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Goofy Sign Brigade faces off with Abortion Abolitionist

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Todd Bullis Litte Elm

For weeks anti-abortion abolitionist Todd Bullis, founder of the Abolitionist Society of Little Elm, has positioned himself in front of a high school in the small Texas town where he resides.

Todd Bullis school.

Bullis doesn’t hide much about his anti-abortion message. His signs outside Little Elm High School are described as graphic because they depict aborted children. He regularly posts his conversations between the teens and various outraged residents on YouTube

A few parents, upset that Bullis was showing the teens what happens to unborn children in an abortion, took to the sidewalks in a counter protest and the drama was caught on camera by a local Dallas TV station.

Leading the Goofy Sign Brigade, is Little Elm parent Mary Watkins, who claims that she is pro-life and thinks Bullis has gone too far.

Her group picked the day that the Dallas news arrived to stand on the street under the exact same Constitutional freedom that Bullis claims he has been granted, to mock Bullis with goofy signs in an attempt to show the kids how to combat Bullis’ message.

Parents 2


Goofy Sign Brigade

Bullis believes that it is important for these high schoolers to see this message since a majority of them may be faced with a decision to have an abortion in their life time.

Watkins disagrees siting two Elementary schools nearby.


Bullis has implemented Abolish Human Abortion’s Project Frontlines a plan that is viewed as controversial within the anti-abortion movement.

According to AHA, Project Frontlines is designed to bring the message of abolition to the doorsteps of government high schools and expose millions of students to the evil of abortion in the light of the Gospel.

One out of every four abortions in America is performed on a teenage girl,” they write on their website, “In Project Frontlines, we desire to reach these girls (and their potential and current boyfriends) with the truth before they find themselves compromising their purity or contemplating abortion. Countless girls are being led to the slaughter and being fed pro-choice misinformation in their government school education which is not only destroying the lives of countless pre-born human beings, but decimating the spiritual, and psychological state of our youth. We intend to reach students early, preemptively educate or reeducate them about the serious sin of abortion, and tell them the truth about sin, sex, and the way of life that leads to death…”

But…the effort is controversial because it exposes school kids to two subjects, religion and abortion. Both taboo!

However, whether you agree or disagree, abortion supporters already have their foot in the door of many public school with extremely graphic sex education which also promotes abortion.

According to the Little Elm Independent School District‘s website, a 2008 Denton County Community Services Directory for the students, includes abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Denton Little ELm

Right on their website, Planned Parenthood tells kids they can receive care without parental consent:

PP Greater Texas

Nationwide, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has been criticized for their graphic marketing to teens. Perhaps Ms. Watkins and Mr. Bullis could team up to protect the kids from the potentially graphic nature of Planned Parenthood’s.

After all, one would assume that Ms. Watkins especially would be concerned about graphic images or videos or any propaganda put in front of children who attend the Little Elm school system:

Just what will Planned Parenthood show to school children? Here are some possibilities:


Explicit Body Descriptions:

What is Pre-Cum?

I didn’t Spew

The book Planned Parenthood sells for 10 year old kids called “It’s Perfectly Normal.” Click on the name to view. ( WARNING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL)


The pictures from “It’s Perfectly Normal” contained pornographic images of cartoon characters engaging in various sex acts.

Parenthood’s web-site “Teen Talk” where “foreplay” is explicitly detailed and “outercourse” is promoted as safe sex, contraception, psychological relief and sexual fulfillment.

Maybe Planned Parenthood will hand these out to the children:


Or kids can learn this:
Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

Or they can watch this vid:
Its YourGame Planned Parenthood

But, not to worry Ms. Watkins and Mr. Bullis for if Planned Parenthood doesn’t get to your kids at the school- there is always the internet with despicable videos like these (here).

And should Little Elm’s kids actually get in front of a Planned Parenthood Counselor, they will get quite the graphic education in possibly adult sex acts like BDSM and more. (here)

Giving this reality, will we soon see Mr. Bullis’ graphic abortion signs alongside Ms. Watkin’s Goofy signs in front of Planned Parenthood? Your guess is as good as mine.

Pastor and Off-duty Ventura cop who hosed an abortion protester will not face charges » Ventura County Star

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Off-duty Ventura cop who hosed an abortion protester will not face charges
By Adam Foxman
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No charges will be filed against a Ventura police officer accused of spraying an abortion protester with water during an off-duty confrontation outside his church, the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office announced today.

Cpl. Jon Hixson, 46, was cited on suspicion of battery after his fellow officers responded to a disturbance Sunday morning on a sidewalk outside First Assembly of God Church, 346 N. Kimball Road, police said. Hixson, a Santa Paula resident, is a parishioner at the church.

In a prepared statement, the District Attorney’s Office said the Ventura Police Department presented evidence that Hixson sprayed Todd Bullis of Ventura with water from a garden hose and spray bottles. Bullis is an anti-abortion activist who was protesting with several others in front of the church.

“While the spraying of water constituted a technical battery, no significant harm was done, and prosecution of a battery charge would not be a responsible use of public resources,” the district attorney said.

Bullis alleged Hixson sprayed him in the eyes with what he thought was vinegar from a spray bottle and then doused him with a garden hose. Bullis documented the incident in a 9-minute video he later posted on YouTube. The statement from the District Attorney’s Office did not mention vinegar.

Bullis and the others displayed large, graphic photographs of aborted fetuses in front of the church where parishioners, including children, could see them, prosecutors said.

Bullis said he didn’t have any particular gripes against First Assembly of God but was just trying to encourage all churches to invest more resources in the pro-life movement. He said he notified church leaders before the protest.

In e-mails today, Bullis, 47, called the district attorney’s decision an “abuse of prosecutorial discretion” and said he plans to sue Ventura police in federal court for violating his constitutional rights unless Hixson is suspended without pay and receives anger-management counseling.

Ventura police began an internal investigation and placed Hixson on administrative duties only. “The DA’s decision not to prosecute doesn’t have any impact on our administrative investigation,” said police Cmdr. Dave Wilson.

The investigation aims to determine if any department policies or procedures were violated by Hixson during the off-duty incident, Wilson said.
“Obviously the video is out there. We don’t condone that behavior,” he said.

Alleged pro-choice murderer Harlan Drake’s fate in hands of jury

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Drake accused of killing two people

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Authorities admit they ignored threats against now murdered anti-abortion activist

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So, the truth is starting to surface. Even though the pro-life community is well aware of the amount of threats we get- the authorities continue to ignore them and now one anti-abortion activist is dead because of it.

Angry pro-choicer murder suspect Harlan Drake, stands accused of murdering anti-abortion activist James Pouillon and gravel pit owner Mike Fuoss. On September 11,2009, Pro-lifer James Pouillon was standing in front of a school where he had stood many times before holding a pro-life sign which said, “LIFE”. That sign upset pro-abortionist Harlan Drake so much that he brought a gun and shot Mr. Pouillon several times. After killing Mr. Pouillon, Drake went on to kill one more person he claimed had done his mother wrong. Drake told police that if he was in for one murder, he might as well do more. He had a third man on his hit list but was caught by police before he could murder him.

Shiawassee County Assistant Prosecutor Sara Edwards said Drake had an “unusually close” relationship with his family and killed for them Sept. 11.

In Today’s 3/3/2010 Flint Journal,

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Former Owosso city councilman Michael Cline testified that he received several calls from, Drake’s mother, Kim Staples in the days leading up to the shootings, asking if he could do anything about Pouillon’s graphic signs.

He described her tone as “evil” and “nasty.”

“The conversation started the exact same way every morning, ‘He’s still there,’” he said.

She told him she would “send her boys over to go see Jim.”

“I didn’t think that anything like that would ever happen,” Cline said. ( And that is the “mistake” that authorities make, they fail to take threats against pro-life people seriously)

After the shootings, Cline testified that Staples called him and said “I have solved the city’s problem, my son has shot Jim Pouillon.”

Edwards said Staples was upset about the graphic pro-life signs that Pouillon would show children in front of Owosso High School and that Staples felt she was wronged by Fuoss and a local real estate agent.

Drake told police that the night before the shootings he intended to kill Pouillon if he saw him at the school the next day.“I just drove and stopped, and I shot (Jim Pouillon),” Drake said during an interview recorded by police the day of the shootings. “He was still moving so I shot him one more time. I aimed under the ribcage going up toward the heart.”

“I figured if he was there, I’d make sure he wasn’t there (again),” he said in the taped recording, at times crying and at other times correcting his own grammar and politely laughing with detectives.

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The mother of a man accused in a high-profile double-murder case testified today, shedding new light on her relationship with the two men murdered and an intended third victim.

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My question is why isn’t this being prosecuted as a HATE CRIME !!!!!
The double murder trial of Harlan Drake is underway in Shiawassee County.

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