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Remembering pro-life martyr James Pouillon gunned down and murdered September 11th by pro-choice activist

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“He always told me that he hoped that when he died that it was out on the corner doing work that God has called him to do. And that’s exactly what happened,” Mary Jo Pouillon said.

jim.pouillon.courtesyMurdered pro-lifer James Pouillon

September 11, is the anniversary of the brutal slaying of pro-life activist, James Pouillon who was gunned down by the violent pro-choice man, Harlan Drake in 2009.


Pouillon’s daughter: Father would have loved how far his death reached


MaryJo Pouillon

After the murder of anti-abortion activist Jim Pouillon, Mary Jo Pouillon of Owosso said that she still misses her father everyday. A feeling the young woman can temper knowing her father’s cause has reached more people through his death than in life.

“He always told me that he hoped that when he died that it was out on the corner doing work that God has called him to do. And that’s exactly what happened,” Mary Jo Pouillon said. “And so many more people heard about his story and his activism and his cause because of his death. And he would have loved that.”

Tragedy struck on the morning of Sept. 11, 2009, when Jim Pouillon was gunned down by a man in a white Ford pickup truck as he protested across the street from Owosso High School with a graphic anti-abortion sign.

Pouillon CNN

Later identified as Harlan Drake of Owosso, the killer then went to Fuoss Gravel Pit in Owosso Township, and shot and killed owner Mike Fuoss. After traveling back to his home on Shiawassee Street, Drake was arrested by police, confessed to the two killings and was eventually jailed on murder charges.

A family memorial service with a cremation for Pouillon followed, and family and friends packed Nelson-House Funeral Home to attend Fuoss’s funeral.

Following her father’s death, Mary Jo Pouillon said she received hundreds of cards mailed from all over the United States and the world. Pro-life activists also have held demonstrations in Jim Pouillon’s honor, she added.

Mary Jo Pouillon paid tribute to her father on the national pro-life talk show, Life Talk:


The tragedy of Jim’s murder is that it could have been avoided if the police had taken threats against pro-lifers seriously.

During the trial, former Owosso city councilman Michael Cline testified that he received several calls from, Drake’s mother, Kim Staples in the days leading up to the shootings, asking if he could do anything about Pouillon’s graphic signs.


He described her tone as “evil” and “nasty.”

“The conversation started the exact same way every morning, ‘He’s still there,’” he said.

She told him she would “send her boys over to go see Jim.”

“I didn’t think that anything like that would ever happen,” Cline said. ( And that is the “mistake” that authorities make, they fail to take threats against pro-life people seriously)

Pro-life Activist Killed

The killer, Harlan Drake told police that the night before the shootings he intended to kill Pouillon if he saw him at the school the next day holding his pro-life sign.“I just drove and stopped, and I shot (Jim Pouillon),” Drake said during an interview recorded by police the day of the shootings. “He was still moving so I shot him one more time. I aimed under the ribcage going up toward the heart.”

“I figured if he was there, I’d make sure he wasn’t there (again)…

Convicted murderer Pro-choice activist Harlan drake

The first person on the scene,testified , that “Jim tried to protect himself with his sign as he was shot a number of times all over his chest, she saw the shooter rest his arm on the window to steady his right hand as he fired multiple shots at Pouillon

Typical of the media- they tried to discount the fact that James Pouillon was murdered because of the killer’s beliefs on abortion. Harlan Drake was pro-abortion and pro-choice plain and simple despite the media’s downplaying it !

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TODAY- Jim’s name isn’t even mentioned in the news media- he has been forgotten by those who support abortion- but not by me ! The violence against the unborn continues every day, and the violence against pro-lifers who try to protect the innocent children also continues.

This is what shows up when you put James Pouillon’s name in Google News:

James Pouillon Google news 2013

This is what shows up when you put Late Term abortionist George Tiller’s name in google news – he was shot and killed as well, but he was an abortionist after all:

George Tiller Google News 2013George Tiller Google News 2013 2

Jim you are not forgotten by me or the pro-life community, thank you for your Stand for Life !!!