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Target: New World Order – Big Brother Over reach?

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Jack Hunter on the international community pushing sovereignty-killing initiatives on the American Republic.

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Target: New World Order – Big Brother Over reach? , posted with vodpod


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We Report- You Decide:

From the Website:

The INTERNATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION is a non-government organization (NGO), non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political, and tax exempt organization. Duly registered in the State of California, United States of America.

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– To augment international and local law enforcement agencies in it’s campaign against terrorism, drug trafficking, and other organized crimes.
– To assist the government in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations.

– To document and report problems affecting human rights within our jurisdiction.
– Ensure that respect for the dignity of man in all areas of operation is properly observed.
– Muster membership in various professional lines, civic businessmen/women, retired and active peace officers of the law, soldiers and veterans, other professions of any nation for justice, liberty and democracy.
– IPC resource is vested with power and cloth as natural person of constitutional authority with inherent basic rights to perform such duties and responsibilities as Staff Officers and Confidential Agents.

Corollary to the above, when called upon is to assist the government of any nation in it’s campaign against all criminal elements, more particularly drug abuse and control, domestic and international terrorism, and organized crimes.

To complement on an alert status in the surveillance and apprehension of person in the most wanted list sought by police forces worldwide, track them, share intelligence reports to other intelligence agencies, and to effect arrest upon compliance on vested powers of arrest.


The INTERNATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION (IPC) serves as a catalyst for a peaceful global environment. We provide worldwide services essential for private entities, governmental authorities and law enforcement agencies, by assisting them resolve crime against Humanity.

1. Respect for Universal Justice
2. Observance of Human Rights
3. Respect for the Dignity of man
4. Cost Effective
5. Reliability


To become a distinct organization committed to support the global law enforcement community in their efforts to prevent and resolve crime against humanity, to promote global peace, to foster humanitarian cooperation and to establish security whenever appropriate.

Availability of specialized services for global destinations.
– Sharing of valuable data or information.
– Fostering international cooperation for joint operations.
– Monitoring international developments that may lead to future needs.