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Pro-lifers pay loving tribute to Brother Paul O’Donnell R.I.P.

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The pro-life movement said goodbye to Brother Paul O’Donnell, who was laid to rest today.

Paul ODonnell PLAM744873752181496_o

Br. Paul O’Donnell, died February 20, 2015 at the age of 55,

His obituary reads:

    Br. Paul was a dedicated, nationally recognized leader within the right-to-life movement, advocating for the human rights and dignity of the unborn, handicapped, elderly, and a heart for serving the spiritually and bodily poor. He was a co-founder and president of Pro-Life Action Ministries, founding board member of Human Life Alliance and chairman of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network.

Paul ODonnell 5065320381834893_n

Br. Paul O’Donnell had a heart for unborn children but also for those targeted for infanticide and euthanasia.

Bobby Schindler Br Paul ODonnell

One of his last posts to his Facebook page reads, “All Pro-Life organizations need to fight Euthanasia with the same zeal as we fight to save the pre-born child in the womb! Let us promote the whole Gospel of Life and not just some of it.”

Paul Odonnell Euthenasia

Before leaving this world, Br Paul tweeted this prophetic statement, “Lent begins today.May we return to the Lord with our whole heart, mind & soul. Let us proclaim & defend the Gospel of Life! Lord Have Mercy!”

Br Paul Odonnell Tweet

And retweeted this, “If You Want to Stand Against Racism, Stand Against Planned Parenthood.”

Paul ODOnnell RT 2

Paul ODOnnell RT

When pro-life activist Lynn Mills posted this vintage news clipping of Br. Paul counseling a woman outside Planned Parenthood last year- he replied, “I am so grateful to God for all the little ones saved from death’s door.”

Paul ODOnnell counsels outside PP

You later see Lynn revisit the page after he died, writing a simple, “Good-bye good friend

Paul ODonnell Lynn Mills


Paul ODOnnell Funeral 178863395102904469_n

This loving message was left on Br. Paul’s obit page, and sums up his life well, “Tears may fall here, but there is rejoicing in Heaven. Courage and kindness in the same package. He touched many lives that will remain un-noted until the day of Judgement.”


Tributes are also pouring in on social media to this loving advocate for life:

Paul Odonnell Funeral

Brian Gibson Paul Odonnell

NRTL Paul ODOnnell

Pat Mahoney Paul Odonnell

Tribute Gerad Paul ODonnell


Paul ODonnell for life











Largest abortion lobbying group NARAL calls Wendy Davis their hero

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The largest abortion lobbying group NARAL calls Wendy Davis their hero:

Wendy Davis with NARAL abortion groupNARAL Prez with Wendy Davis!

President Ilyse Hogue said that going down to Texas to stand with Wendy Davis after her pro-abortion filibuster to legalize late term abortions was like leading a “moment of resistance”

Abortion doc who killed woman and called hero by pro-choicers will not be disciplined

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Carhart leroycarhartORThe Maryland Board of Physicians has decided not to take action against late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart for the death of Jennifer Morbelli, a 29-year old woman who suffered fatal complications from a very late 33-week abortion.

“We are horrified at the decision of the Maryland Board of Physicians to let Carhart get away scot-free with Morbelli’s death,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “The Board has failed in their duty to protect women from Carhart’s dangerous abortion practices that have take the lives of two women, including that of Christin Gilbert in 2005. All the Board has done is ensure that Carhart will kill again.”

Jennifer McKenna Morbelli


Carhart has been hailed a hero by the abortion lobby and pro-choice community.

leroy-carhart-is-a-hero-pro-choice-abortioncarhart 2 069 (Small)Prochoicers singing Carhart’s praise !


A complaint was filed by Operation Rescue after it received detailed information about the patient death on February 7, 2013. That complaint prompted the Board’s 8-month review. The Board notified Carhart of their decision to close the case without action in a letter dated October 10, 2013, according to the Washington Post.

According to an autopsy report, Morbelli died from Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation “due to or as a consequence of Amniotic Fluid Embolism following Medical Termination of Pregnancy,” making it clear that the abortion was the event that led to her death. But it was Carhart’s elusive behavior after the abortion that was most troublesome.

Carhart no where Jennifer Morbelli

After Morbelli’s abortion, while still appearing “weak and pale” according to witnesses, Carhart released her to return to her hotel. He then left town. As Morbelli’s condition worsened, in the ensuing hours, Carhart could not be reached by family members or later by hospital emergency room staff. Operation Rescue alleged in their complaint that Carhart’s conduct amounted to patient abandonment, which delayed emergency care that may have saved her life.

Live Action Carhert never patient hospital
In a March 2013 undercover sting, Leroy Carhart told an undercover operative from Live Action that, “I’ve never had to send anybody to the hospital with my patients.”
and that having an abortion was , “Its like meat in the crockpot”

In his first direct comments since Jennifer’s death, Carhart said , “I totally believe that we did everything as correctly as possible. It’s a horrendous thing for the family, and it’s hard for me. I think about it every day.”



Jennifer Morbelli, was a 29 year old kindergarten teacher from New Rochelle, New York and a patient of LeRoy Carhart’s at the same medical abortion clinic.

Jennifer Morbelli Funeral

Ms. Morbelli was 8 months pregnant when she sought a 3rd trimester late-term abortion from Leroy Carhart on February 3, 2013 at Germantown Reproductive Health Services located in Germantown, Maryland. There were serious complications from this procedure, and Ms. Morbelli succumbed to her injuries just 4 days later.

Christin Gilbert

In January 2005, Christin Gilbert was killed from an abortion performed by Leroy Carhart in Wichita, Kansas. Ms. Gilbert, who had Down syndrome, was only 19 years old and her pregnancy had been the result of a sexual assault. She was 28 weeks pregnant when her parents sought a 3rd trimester abortion on her behalf from Carhart. See (

Carhart leroycarhartOR

In both cases, Leroy Carhart could not be located to treat either patient when they went into distress from severe complications after their abortion procedures.

In July of 2013 – an ambulance was again called to Carhart’s abortion clinic.

The woman had been in contact with pro-life activists prior to her abortion, but continued on with the 2-day procedure. During her second day of the procedure, her husband slept in the care with their three young children while she was inside the abortion clinic.

Video of the incident taken by a local pro-life activist shows that Carhart got into the ambulance and went with the patient to the hospital even though he has no hospital privileges anywhere, and hasn’t since 1987.

The woman appeared to be conscious enough to pull a sheet over her head as she was wheeled to an awaiting ambulance. The extent of her injuries are unknown at this time.

In August of 2009, Four former employees of late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart have come forward to tell of unsafe and illegal practices at LeRoy Carhart’s Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion clinic.

Members of Operation Rescue and Rescue the Heartland were contacted directly by three of the women. A fourth woman is working directly with a pro-life attorney to tell her knowledge of illegal and unsafe conditions at Carhart’s clinic.

The women have made allegations that unlicensed staff illegally performed medical duties that they were not trained for or legally qualified to do, such as starting IVs, dispensing medication, and even assisting with surgeries. There were also allegations of general unclean conditions, including dried blood on surgical instruments. In addition, the women told of missing narcotics, illicit drug use by employees, and illegal post-viability abortions.

The women worked for Carhart at various times, yet they all made similar, if not identical allegations when interviewed.

One former employee told of incidents where Carhart falsified the gestational age of viable babies in order to circumvent the law. This account matches information uncovered by Operation Rescue during an undercover investigation at the now-closed Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas, where Carhart once worked. The worker caught falsifying gestational ages in Kansas now works for Carhart at his Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion clinic. (Read full report.)

The women also chose to contact the Omaha World-Herald to blow the whistle on Carhart. An article detailing their allegations ran this morning. (Read the news story.)

The women have given sworn statements about illegal and unsafe activity at Carhart’s abortion clinic, which will be turned over to the Attorney General’s office and the Nebraska Department of Health, which is investigating Carhart. The women have agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

The left makes Hero out of #abortion protester removed from Texas Capitol

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Sarah Slamen


Texas senators abortion bill Sb1 Troopers remove woman speaking


The pro-choicer was rude and disrespectful and she brags that she is moving to New York where they do not kill inmates because they are “Pro-life” – she then attacks individual representatives:

Senator Campbell, you’re an Ophthalmologist, so I won’t be making you an expert on reproductive health, we can give you all the children with chlamydia and herpes in their eyes since we don’t have sex-ed in the state. And Senator Hegar, you are about as helpful…,” she was then interrupted by the Committee, “this is my government ma’am, I will judge you,” asking if the discussion with the committee is counting against her time. “Okay, well I will just go ahead and talk over her [ Senate Committee member], and this is how big of a fraud I knew you were for being so proud of these proceedings all night…I will speak against an Ophthalmologist who said…” she is then removed by security and keeps talking, “Everyone on the internet can see what you are doing right now, this is a farce, the Texas legislature is a bunch of liars who hate women…”

An American Hero’s gracious and forgiving father

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An American Hero’s gracious and forgiving father , posted with vodpod


A 26-year-old Marine Corps reservist from Arlington was killed in action by friendly fire in Afghanistan during a drone airstrike, U.S. military officials tell NBC News.

A Defense Department statement issued Thursday said Staff Sgt. Jeremy D. Smith, of Arlington, and Navy Corpsman Benjamin Rast, died Wednesday in combat in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan.

On Monday, NBC learned the soldiers were killed by a Hellfire missile fired from a Predator drone.

Smith and Rast were part of a Marine unit moving in to reinforce fellow Marines under heavy fire from enemy forces outside Sangin, NBC News reported.

The Marines under fire were watching streaming video of the battlefield being fed to them by an armed Predator overhead. They saw a number of “hot spots,” or infrared images, moving in their direction. Apparently believing that those “hot spots” were the enemy, they called in a Hellfire missile strike from the Predator.

It’s believed that this is the first time that U.S. service members have been killed by a Predator in a friendly fire incident, NBC News reported.

In Arlington, Smith’s father said he forgives whoever made the tragic mistake.

“There’s some kid working a joystick that pulled that trigger, and he’s going to have to live with that the rest of his life,” Jerry Smith said. “I, for one, if I had him standing here, I’d hug him. I’d tell him, ‘Man, that stuff happens.’ And I’m proud of him, because I promise you, he didn’t go over there to kill my son. He went over there to save my son. And if he made a mistake, he made a mistake.”

Smith served three tours of duty in Iraq before returning to North Texas to attend college. He continued in the reserves and arrived in Afghanistan about a month ago.

Smith’s father said he’s curious to learn more about the circumstances but said they won’t change the tragic result.

“As far as I’m concerned, Jeremy died serving his country, and he was doing exactly what he wanted to do,” Jerry Smith said. “He wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Jeremy Smith was assigned to 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Marine Forces Reserve based in Houston.

His funeral is will be held Friday at DFW National Cemetery.

Dog Saves Family From Toxic Fumes (VIDEO)

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Dog Saves Family From Toxic Fumes (VIDEO), posted with vodpod

“Good Samaritan’s” takes a bullet to save pregnant women from robbers

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“Good Samaritan’s” takes a bullet to save pregn…, posted with vodpod

BATON ROUGE, (WAFB) – The 23-year-old Baton Rouge man hailed as hero after saving a pregnant woman from an armed robbery is expected to make a full recovery.

Charlie Cangelosi is the son of David Cangelosi, the owner of one of the city’s best-known construction firms named Cangelosi and Ward.

David and Carolyn Cangelosi said the past two days have been an absolute nightmare. They have not left their son’s side and they remain optimistic.

“We’re so proud of him,” said Carolyn Cangelosi. “So happy he’s alive and everything is going to be fine and we’re just so proud that he’s our son.”

She said it’s hard to think back to early Sunday morning just after midnight. That’s when her son he was shot in the chest after helping save a pregnant 20-year-old woman during an armed robbery. It happened on Earl Gros, just outside Stadium Square Apartments near Tigerland.

“Not surprised. I would be surprised if he had not helped her. If he had walked away and stayed healthy, he would never have been happy for the rest his life. This is what he was supposed to do and he did it,” she explained.

The Cangelosis stated Charlie’s room has been flooded with visitors, all hoping to catch a glimpse of a person being hailed as a hero.

“As far as responding to being a hero or a ‘Good Samaritan,’ he just shakes his head, no. I think he’s feeling that’s not what this was all about,” his mother added.

For almost two days now, his parents say he’s in a medically-induced coma, but did wake up on his own on Sunday, which is a good sign. He had another surgery Monday and faces yet another surgery Thursday.

“We’re in the middle of the woods. We’re not out of the woods, so we still have a long ways to go, but he’s doing great,” she said.

Carolyn and David Cangelosi said they are praying for Charlie’s shooter and have found it in their heart to forgive him and give them help.

The suspect remains on the run.

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Armed robber shoots man who tried to help woman…, posted with vodpod