!!!

Chickfila Abortion facbook

On Chick-Fil-A’s Facebook page, Head wrote, “Milkshakes are not more important than babies! Please never deliver to 4820 San Jacinto, the baby butchery, again!”

Now more people are uploading audio of calls made to Chick-Fil-A in protest of the abortion delivery: