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Breaking: Shocking Torture Images Released

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This is Torture – This is Abortion :

Aborted Baby

Aborted Baby 2

Aborted Baby 3

Aborted Baby 4

Aborted Baby 5

Aborted Baby 6

(Above are aborted babies from the documentary film: Brutal Truth)


This baby was aborted in Miami simply because he was handicapped.

This baby was aborted in Miami simply because he was handicapped.

The next three babies were murdered by abortionist Kermit Gosnell at his Philadelphia abortion clinic – he sniped their next after delivery





These pictures were taken by employees who worked at a Houston abortion clinic run by abortionist Douglas Karpen and published by Operation Rescue:

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Babies murdered by abortion are tortured in the womb at all stages and no matter how small all killing is evil:


I have seen the carnage first hand:


Please Read: Abortion just like the Nazi Holocaust is the “Sin of the Innocent Bystander”

Credit goes to all those who expose this evil like CBR, Monica Miller and many others.

Violent pro-choicer, “abortion is a “G** d***** necessity”

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WARNING- THis video is very profane do not click unless you are prepared to hear violent pro-choice cursing !

According to the website, Chad Smalley believes abortion is a “G** d***** necessity” but upon seeing pictures of it, he loses control of himself and resorts to violence. This raises the important question: If abortion is such a morally acceptable choice, why do pictures of it make pro-aborts so angry?

Don’t you love the way he wants abortion to get rid of those “unfit”? – another eugenics pro-abort !

What upsets me is the way he took his little kid onto that busy area- and then yelled at him to go back to the car – alone ! Then he assaults the pro-lifer ! He must be a post-abortive man!

The website reported that , Chad Smalley is being charged with disorderly conduct by the Kitsap County District Attorney.

Graphic images: Peta’s (FAKE ) pro-life graphic abortion image (REAL)

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PETA – the animal rights activist group today staged a pro-vegan publicity stunt at the intersection of W. 45th Street and Broadway in New York City’s Times Square. Peta poses as human-sized, plastic-swaddled “meat” trays bedecked with stickers proclaiming, “Billions of Animals Are Abused and Violently Killed Because You Eat Meat.”

On the other hand – when pro-lifers hold graphic images – they are showing REAL blood and death of Humans (Example below)

PETA’s Official Stand on abortion is to hide their eyes and “See no evil” – they see violence against animals and want all of us to react – but they keep silent when they see violence against unborn children:
“Where does the animal rights movement stand on abortion?”

Call Fox News, demand truth on abortion : Show the graphic images

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I am getting disgusted of all the “discussion” on abortion, abortion rights, “women’s rights” with regard to abortion, and tax payer funded abortion through health care and funding of Planned Parenthood.

Let’s hold feet to the fire.

Fox News has a motto – “WE REPORT – YOU DECIDE!”

What better form of “reporting” on abortion could there be than to show the graphic images of abortion to the public ? Over and Over again !

We get images of war, murder, death, sex, etc. on Fox News every day- how about they suck it up and show the TRUTH of abortion before we are all FORCED to PAY for this bloody holocaust !

Here are some websites that who the truth of abortion:

and Center for Bio-ethical Reform

I URGE everyone to contact FOX News and ask why their motto is “We report , you decide” and yet on the most controversial issue of our day, they wimp out and fail to simply show the truth – SHOW AN ABORTION !

Let’s overload their phone lines !

From the FOX News website:
We want YOUR input! Tell us what you love, tell us what you hate … just don’t keep it to yourself! As a FOX Fan, you’ll have a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and affect change at FNC. Below, you’ll find a few ways to contact us. BUT, if you’re more of a phone person, you can call us at 1-888-369-4762.

O’Reilly Factor – Contact Page

O’Reilly Factor: Want to tell Bill what’s on your mind? Keep it pithy! E-mail us at:

America’s News Room: E-mail the show:

Fox News Watch E-mail the show:

Huckabee: To be part of our live, studio audience please call:
1-877-225-8587 or e-mail:

Why can’t FOX News do what the College Campuses are doing – it is called “FREE SPEECH” ?

Here is an example of Media Bias – CNN’s Anderson Cooper visits a Planned Parenthood yet- he never asks to see the “Abortion” i.e. aborted baby !