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Wendy Davis gives $100 to Planned Parenthood hours after vid shows they chop up babies for parts

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Cecile Richards Wendy Davis

A day after a video exposing Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted baby body parts goes viral, Wendy Davis nicknamed Abortion Barbie donates $100.00 to them.

Wendy Davis gives to PP for CR BDAY 2015

The money was in honor of Planned Parenthood prez Cecile Richards who spoke highly of the top abortion doctor featured in the grisly under cover video:


The abortion lobby endorsed Wendy Davis in her failed bid for Governor of Texas:

NARAL TX Endorses Wendy Davis

The national abortion lobby NARAL group supported Wendy Davis and contributed thousands to her campaign:

NARAL Contribution to Wendy Davis 2



In addition to NARAL – Wendy Davis is financially supported by abortion clinic chain Planned Parenthood ( See here)

Planned Parenthood contrabutions to Wendy Davis 1Planned Parenthood contrabutions to Wendy Davis 2Planned Parenthood contrabutions to Wendy Davis 3Planned Parenthood contrabutions to Wendy Davis 4Planned Parenthood contrabutions to Wendy Davis 5Planned Parenthood contrabutions to Wendy Davis 6

(Note: The images above were cut and pasted to show mainly donations made by Planned Parenthood to Wendy Davis)

In 2013 – Planned Parenthood employees also contributed heavily – see here.

And Planned Parenthood Physicians Melissa Benavides of the Christus Santa Rosa Planned Parenthood , Jill Meadows of Planned Parenthood Of The Heartland, and Junda Woo Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas also contributed to Wendy Davis.

Cecile Richards Wendy Davis

In addition, Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards gave Wendy Davis $1000.00 in political contributions:

Cecile Richards Wendy Davis contribution 2
Abortion Clinics Also Support Wendy Davis:

Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic chain CEO Amy Hagstrom:



WWH Hagstrom Wendy Davis contributions 2013


Routh Street Abortion Clinic owner and employee:



Routh Street 2013 Wendy Davis abortion

How true it was that Wendy Davis was wrong for children and wrong for Texas:

Wendy Davis Bad for Children 12988_283569295_n