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Did Texas clinic perform illegal abortions ? Will they now close?

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UPDATE OCTOBER 6, 2014 : The only remaining abortion clinic in Texas west of San Antonio has closed following days of confusion over the interpretation of a federal court ruling. (more here)

A majority of abortion clinics in Texas were forced to close Friday after the U.S. Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit ruled that House Bill 2 (HB 2) can be fully implemented while a lawsuit against two of its provisions is pending in appeals court.

Oct 2014 decision

The pro-life law required clinics in the state to be ambulatory surgical centers, something the majority of Texas abortion clinics were not in compliance with.

But, one abortion clinic in El Paso failed to get the memo and may be in violation of the law.

Hilltop abortion El Paso

According to KFOX, Hilltop was the only abortion clinic left in El Paso and continued to perform the procedure two days after the court said it couldn’t.

KFOX14 reached out to the state’s Attorney General’s office to see if the abortions performed after the ruling would be considered illegal but those messages have not been returned.

A spokesperson with the Texas Department of State Health Services told KFOX14, “We’ve notified the clinic that they are not exempt from the law and they agreed to stop providing services. There was miscommunication on our part Friday that led them to believe they were exempt.


KFOX14 reports that Hilltop believed their clinic was exempt from the state law based on a previous court ruling.

Back of Building

According to the website,, the abortionist at Hilltop is, Franz C. Theard.

Would he be in trouble with the medical board if he is performing illegal abortions?

The reporter says that Hilltop did not have an exemption and must stop performing abortions but has stated that they will remain open.

In 2007, Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic was assessed an administrative penalty of $5,350.00 and 12 months probated suspension of license for numerous severe health code violations.

To be continued….

EL Paso abortion clinic will reportedly close due to pro-life legislation

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El Paso Times reports that yet another abortion clinic may close following passage of reasonable pro-life legislation.


FranzTheard703a2.jpg_256Abortionist Franz Theard, who owns El Paso’s Hilltop Women’s Reproductive Clinic, said there is no way his business can afford to make the upgrades required by House Bill 2, a pro-life law passed that requires abortion clinics to qualify as “ambulatory surgical centers” — which would require Hilltop to widen hallways, enlarge surgical suites, add locker rooms, install backup generators and make other changes, according to the Times.

“We’re not going to retrofit and spend $2 million to become a surgical center,” Theard told the paper.

The report continues, El Paso’s other clinic, Reproductive Services, was forced to stop offering abortions for several months last year.

Gerri Laster, the clinic’s executive administrator, last week said that the clinic’s doctor, Pamela Richter, had secured temporary privileges at an El Paso hospital.

Asked if her clinic could afford to make the changes required by Sept. 1, Laster said she is uncertain that the requirement will take effect then.

“We don’t know what the Fifth Court of Appeals is going to do,” she said.

She was referring to a legal challenge to House Bill 2.

Last week, Saynsumthn reported the closing of two more Texas abortion clinics. Whole Woman’s Health in Beaumont and McAllen will close after providing abortions in the areas for a decade.