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Obama’s budget uses family planning to fight global warming

Posted in Obama with tags , , , , on March 13, 2014 by saynsumthn

Pick up a copy of Obama’s $3.9 trillion budget and there among the TSA fee hikes, Medicare payment cuts and the $400 million for the Department of Homeland Security to fight global warming is a curious little item.

On Page 930 of the budget that never ends is $575 million for “family planning/reproductive health” worldwide especially in “areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species.”

2015 WH Budget FP

“The idea that the way to protect insects, fish and animals is by preventing human beings from having children is part of an approach known as Population, Health and Environment (PHE) which integrates population control into environmentalist initiatives,” writes Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine.

“Greenfield continues, Obama’s budget is more open about its PHE eugenics agenda. While PHE backers usually claim that they want to reduce population to prevent famine and promote gender equality, the budget explicitly states that its goal is to reduce human population growth for the sake of the animals, without any of the usual misleading language about feminism and clean water.

The budget is a blunt assertion of post-human values by an administration that has become notorious for its fanatical environmentalism, sacrificing people on the altar of Green ideology,” writes Greenfield

Read Greenfield’s full article here

According to the White House, the only program areas in the Global Health Programs for 2015 that demonstrated increases in the FY 2015 budget request were malaria and family planning & reproductive health (FP/RH).