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Pray for child killing, pro-abortion group seeks church support

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This weekend, the radically pro-abortion organization: Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, is hosting a , “Weekend of Prayerful Affirmation and Action for the Safety of Clinic Workers.”

RCRC is asking pro-abortion people to, “Join with congregations and [ alleged] communities of faith throughout the nation in spiritually or prayerfully affirming the work of doctors, nurses, administrators, counselors, and all other abortion clinic workers.”

Claiming that abortionists who murder babies , ” willingly put themselves in danger of harassment or violence so that women have access to abortion and other reproductive services. “

RCRC sites the recent murder of late-term abortion doctor, George Tiller as an example, telling their followers to, ” let America know that people of faith stand together in spiritual, prayerful support of clinic workers. “

They list a number of ways you can “Show your support” for baby killing:

1) Include a prayer in your worship service on behalf of clinic workers.
2) Invite a staff member of a local clinic to your service to receive a blessing or say a few words about his/her work.
3) Give a sermon about the work of clinic staff and the danger to staff and patients of the ongoing violence and harassment from extremist groups at clinics.
4) Gather signatures on a petition to support universal access to reproductive health services.
5) Write and send thank you notes or prayer cards to the staff of a local clinic.

Perhaps they could add this to their list:
1). Pray for an end to PRO-CHOICE VIOLENCE both in the womb and out !

Pro-choicers target, threaten, and harass pro-life people daily. Just this year a pro-choice activist murdered a pro-lifer in cold blood. James Pouillon was standing on a public sidewalk carrying a sign which simply said, “LIFE”.

Life Sign

To jog their memory on this- they can read my blog: Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence

2). Perhaps they could ask for prayer for the many pro-choice women who enter these abortion clinics thinking their procedure will be “Safe” and leave injured, raped, or even killed.

Just Read my Blog: Blood, Ambulances, and Planned Parenthood how safe is abortion?

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3). And one more prayer point- How about saying a prayer for the “Safety and Protection” of these people?






4). But, may I remind them that there already is a “Religious Group” praying for “Clinic Workers”

It is called: 40 Days for Life – I think I will choose to join them !

5). Finally- Why don’t they “pray” for an end of BLACK GENOCIDE by abortion?

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