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Planned Parenthood and NARAL support Texas Gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis

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The president of NARAL, the largest abortion lobbying group in Texas has posted a vid- threatening to make Texas ground zero for “Reproductive Freedom” i.e. abortion.

NARAL Prez Supports

NARAL makes it clear that they support Wendy Davis in her bid for Texas Governor.

Not the first time NARAL has have publicly given their support to Wendy Davis:

The largest abortion lobbying group NARAL calls Wendy Davis their hero:

Wendy Davis with NARAL abortion groupNARAL Prez with Wendy Davis!

President Ilyse Hogue said that going down to Texas to stand with Wendy Davis after her pro-abortion filibuster to legalize late term abortions was like leading a “moment of resistance”


Texas Gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis has been dubbed the name Abortion Barbie after her push in the Texas legislature to stand for late term abortions.



Even abortion giant Planned Parenthood supports Wendy Davis:

Ceceil Richards WD HC Champ

Cecile Richards Supports Sept 2013

Davis PP Bus TourPP Announces WD for Gov

In addition to Abortion- Wendy Davis also supports gay marriage:

Coming Out (Not a spoof on words) of Wendy Davis’ abortion barbie poster dilemma – the Texas Gubernatorial has posted her support for GAY PRIDE- to her facebook page.

The post reads, “Texas is stronger and our future more secure when all people are treated equally under the law. All Texans should be able to create the life and family they deserve to have in Texas.”

Gay Pride