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School District apologizes after sexually graphic Planned Parenthood vid is shown to students

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Image: Sarasota County School takes heat for showing graphic Planned Parenthood Vid (Image: Planned Parenthood vid)

Sarasota County School takes heat for showing graphic Planned Parenthood Vid (Image: Planned Parenthood vid)

A Sarasota County School District is taking heat from parents after a sexually graphic Planned Parenthood video was shown to teens at one of the schools. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions nationwide and has been exposed for covering up child sexual abuse in several states.

According to MySuncoast.Com, sex-ed instructor from  SPARCC, the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center broke protocol by not having the video, called ‘When Someone Doesn’t Want to Have Sex: What is Consent? vetted first at Pine View High School. The incident was allegedly reported to school administration by two teachers and at least one parent, the paper noted.

District spokeswoman Tracey Beeker, told the paper that SPARCC “did not follow the correct process for guest speakers” by allowing the counselor into the school before their scheduled time and by “showing materials that had not been approved.”

A report by WFLA states that, “The video [seen below and different from the one shown at] was produced by Planned Parenthood and included footage of several couples, including men making out with other men and women kissing other women.”

In response, Board member, Bridget Ziegler Tweeted, “What do parental rights matter in K-12 ed? This video was shown to students during an AP Literature class. No parents were notified in advance. It was only after a student complained that parents & our board became aware. Warning: Mature Content.”

Image: Sarasota County Schools board member on graphic Planned Parenthood Vid (Image: Twitter)

Sarasota County Schools board member on graphic Planned Parenthood Vid (Image: Twitter)

School board member Eric Robinson found the video uncomfortable, according to the interview he conducted with WFLA,“Its just unfortunate that they decided to use Planned Parenthood to get their message out,” said Robinson. “If parents had been notified about this, this could’ve been stopped off at the pass.”

An apology published by SPARCC on the school board’s website reads in part:

On November 7, an unsuitable video was shown to Pine View students that was not approved by the school district. After observing the video in class, a teacher notified school administration of their concern about the contents of the video, and an investigation was conducted. Previously, SPARCC had used an approved video to teach this coursework. After an initial investigation, it was discovered that a SPARCC counselor took it upon herself to show this video, knowing it had not been previously vetted, and broke curriculum protocol. In addition, school staff at Pine View did not follow the correct process for guest speakers by admitting this counselor in the school in advance of their appointment and showing materials that had not been approved.

In a statement from SPARCC, President and CEO, Jessica Hays wrote, “We sincerely apologize for the incident last Wednesday at Pine View. The staff member did not follow established protocol regarding the programming presented, and the organization has acted to ensure that this does not happen again. SPARCC has had a positive relationship with Sarasota County Schools that has spanned more than 15 years and we take the trust placed in our organization very seriously. Preventing domestic/dating violence and sexual assault is central to our mission and SPARCC aims to be a trusted resource for our community.”

Image: Sarasota County Schools apology for showing graphic Planned Parenthood Vid (Image: Twitter)

Sarasota County Schools apology for showing graphic Planned Parenthood Vid (Image: Twitter)

“We appreciate SPARCC’s shared concerns regarding this incident,” noted Dr. Stephen Covert, principal at Pine View School. “I am thankful for their swift review of the events and apology to our students, staff, school leaders and families. Until now, SPARCC has been a trusted resource for our students and school community, however, I am disappointed that the action of one resulted in an unacceptable situation for our students. I want to assure our school community that we will follow district guidelines and will take extra precautions in the future to ensure only pre-approved materials are used in the classroom.”

Until a complete review is conducted, the school district has suspended SPARCC from presenting programming in Sarasota County schools. The district has also reinforced guest speaker protocols with school leaders and staff to ensure anyone presenting to students has a pre-approved set of curricula that is reviewed and accepted by the school principal.


Pro-life group says High School violated student’s free speech rights in censorship case

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Planned Parenthood which covers for pedophiles blocked by school computer

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A high school has blocked access to Planned Parenthood’s website and now a local media outlet is crying foul despite their covering of child sexual abusers.

Student Grace Wells, who attends Lamar High School, tried to access a Planned Parenthood website from a school computer and was told it was blocked because, “The site you are attempting to visit is blocked because it belongs to the following category: Abortion.”

Planned Parenthood blocked by schools

I wondered what else was blocked,” she told the Houston Press.

    So Wells started plugging in other URLs. It seemed everything Planned Parenthood-related was blocked, including the organization’s info page explaining birth control options, everything from abstinence to pills, patches and condoms. She was denied access to, the website for the National Abortion Federation, the professional association for abortion providers in North America, the Press reported.

When the Houston Press asked HISD why Planned Parenthood and pro-choice websites were being blocked district spokeswoman Ashley Anthony told them it was, “Our district policy is in line with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA),” a law passed in 2000 meant to ensure that libraries and schools block or filter “minors’ access to materials harmful to them.

The media outlet appeared shocked that a school would deny students access to Planned Parenthood.

HISD Prochoice school Houston Press

But, why are they shocked?

They are acting as if the nation’s top seller of abortions, Planned Parenthood, is as pure as the driven snow.

Writing, “Why, exactly, HISD would interpret CIPA to block access to Planned Parenthood or other pro-choice websites is unclear. When asked for their specific policy on how and when students are allowed to access abortion-related material on the web, HISD couldn’t provide one.

At Life Dynamics, we did an undercover sting operation over 10 years ago proving that Planned Parenthood is operating a nationwide pedophile protection ring that’s still in business today.

Pedophiles love ab PP

Recently, we updated that research with documented criminal case summaries proving that Planned Parenthood continues to cover for child sexual predators.

Planned Parenthood child rape caring small

Here are a few examples we uncovered:

    According to court documents, the 44-year-old John Blanks began having sex with his daughter “Brandy” when she was 13. The abuse continued almost nightly until, at the age of 18, she revealed it to a coach at her school and the authorities were then notified. In the legal proceedings that followed, it was revealed that Brandy had become pregnant at 16 and Blanks forced her to undergo an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility in Mount Auburn. Brandy later testified that even though her father helped her complete the paperwork at the clinic, signed the consent forms for the procedure, and remained nearby during almost every step of the process, she was able to tell the clinic’s staff that he was forcing her to have sex with him. Despite that, it is evident no report was filed by the clinic since Blanks continued to rape Brandy for another year-and-a-half after the abortion. In 2007, Blanks was convicted of sexual battery and sentenced to five years in the state penitentiary.

    According to court documents, Joseph Coles, 40, began having sex with his stepdaughter when she was 10-years-old. At 12, “Celena” became pregnant and her mother took her to the Cleveland Surgi-Center abortion clinic. The abortion was botched and Celena almost died from internal hemorrhaging. Given that the assaults on Celena resumed afterward, it is clear the clinic did not file a report. Following the abortion, Coles persuaded Celena’s mother to put her on birth control; however, in 2004 Celena again became pregnant by Coles and was taken to Planned Parenthood in Shaker Heights. She refused to submit to the abortion at that time but relented three days later and was taken to the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland. As before, it is evident no report was made by either Planned Parenthood or Preterm since the assaults on Celena resumed after the second abortion. In June of the following year, police were made aware of the situation and Coles was arrested. After being convicted, he received a total of 210 years in prison and Celena’s mother was given three years for endangering children and obstructing justice.

    When Gary Wendall Cross, 39, impregnated 13-year-old “Angela” he told her that she had to have an abortion and took her to a Planned Parenthood facility. At the time, she was more than 22-weeks pregnant. Planned Parenthood referred Cross to San Francisco General Hospital for the abortion where he falsely claimed he was Angela’s father. It is clear that neither Planned Parenthood nor the hospital filed a report since Cross continued to assault Angela for another seven months. At that time, her mother found papers related to the abortion and contacted police. Cross was later found guilty of committing a lewd act on Angela and inflicting great bodily harm on her. He was given six years in prison on one charge and 15-years-to-life on the other.

    In June of 2007, 15-year-old “Briana” had been missing for over a year when police discovered that she was being held in a locked closet in the home of 41-year-old, Adam Gault. Authorities say they also found a journal Briana had kept detailing her two-year sexual relationship with Gault. In it, she revealed that she had once been impregnated by him and taken to Planned Parenthood in West Hartford for an abortion. The time lapse between when the abortion occurred and when Briana was located makes it obvious that no report was filed by Planned Parenthood. Gault was indicted for kidnapping and other charges related to the sexual assaults on Briana. He entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Additionally, two women who lived in the house were sentenced to prison terms for being accomplices.

Read more cases here.

Child Pred Logo

The general abortion industry is no better.

In fact, Life Dynamics has documented the way several clinics, an abortion doctor and his staff, as well as the National Abortion Federation helped cover the rape of a 12-year-old child who was returned to her abuser following her abortion.

Read that account here.

In addition to Life Dynamics‘ research, the pro-life group, Live Action has uncovered how Planned Parenthood is giving under age minors deviant sexual advice.

According to Life Dynamics president Mark Crutcher, “What we know is that Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a collection of moral degenerates and sexual deviants. There are only two things we don’t know. First, when is the US government going to stop giving these people $2 million dollars a day of our money? And, second, how much longer are the American people going to allow their children to be turned over to these perverts? Enough is enough.”

Let’s hope more schools block access to Planned Parenthood, just don’t hold your breath that the Houston Press or any other media outlet will report the truth about how they cover for pedophiles.

But you can help spread the truth by sharing the website with everyone you know.

Students supporting abortion hold offensive signs mocking Jesus and praising Satan

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This school semester, groups of Abolitionist Societies participating in their Project Front Lines campaign are confronting High Schools students to educate them on the reality of abortion.

During their campaign in 2014, parents contacted the news media saying that they were upset that the group, Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) was holding the graphic abortion signs outside Norman High School, in Norman, Ok.

Some parents went to the school and held up sheets to block the abortion images and then accused members of AHA of being, “pretty Westboro Baptist like.”

2014 parents angry AHA abortion

This year, it appears the students were ready for AHA’s campaign.

A group of pictures posted on Facebook today by T Russell Hunter, who took part in this year’s campaign, showed pro-abortion students holding some shocking signs.

I contacted Hunter and asked his permission to post them on my blog.


The image above shows a home school abortion opponent speaking with an abortion supporter holding a sign that reads: SATAN!

As a person who has been in the pro-life movement for many years, I am often rarely shocked.

But, seeing the signs these students held outside Norman High School were beyond shocking – they were vile and offensive, especially this one mocking Jesus:


Hunter and I dialogued online about the sickening messages these students wrote on their signs and tragically, Hunter correctly summarized it as, “the state of our culture put on display.”


According to a post on the Abolish Human Abortion Facebook Page:

    These students came out to tell us that we were wrong to stand up for pre-born human beings outside of their school. We didn’t hold any signs depicting victims of abortion today (we just held pictures of ultrasounds, prenatal photographs, etc, and passed out pamphlets), but they told us that our pictures of pre-born human beings were pornographic and not welcome at their school where innocent children might see them.

Sadly, AHA Supporters who were at the school said that some of the teachers actually stood with these students.


If the parents in 2014 were shocked enough to speak out about the message that AHA displayed, I hope they speak out about this as well, but, somehow I doubt they will.

Tragically this is the result of a culture that allows the exaltation of sexual promiscuity and the ultimate devaluing of life.

I am beyond disgusted !

Angry pro-choice man destroys pro-life signs portraying abortion victim

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An angry homeowner attacked the pro-life group Created Equal while they displayed abortion victim images outside a Columbus area High School in Ohio.



Created Equal prochoice attack

The attack occurred February 4, 2015 while members of Created Equal were standing on a public sidewalk outside Beechcroft High School.

The man came out of his home, which was in the vicinity of the High School, and ordered the pro-lifers to take the signs down, “You want to create a spectacle don’t do it in front of my house,” he yelled.

Get the [expletive] stuff out of here,” he then stated.

Created Equal prochoice attack 2

He approached the group in a threatening way and then pulled a pro-life sign down himself telling them, “Take them down there if you want to, don’t put them in front of my house.”

He was repeatedly told by members of the group that they had the right to protest because they were on public property.

To which the man replied, “Get them off or I’ll take them.

The angry man then wrenched them out of the hands of Jami Beer, Created Equal’s Director of Campus Outreach.

Created Equal prochoice attack 3 takes signs

Created Equal prochoice attack 4 takes signs

Created Equal prochoice attack 5 takes signs

As Jami beged the man to please not take her signs, he continued to walk to his car and telling her, “Get out of here or I’m going to break them.”

And…then he does just that:

Created Equal prochoice attack breaking signs

Created Equal prochoice attack breaking signs 2

Created Equal prochoice attack breaking signs 3

Seeing they could not stop the angry man, Jami asked him to not throw the signs he was breaking into traffic because he might cause an accident.

Then, as if he didn’t care about anyone or anything, he took half of one of the signs he broke and threw it into the road and kicked the remaining signs into the street as well.

Created Equal prochoice attack traffick

Created Equal prochoice attack traffick2

Created Equal prochoice attack traffick3

Police eventually arrived and the pro-life group was told that they would have to press charges in order to require the man to pay for the signs.

A police report was filed, and Created Equal is pressing charges.


Mark Harrington, Executive Director, Created Equal, responded to the attack, “In a culture killing its children, unfortunately sometimes abortion advocates act violently against those who defend the children. Nevertheless, we refuse to be intimidated into silence.”

Watch video – be warned it has graphic language!

Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts about this attack below.

Teen on Anti-abortion Father: My Dad Has Inspired Me !

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Those who associate with the anti-abortion group, Abolish Human Abortion (AHA ) refuse to call themselves pro-life.

In fact, there are major differences between the two groups and even some hostility.

It would be too much to go into detail here, but, a close glance at the social media pages of AHA shows you that the group likes to criticize what they call the “Pro-life Movement.”

Dont call AHA Prolife

Because of this – there is much fighting between the so-called abortion abolitionists and many rank-in-file pro-lifers.

In fact, I have been one of those who has opposed AHA, generally.

Having said that, I also observe that some of what they do – I can get behind and agree with.

But, no matter what your views are on what Abolish Human Abortion members do or believe, I have come across a story involving a member of AHA which I feel is very touching.

It is from the daughter of one of the more well known Abolitionists members from Texas – Todd Bullis.


Todd is quite the character and, in full discloser, I happen to know Todd personally. He and I have gone our rounds on the Abolitionist vs. Pro-life strategy to ending abortion, believe me. We have had many heated conversations regarding statements and actions by AHA over the last year or so.

Recently, Todd has been engaged Abolish Human Abortion’s Project Frontlines which encourages their members to take images of abortion victims in front of high schools.


The strategy of using abortion victim images in public and in front of schools was not invented by AHA, pro-lifers have been doing this for many years. In fact, pro-life groups such as Justice for All, Created Equal and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and others have also used graphic imagery in front of schools for a long time.

The tactic is not without criticism though. There are some within the pro-life camp who believe that one should never use a graphic aborted baby image on a poster in public. Others would limit the use of those images to the public square but would exclude showing them to women seeking abortions. The majority of the pro-life movement seems to approve of the use of these images.

Apparently, so does AHA.

In fact, this blogger has pointed out that AHA’s creation of their graphic posters is directly linked to the pro-life movement who were the ones who risked it all to document the horrors of abortion in the first place.

But, I digress, back to Todd…

Todd Bullis school.

As I stated, Todd has implemented Project Frontlines and has recently positioned himself squarely in front of a High School in his local community of Little Elm, Texas. For this, Todd has been highly criticized. All alone, he stood exposing students to the horrors of legalized abortion in America. This blogger has written about the attacks he received from parents within the community here.

What many people do not know, is that because of Todd’s convictions and willingness to take criticism- the Mayor of Little Elm, spoke up on his behalf telling members of Todd’s church that, “Holding a sign on a corner is not extreme, even though it may be offensive to some. Holding a sign on a corner means you’re standing up for something. And, I will tell you the one thing I got out of this….finally, a man stood up for something in this country- we’re missing that. I have no greater admiration than anyone who stands up against evil. I also admire the strength that it takes to exercise the delivery of that message.”

You can read the full story on this blog here.

Next, Todd has set his sights on Frisco – a High School school which his own daughter attends. In response, the school has sent out a warning to parents in the community:

Ranger Nation

When I discovered that Todd was going to protest in front of his own daughter’s high school, I had to ask him- What does she think?

In reply, Todd sent me a poem which his daughter wrote, to respond to what people say about her father.

It was so heartwarming that I am publishing it here with their permission.

My father gets verbally & physically attacked for what he believes in.
Sounds absurd right?
You may be thinking “Hey that’s crazy” but what I am going to tell you now will make half of you change your mind.
My dad stands up against abortion.
Yep, that’s right.
The guy you see out there with the gruesome signs.
Now, it is a harsh subject, but I’m not here to talk about that.
I am here to state my views from the back.
Seeing your father being threatened and hurt, and people bringing down his self-worth.
All because, why?
because he decided to stand up for his perception of right.
Sure it’s been a tough run, being the daughter of the “crazy one”
but he is not an alien because he knows what he wants to be done.
People will treat him like a dog, maybe even less than one.
What he is doing may not agree with your views
but try to not only see it from the news.
Take it from an influential teen yeah, my dad’s a bit crazy but he has inspired me.
I learned to stand up for what I want, and for what I believe in,
and yeah, people will call you a treason
but take a step or two back and see.
What this world might become to be
when people decide it’s time to speak their minds
instead of keeping it all on the inside

Taylor Bullis daughter of Todd Bullis.

Todd Bullis and his daughter speaking for the unborn in the public square

Todd Bullis and his daughter speaking for the unborn in the public square

Whatever your thoughts are of Todd Bullis or AHA or perhaps anyone who opposes abortion generally, you have to wonder what a parent is doing right that a teenaged girl and the Mayor of a city will both admire his stand.

For all the criticism Todd has endured, Todd has perhaps received the highest form of praise by his own flesh and blood, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, “Take it from an influential teen yeah, my dad’s a bit crazy but he has inspired me. I learned to stand up for what I want, and for what I believe in.”

What more could a parent ask for?

Chicago Police: Abortion Victim Images Too Graphic for High School Kids to See

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UPDATE: The Chicago Police refused to allow protesters to stand on the sidewalk in front of the school. According to organizers who left a comment on this blog, “they didn’t bring any law, but their precinct supervisor did cite all new, non-existant laws…

A police supervisor called the group a “safety hazard.”

The police supervisor continued to repeat that there was a state law saying that the sidewalk is part of school property but would not cite the statute where that law is written.

Protesters eventually moved 15 ft away from the intersection as an alternative solution.

Anti-abortion protesters brought images of abortion victims outside Carl Schurz High School in Chicago.

Police attempted to have the protesters removed telling them initially that the sidewalk was not part of public property and was part of the school. When protesters from the Project Frontlines and the Abolitionist Society of Chicago asked for clarification, they then told the anti-abortionists that they could not obstruct the school kids from exiting the school, which the protesters assured them they were not doing.

Chicago School Police

As an officer stood in front of one of the protesters in what appeared to be an attempt to shield high schoolers from seeing the abortion images, he told the protesters that the images were too graphic for high school kids to see.

In the end, the officer told the protesters that there is a rule that you cannot distribute certain pamphlets near a school. The officer said he would get the paperwork to the protesters the next day.