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Planned Parenthood Will Push Injectable Contraceptives on Zambian Girls and Women

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H/T Turtle Bay/ March 12, 2014 by Lisa Correnti

Despite scientific research finding women using the contraceptive Depo Provera are at higher risk to transmit HIV/AIDS and develop breast cancer, Planned Parenthood plans to widely distribute the injectable to women in Zambia.

Abortion advocates are lauding the Zambian governments decision to create, for the first time, a line item within the country’s budget for the procurement of contraceptive supplies – $9.3 million.

The successful advocacy which led to securing the funding from the Zambian government, is being attributed to the Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) from a $50,000 advocacy grant awarded to them.

The advocacy grants flow from the Advance Family Planning initiative established through the UK Family Planning Summit in July 2012, which partnered with Melinda Gates and the United Nations Population Fund. The goal of the summit was to secure commitments from pharmaceutical companies, Foundations, and governments to scale-up the delivery of modern methods of contraceptive to 120 million women and girls in low-income countries by 2020 – $4.6 billion was committed.

The Fund is part of a 5-year AFP project providing grants to reproductive rights groups – like Planned Parenthood, to target high birth rate countries to secure these governments financial investment and political commitment to assure access to contraceptives, especially long-acting methods like injectables. The same groups receiving funding for advocacy will later receive funding for the distribution of the contraceptives.

Planned Parenthood of Zambia Executive Director Edford G. Mutuma said next on the agenda was to increase the distribution of injectable contraceptives through community health workers.

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For an in depth view of why Planned Parenthood targets these nation’s watch the film Maafa21 – here

The push for world-wide population Control came from Margaret Sanger and Alan Guttmacher at Planned Parenthood and is directed by the US NSSM Memorandum ( read here)

FrankenKitty: Genetically Modified Cats Glowing Green for Science

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Mayo Clinic researchers have developed a genome-based immunization strategy to fight feline AIDS and illuminate ways to combat human HIV/AIDS and other diseases. The goal is to create cats with intrinsic immunity to the feline AIDS virus. The findings — called fascinating and landmark by one reviewer — appear in the current online issue of Nature Methods.

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FrankenKitty: Genetically Modified Cats Glowing…, posted with vodpod

In 1961 researcher Osamu Shimomura of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts noticed a molecule in this jellyfish that glowed bright green under ultraviolet light (as pictured).

After extracting the molecule from 10,000 specimens, Shimomura found the protein that creates the glow.

At some point, a light bulb went off. Some of Shimomura’s colleagues realized that the protein could be attached to other proteins–enabling scientists to mark proteins of their choice with a green glow.

Since then, Shimomura’s green fluorescent protein (GFP) has been used to decrypt previously invisible processes, like the spread of cancer or the development of nerve cells–earning Shimomura and colleagues a Nobel Prize in 2008.

Fluorescent proteins have also been used to engineer some truly strange beasts (and the odd plant), such as the glowing puppies, monkeys, mice, fish and other animals on the following pages.

In 1994 GFP was cloned. Now GFP is found in laboratories all over the world where it is used in every conceivable plant and animal. Flatworms, algae, E. coli and pigs have all been made to fluoresce with GFP. In 2008, GFP was recognized when the Nobel Committee awarded Osamu Shimomura, Marty Chalfie and Roger Tsien the Chemistry Nobel Prize “for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP.”

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Stop the Genocide: #1 Killer of Blacks is….

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Open your eyes people…the proof is in actual Planned Parenthood documents shown in this film: Maafa21

There’s another side of Black History Month

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Feb 6, 2011 | By: Cliff Biggers

In 1926, historian Carter G. Woodson introduces Black History Week to the world. With deep convictions about the plight of African-Americans and other minority groups, Woodson wanted to honor the contributions of African-Americans in America.

Being a part of the African-American community myself, I must write with great concerns, viewing another side “being black,” revealing the destruction of the African- American community in America as we celebrate Black History Month.

Recent figures of the Center for Disease Control give an alarming fact that is destroying the black community in America, which is self-destructing behavior among some black people. According to reports, “by race/ethnicity, African-Americans face the most severe burden of HIV in the United States (US). At the end of 2007, blacks accounted for almost half (46 percent) of people living with a diagnosis of HIV infection in 37 states and 5 US dependent areas with long-term confidential, name-based HIV reporting.” This is nothing to celebrate.
The report went on to say, “In 2006, blacks accounted for nearly half (45 percent) of new infections in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Even though new HIV infections among blacks overall have been roughly stable since the early 1990s, compared with members of other races and ethnicities they continue to account for a higher proportion of cases at all stages of HIV-from new infections to deaths,” according to the CDC.

Being retired from police service after a 25-plus-year career and trained to seek the facts, these facts are unacceptable to me and should be unacceptable to any decent God-fearing American. But the history does not stop there. There is a powerful documentary written and produced by Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics Inc., called “Maffa 21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America.

In the presentation, the statement is made that “since 1973, legal abortion has killed more African-Americans than AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and violent crimes combined.” The presenter goes on to say “every week, more blacks die in American abortion clinics than were killed in the entire Vietnam War. And the largest chain of abortion clinics in the United States is operated by Planned Parenthood.” The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger believed that “the weak, the poor and the blacks were little more than weeds who needed to be uprooted and/or sterilized to further the good of mankind.” This statement appeared in Sanger’s book, “The Pivot of Civilization,” published in 1922, according to a recent article published by Faith & Freedom Foundation.

Self-proclaimed black leader Jesse Jackson in 1975 called for a ban on abortion through a constitutional amendment. He stated in a Jet Magazine interview that “abortion is genocide,” then did an about face in 1984 when he ran for president and stood with the Democratic Party that supported Roe vs. Wade.

There is a total of 88 abortion clinics in the states surrounding Ohio and in Ohio. The majority of these clinics are in the poorer communities where a major portion of the population is people of color. What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say if he were alive today? Would these facts please him or cause his dream to be transformed into a nightmare. Let me say to everyone reading this column but especially to those who look like me, are we so far removed from the facts of history that we ignore the present crisis of human suffering and self-destruction? Shall we continue to go through the motion of a celebration of African-American History — which is American history — while turning our heads away from the possible inhalation of a certain group in our society? For those who know or don’t know this writer, for me it is a resounding no.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must remain as our God-given rights, but must be approached as a privilege to help each other achieve. If Black History Month is to mean anything of substance, then participants must see the value of living and every person’s right to have a life supported by opportunities for equality and not mandates for receiving equality.

It is fine to celebrate our race, (human) creed, ethnicities, colors and cultures, but it is more reasonable and productive when we celebrate human living. I am my brothers’ keeper. With the world appearing to be in an upheaval, celebrate the possibilities of becoming more by helping someone to express the value of life, and we can all receive more from life.

Biggers is the founder and director of Race Relations Research Inc. and is pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Coshocton.

African American man posts YouTube accusing Planned Parenthood as Black Genocide

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For documentation on Black Genocide check out the film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America

HIV Positive Women are Forcefully sterilized in South Africa

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And in the United States We also practiced similar eugenics policies:

Watch Maafa21 and see how African Women are the targets of Population Control ( Maafa21 Clip Below )