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When it comes to Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish crimes, are we all guilty?

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written by Carole Novielli.

I am sitting at my desk, taking a moment of reflection over the past week, what I have witnessed, listened to and read.

I am disturbed – even haunted and somehow – I am not surprised.

The news of Planned Parenthood’s grisly baby parts operation has been a daily source of news, social media posts, blogs, and videos. I have been caught up in it all…and now…I reflect.


I think about what is happening in this nation. Of 42 years of legalized abortion on demand.

As I ponder what has taken place this last week, I am not shocked that babies are being chopped up and sold for parts as if an old car in a junkyard. Sadly I write this sentence.

I am not shocked because, every day, over 3000 beautifully formed, innocent babies are snuffed out in their mother’s wombs by abortion.

What shocks me more than hearing what groups like Planned Parenthood are doing with their remains, is the lack of concern for these tiny humans on a daily basis. Yes, this shocks me.

I have witnessed the gruesomeness of abortion up close. I am one of the few who has held their broken bodies, their dismembered and bloodied corpses barely cold from being tossed in a dumpster outside an abortion clinic.

I wrote about that day in detail here, it is forever entrenched in my mind. The smells, the images, the tears.

But, I am also a student of history, and we have repeated this tragically many times over.

Think back to WW11 and the Nazi experiments on the Jews. Think to today and the way that ISIS callously slaughters women and children and Christians by the hundreds.

What has happened to America?

Why do we refuse to speak out about such atrocities until we are consumed with the dead corpses around us?

I am disturbed. I am emotional. I hold back tears for what I see going on.

Is the harvesting of aborted baby body parts so horrific that we are now awakened to the pain and suffering of these tiny babies?


Are we not moved to tears by the mere ripping apart of their innocent arms, legs, and yes lungs and kidneys on a daily basis in an early suction abortion?

Can we not envision the horror of the abortionist’s knife grasping the limbs, torso, and head of the second trimester unborn child in a D+E abortion?

We have to ask the tough questions.

Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King once said:

    “The time comes when silence is betrayal- that time has come for us….men do not easily assume the task of opposing the government’s policy….Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often the vocation of agony, but, we must speak….

I ask you this: Who is more evil?

The abortionist who figured out a way to profit off every aspect of the bloody procedure or those of us on the sidelines who scold him/her for his business savvy but not for his murderous actions?

Let me clarify, I wholeheartedly condemn Planned Parenthood for their Mengele-like conduct, but I also refute them for the taking of that same human life just seconds earlier.

Have we become so accustomed to abortion that the real crime of it, the taking of a valuable human life, created in the image of God, is not the overall cause of our outrage?

In 1889 Gilbert Haven said it best when he described the reaction to slavery of his day.

In his National Sermons, Speeches, and Letters on Slavery and its war, Haven said:

    We are so familiar with the word Slavery, that its real scope and character do not smite the eye with true horror. If this nation stood today, perfectly free from this iniquity, and could behold it approaching its shores, and demanding the sovereignty, we should rise up as one man against the hellish foe. …How horrible it’s sin, how horrible will be its punishment !”

In 1852, former Negro slave, Frederick Douglas described what should be our reaction to the abortion trade:

    “At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. Oh! had I the ability, and could I reach the nation’s ear, I would today pour out a fiery stream of biting ridicule, blasting reproach, withering sarcasm, and stern rebuke. For it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. The feeling of the nation must be quickened; the conscience of the nation must be roused; the propriety of the nation must be startled; the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; and its crimes against God and man must be denounced.”

I recently wrote a blog where I researched the Church’s reaction to Hitler as depicted in the newspapers.

Although it is by no means a comprehensive study, in the articles I found you read headlines noting the following:

    “anti-Jewish atrocities have been exaggerated.”

    Hitler’s election brought about largely thru support of evangelical churchmen

    Churches express readiness to corporate with Hitler’s government but demand right to preach

    Hitler controls German Churches

    Song of Nazi School Children “we need no Christian virtue”

German theologian Eberhard Bethege once stated, “There comes a point when you can only say yes or no and in this case: NO !

That time has come for America!

But sadly, just as in Germany, people will rarely speak out.

Renate Bethge daughter of an executed Christian resister to Hitler’s Nazi regime and niece of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, once stated:

    “When people know enough to know to learn more it will require some risk…then it is surprising how little people want to learn.”

Risk? Yes.

It is easy to be outraged today, when gruesome descriptions of sci-fi like body parts are strewn across the television screens.

But, where are those same people when a pregnant woman needs a home or a pro-life grandmother is accosted after standing alone in front of Planned Parenthood crying out for the babies they murder?

Sadly, when it comes to Planned Parenthood, I feel that history is once again revealing the state of America.

That can be seen in the words of Holocaust survivor Eva Kor whose most painful memories were placed into a story about her published in 2013:

    Hitler was a terrorist who rose to power because good people said nothing, she said.

    The key word here is terrorist. Terrorists have no respect for human life,” she said. “In Germany, not all Germans were Nazis. There were many good Germans — but nobody spoke up.”

I’d like to end by asking each one of us to examine our hearts.

Are we all guilty?

From the title of another blog I penned not to long ago, “Abortion just like the Nazi Holocaust is the “Sin of the Innocent Bystander.”

There are really no “innocent bystanders” – we all know the truth about abortion and the truth about Planned Parenthood. We are here today because we have remained silent and refused to act against this tyranny towards the least of these, unborn children.

Are we not all responsible for this ghoulish enterprise we now see visited upon us by Planned Parenthood for not proclaiming the value of each preborn human person?

The answer to that question is YES!

Now, what shall we do about it?

That answer can be found in the words of Authur Chochrane of Dubuque Theological Seminary, who spent two years in Germany (1935-1937), studying the Reformation Confessions, and became acquainted with the underground Church during the Nazi regime.

In that time he observed the reaction by those who ignored the plight of the Jews:

    Those who stood strongest were first to confess their own guilt for not doing more,” he said.

We must do more!

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Pro-choice poster child pleads guilty to murdering newborn, leaving in tank of toilet

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To avoid a possible death penalty, 26-year old Allentown, Pennsylvania resident, Amanda Hein, has pleaded guilty to murdering her newborn.

Hein was arrested last year after she delivered the newborn in the bathroom of a pub and then, according to investigators, took that “alive and viable” boy of 33 to 36 weeks’ gestation and killed him, putting him in a plastic bag and leaving him in the tank of the toilet.

The child’s body was discovered on Aug. 19, by cleaners at Starters Pub after the toilet wouldn’t flush. Workers opened the tank of the toilet where they uncovered the boy wrapped in a plastic bag that had lined a small garbage can in the stall.

The plea guarantees that Hein will be convicted of at least third-degree murder and will not be able to challenge her sentence on appeal.

In return, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli told Judge Paula Roscioli that he has agreed to remove the death penalty from consideration.

At the time of Hein’s arrest, Morganelli said described photos of the newborn as looking like a “full-term baby.”

I’ve seen dead people, shot, strangled,” Morganelli said. “But when you’re dealing with a baby, it is very difficult.”

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics called Hein the poster child of the abortion industry, “If the body of this little boy had been found in the bathroom of an abortion clinic instead of in the bathroom of a bar, the country would have never heard about it.”

Amanda Hein, was arrested on homicide charges in August after she delivered her newborn son in the bathroom of a pub and then, according to investigators, took that “alive and viable” boy of 33 to 36 weeks’ gestation and killed him, putting him in a plastic bag and leaving him in the tank of the toilet.

Authorities say said that the child’s body was discovered on Aug. 19, by cleaners at Starters Pub after the toilet wouldn’t flush. Workers opened the tank of the toilet where they uncovered the boy wrapped in a plastic bag that had lined a small garbage can in the stall.


Hein’s stepmother, Louiseann Hein recalled a conversation they had about what might happen if Amanda had a baby. The discussion was sparked by the arrival of a piece of mail from Planned Parenthood addressed to Amanda Hein.

I told her she always had a home here,” Louiseann Hein said, choking back tears. “We would make room. Would find a way.”

Amanda Hein did to her child what abortionists all over this nation have done to unborn children. Hein is no doubt the poster child of the abortion industry – but she will face her deserved murder charges alone as abortion supporters, afraid to shine a light in what real abortion looks like, remain silent !

Mark Crutcher2013

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, responded, “Why are the nation’s pro-choice organizations not rushing to the defense of this woman? Remember, two of their standard arguments in support of abortion is that (a) women are the ones who get to determine when life begins and (b) the government has no legal right to tell a woman she has to have a baby she doesn’t want.

Well, if those things are true, Ms. Hein fits the pro-choice model to a tee. After all, if she says that her baby’s life had not yet begun. What right does the State of Pennsylvania have to question that? And if she says that she has the legal right to decide for herself whether she wants to have a child or not, how is she different than any other woman sitting in the waiting room of any abortion clinic in the country?”

Crutcher continues, “The fact is, if the body of this little boy had been found in the bathroom of an abortion clinic instead of in the bathroom of a bar, the country would have never heard about it and Ms. Hein would just be another enlightened woman exercising her constitutional right to choose. But the abortion lobby recognizes that this story is radioactive and that appearing to justify what happened here would be a public relations nightmare. So they’ve dropped Ms. Hein in the grease. But make no mistake about it, whether the pro-choice community wants to claim her or not, she is their poster child.”

As Morganelli was reading the facts that Hein was pleading guilty to, she closed her eyes and repeatedly swallowed hard. When he finished, Roscioli asked her if that’s what happened.

“Yes, ma’am,” she said in a low murmur.

After the hearing, Morganelli said the plea was an ideal outcome for the prosecution. It provides a guaranteed conviction without a lengthy appeal process, he said, and Hein’s mental health issues would have made the death penalty difficult to achieve in this case. On top of that, no Pennsylvania death row inmate has been executed in 15 years, he said.

“Realistically, death penalties are not conferred in Pennsylvania,” he said.

Hein’s trial is set for April 7.

Abortion clinic worker pleads guilty

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Philadelphia abortion doctor’s wife pleads guilty
(AP) – 12/13/2011

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The wife of a disgraced doctor on Tuesday admitted performing an illegal late-term abortion at her husband’s clinic, a now-shuttered facility that authorities described as a filthy “house of horrors” where newborns were routinely murdered.

Pearl Gosnell, 50, of Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to performing an abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy, two counts of conspiracy and participating in a corrupt organization, according to court documents.

Authorities said Gosnell’s husband, Kermit Gosnell, ran the Women’s Medical Society, an abortion clinic in west Philadelphia where babies born alive were killed by having their spinal cords severed with scissors.

Kermit Gosnell, 70, has pleaded not guilty to murder in the deaths of seven babies and a patient who died of a painkiller overdose while waiting for an abortion. On Monday, a judge scheduled pre-trial motions for Aug. 13 and a capital jury trial for March 2013.

Eight other clinic employees were also charged in the case, and six have pleaded guilty. Some plan to testify against Kermit Gosnell.

According to a grand jury report released almost a year ago, Pearl Gosnell was a cosmetologist who helped her husband perform “extremely late-term” abortions on Sundays and other days the clinic was closed. Authorities said neither was qualified to perform the procedures.

Pearl Gosnell claimed she was certified to take temperatures and blood pressure by a technical institute, but said she could not produce any relevant records because the school had closed, according to the grand jury report.

Common Pleas Court Judge Benjamin Lerner set Pearl Gosnell’s sentencing for Feb. 15. He warned Gosnell that she faces up to 54 years in prison, but that her actual sentence would not be “nearly that long,” according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The lawyers in the case are under a gag order. However, defense attorney F. Michael Medway confirmed to the Inquirer that Pearl Gosnell would not testify against her husband at trial, which is her legal privilege.

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Police: Abortion doctor is a monstor , posted with vodpod

Workers Plead Guilty to Murder in Abortion “House of Horrors” Case

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Workers Plead Guilty to Murder in Abortion Case, posted with vodpod

Two of Gosnell’s Abortion Workers Plead Guilty to Murder

• Written by Operation Rescue
• Posted October 27, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Philadelphia, PA – The Associated Press is reporting that two former employees of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell have pled guilty of 3rd degree murder for their parts in the deaths of an abortion patient and one baby born alive during a failed late-term abortion.

This is the first time that an abortion worker has been guilty of murder for killing a baby. Adrienne Moton admitted her part in the murder of one baby. Sherry West pled guilty for helping to drug Karanaya Mongar to death during an abortion. Neither women had any medical training or licensing.

The pair also pled guilty to lesser charges, including participating in a corrupt organization.

Gosnell, who ran a filthy “house of horrors” abortion mill in Philadelphia has been charged with 8 counts of murder and is awaiting trial. Moton and West may testify against his as part of their plea agreement.

“As disturbing as this case is, we know that what went on at Gosnell’s abortion mill is little different than what goes on at late-term abortion mills around the country,” said Newman. “We look forward to a full airing of the evidence in a court of law so Americans can come face to face with the atrocity of abortion. Maybe if we finally have a public airing of the truth about what goes on inside abortion clinics, American will stop tolerating the barbaric, unnecessary, and outdated practice. This case serves as a warning to abortionists who break the law. Sooner or later you will get caught.”

View photos of Gosnell’s victims.

Story from the Associated Press:
2 workers plead guilty to murder in abortion case
By MARYCLAIRE DALE, Associated Press – 10/27/2011

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Two abortion clinic workers pleaded guilty Thursday to third-degree murder in deaths at a Philadelphia clinic where seven babies were allegedly killed with scissors and a patient died from an overdose of painkillers.

Andrea Moton, 34, admitted her involvement in the death of one baby. Sherry West, 52, pleaded guilty in the February 2009 death of Karnamaya Mongar, a Bhutanese immigrant. Neither worker was properly trained for the work they did at the clinic run by Dr. Kermit Gosnell, authorities said.

Gosnell and nine employees, including his wife, were charged earlier this year after a grand jury report detailed macabre the conditions at the West Philadelphia clinic. Gosnell, the only doctor, and other staff are accused of performing illegal late-term abortions and killing babies born alive by severing their spinal cords with scissors.
Gosnell, who denies the allegations, is being held on $2 million bail.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams called the clinic a “house of horrors” in announcing the charges in January.

Moton, of Upper Darby, knew Gosnell through his niece. She worked evenings to assist with abortions, but, like the others, had no relevant training or license. She assisted with procedures and cut the spinal cords of aborted babies, the grand jury report said.

Moton and West each pleaded guilty to related charges, including taking part in a corrupt organization. West also pleaded guilty to drug delivery causing death.

West, of Newark, Del., may have administered at least some of the fatal dose of Demerol that killed 41-year-old Mongar in November 2009, defense lawyer Michael Wallace said after the hearing. However, he noted that she was the only clinic employee to accompany Mongar to the hospital and stay with her and her family until she died, he said.

According to the grand jury report, West and co-defendant Lynda Williams overmedicated the 4-foot-11, 110-pound Mongar when Gosnell was not at the clinic.

“She’s very sorry about the death of that young lady,” Wallace said. “She got caught up in a series of things that probably she did not realize the significance of.”
West was a long-time patient who sought work at the clinic as she fought with the Veterans Administration over a pension, he said. She was hired in October 2008, and made $8 to $10 an hour in cash to perform ultrasound exams, administer anesthesia and monitor patients in the medical room.

Prosecutors said she was not licensed or trained to perform those duties, but Wallace disputed that.
“By my analysis, she was doing the same things she was doing at the VA,” he said.

West has been in custody on $2 million bail since her arrest in January. She has been cooperating and will continue to do so, Wallace said. That could include testifying against Gosnell.

West faces up to 140 years in prison but would likely get far less time given that cooperation.

“She knows she will do time,” Wallace said.

She also had hepatitis C, but she took no precautions to protect exposing patients to the disease, authorities said.

Besides being untrained, staff had warned Gosnell that West and Williams were sloppy and careless with their work, the grand jury report said.

Moton faces up to 120 years in prison.

Neither prosecutors nor Moton’s lawyer, Thomas L. McGill Jr., would comment after the hearing, citing a gag order.

Ten people are charged in the case, several of them with murder. One defendant pleaded guilty last month to a perjury charge, leaving seven people awaiting trial.


Pro-choice opponent to Personhood bills pleads guilty in ‘baby-selling ring’

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Pro-choice opponent to Personhood bills pleads …, posted with vodpod

San Diego attorney pleads guilty in ‘baby-selling ring’
August 9, 2011 | LA Times

A prominent San Diego attorney pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to being part of what U.S. Atty. Laura Duffy labeled a “baby-selling ring.”

Theresa Erickson, a lawyer specializing in reproductive law, pleaded guilty to wire fraud for allegedly transmitting phony documents to deceive both the San Diego County Superior Court and couples seeking to become parents. Two other people in the alleged ring have also pleaded guilty.

According to court documents, Erickson hired women in San Diego to go to Ukraine to be implanted with embryos created from the sperm and eggs of donors.

Once a woman was in the second trimester of pregnancy, she would return to San Diego and Erickson would “shop” the babies by falsely telling couples that a couple who had intended to adopt the baby had backed out of the deal. The new couple would then be charged between $100,000 and $150,000, according to prosecutors.
“These were people who desperately wanted babies,” said Assistant U.S. Atty. Jason A. Forge.

Court documents mention a dozen unnamed couples who received babies in this manner from Erickson and the two co-defendants. Women who agreed to carry the embryos to term were paid between $38,000 and $40,000, Forge said.

Erickson would then file documents with the court asserting that the baby was part of an existing pre-pregnancy agreement between the woman carrying the fetus and the couple — thus allowing the couple to be listed as the parents of the child on the birth certificate.

California law, Forge said, bans profiteering on the transfer of parental rights.

The women were sent to Ukraine to have the embryos implanted because no U.S. physician would perform an implantation without documents proving that an agreement existed between the woman and what the law calls the “intended parents,” Forge said.

The couples who “bought” the babies did not believe they were breaking the law, Forge said. The babies were healthy and the couples will not have their parental rights taken away.
Erickson, 43, who has been a guest on national TV discussing reproductive law issues, is set for sentencing Oct. 28. Wire fraud carries a maximum sentence of five years; under a plea agreement, Erickson has also agreed to pay restitution.


Man Who Aborts Baby by giving girlfriend abortion drugs sentenced

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UPDATE 3/9/2011:

In February 2010, police said Orbin Tercero gave his then-pregnant girlfriend, Amy, who is now his wife, a drug called misprostol without her consent, causing her to have a miscarriage.He was originally charged with murder of an unborn child, tampering with evidence, and aggravated assault of an unborn child. He plead guilty to lesser charges in court in January.

Tercero will serve 4.5 months to two years in prison, and pay a $1,000 fine. Tercero also will pay $337 dollars for a restitution charge.
He will serve 12 months probation immediately following his prison sentence after being found guilty of tampering with evidence, and will have to pay a $500 fine.

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Man Who Aborts Baby by giving girlfriend aborti…, posted with vodpod

Pharmacist pleads guilty to abortion charges
For The Review)
Published: January 19, 2011

Orbin Tercero, 39, formerly of Bath, N.Y., recently pled guilty to violation of the Abortion Control Act and to tampering with evidence, according to a press release from Bradford County District Attorney Dan Barrett.

The release continues:
The abortion crime was a felony of the third degree, punishable by a sentence of up to seven years. The tampering charges are punishable by a sentence of up to two years.
Sentence will be imposed on March 9, following a pre-sentence report.

Tercero was charged by Sayre Police Officer Nathan Ross. Police charged that Tercero, a pharmacist, had applied misoprostol, a drug with abortifacient effects, on a Sayre woman who was pregnant with his child. The woman was not aware that Tercero was applying the drug.

Officer Ross was the investigating officer.

Under Crimes Code Chapter 32, the Abortion Control Act, it is a felony for a person who is not a physician to perform an abortion. The consent of the mother is not a defense.
Under the Crimes Code chapter covering Crimes Against Unborn Child, causing the death of an unborn child is a criminal homicide but there is no liability under that chapter for acts committed with the consent or cooperation of the pregnant woman.

In the Tercero case, the mother of the unborn child later married the Defendant, Orbin Tercero. She advised us that she no longer wished to cooperate with the prosecution and wanted it terminated. She could be compelled to testify or the Commonwealth could use her prior testimony, but her attitude might have an impact on the case.

The Abortion Control Act charge was a serious felony and did not require proof of the lack of the mother’s consent.

The charge under the Abortion Control Act was a serious felony and did not require a jury finding that the mother did not consent. We concluded that conviction on that felony was an appropriate resolution of the case. It will allow the court to fashion an appropriate sentence.

This press release was submitted by the Bradford County District Attorney Dan Barrett.

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White supremacist Pleads Guilty In Plot To Kill Obama

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more about "White supremacist Pleads Guilty In P…", posted with vodpod

JACKSON, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee man authorities say is a white supremacist has pleaded guilty to plotting to kill then-presidential candidate Barack Obama and dozens of other black people in 2008.

Twenty-one-year-old Daniel Cowart of Bells, Tenn., pleaded guilty Monday to eight of 10 counts in an indictment accusing him of conspiracy, threatening a presidential candidate and various federal firearms violations. Under a plea agreement, he faces 12 to 18 years in prison, but a federal judge could choose a longer sentence.

Co-defendant, 19-year-old Paul Schlesselman of Helena-West Helena, Ark., pleaded guilty in January and will be sentenced April 15.

Authorities have described the two as skinheads who planned a cross-country robbing and killing spree that would end with an attack on Obama.


Racism is terrible and those who seek to murder black people must be prosecuted ! Unless they target BLACK BABIES – then society excuses them. I am speaking of abortion and I beg you to watch the film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America to find out how racism and abortion target African Americans !