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African American Pastor Stephen Broden, expert from Maafa21 and Guest from Glenn Beck, addresses New Orleans Tea Party

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Pastor tells Metairie ‘tea party’ that the constitution is in danger
By Bruce Nolan, The Times-Picayune
October 08, 2009, 6:30AM

A conservative Texas preacher who defied the Internal Revenue Service by endorsing Sen. John McCain from his pulpit last year sketched a vision of Washington in the hands of socialist ideologues determined to wreck the Constitution and undermine “our Judeo-Christian heritage,” because “what’s best for America is socialism.”

In 52 minutes of razor wire rhetoric, the Rev. Stephen Broden, a black pastor from Dallas, drew at least six standing ovations from a mixed but predominantly white audience gathered by the Greater New Orleans Tea Party.

Quoting from the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and conservative authors like Francis Schaeffer, Broden cast the political struggle partly in religious terms.

Without mentioning President Obama — without naming any Democrats — he said Washington has passed into the hands of people determined “to replace our Judeo-Christian ethic …with secular humanism birthed in atheistic Darwinism.”

Moreover, he said, “the best place to filter out deception is through the word of God.”

Broden, the pastor of the 100-member Fair Park Bible Fellowship, was among several dozen pastors who publicly endorsed Republican candidates, or denounced Obama, from the pulpit last fall, hoping to provoke a free speech court fight with the Internal Revenue Service.

Since then, however, “nothing has happened,” to his disappointment, Broden said before the speech.

Broden has appeared several times on Fox News commentator’s Glenn Beck’s show, preaching that traditional American freedoms are in danger. One of those appearances led to his appearance at the Metairie gathering.

His audience was largely white, middle aged and older. Some said they came out of curiousity. Some, like self-employed home remodeler John Reeser, said they were already deeply concerned.

The crowd prays with the Rev. Stephen Broden during a meeting of the Greater New Orleans Tea Party at the American Legion Hall on Ridgewood Drive in Metairie on Wednesday.Reeser, who described himself as “a guy who never used to get involved,” said he has become energized by the Obama administration and its “total, out of control government spending,” its alliance with labor against business and the prospect of what he thought might be ruinous health care reform.

Ken Steudler, a retired sales and marketing executive, said he was alarmed chiefly by government spending, but to a lesser extent, by evidence the Obama administration is salted with Marxists. He named as an example Mark Lloyd, the Federal Communication Commission’s chief diversity officer, who Steudler said had made remarks sympathetic to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

To repeated applause during his speech, Broden struck themes well beyond the denunciation of same sex marriage, abortion and other topics that have marked the culture wars for several decades.

His message was deeper: that the banking, credit card, automotive crises of the last year were all “manufactured” by enemies of traditional American values to deliberately overload government and usher in socialism.

All I have created in the marketplace should not be taken from me and given to someone else. … That idea is anti-Bible,” he said, to strong applause.

In addition, he said “secular humanists” are “are pushing and bludgeoning and butchering our Judeo-Christian heritage.”

If you remove the Christian consensus from the nation, what will determine right from wrong?

Answering questions that lasted another hour, Broden denounced abortion as a form of black genocide, denounced government entitlement programs that he said wrecked the black family and wrote off “the liberal press.”

( Pastor Broden was in the documentary Maafa21) Preview Below:

When one woman asked whether the presence of swine flu might be a manufactured epidemic, Broden allowed that he didn’t know, but he was suspicious. He urged her to double up on her Vitamin C.