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1966 Eugenics , “Containing the Negro population”, “Limiting Repeaters”, Planned Parenthood locating in Ghetto neighborhoods

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Below was taken from a 1966 Memo of Planned Parenthood:

On February 4, 1966 Mrs. Helen P. Stanford passed a copy of an article written in the Philadelphia Independent to Mrs. Naomi T. Gray.

The memorandum was written on Planned Parenthood-World Population letterhead.

Stanford called the editorial “interesting” describing the writer as a young Negro lawyer who was a “member of our board here.”

Stanford was critical of the writing style, but said that “ Still, there is food for thought here.”

The article written by Robert W. Williams, Jr. Esq., president and publisher of the Philadelphia Independent read in part, “There has been serious question of the motives of the Planned Parenthood Association, some opponents seeing in the organization’s work an aim of “containing” the Negro population or of even decimating it. They point to the concentration of interest, by the Planned Parenthood Association virtually from the beginning, in the Negro ghettos of the major cities. And, let us admit it, it is not difficult to imagine that some racist might have seen the important of keeping the Negro race in America from becoming a larger minority than it already is…”

Williams goes on to defend Planned Parenthood, “ The very people who seem least concerned about “oversized” families are also the ones who too often are least concerned about supporting them.

Williams calls them “repeaters” and says they are both white as well as black.

He then proposes a solution, “ why not “limit” them, preferably by planned parenthood education —but, if this doesn’t work, perhaps sterilization is not to drastic for some “repeating” unwed mothers?”

( SOURCE: Philadelphia Independent : Planned Parenthood Curse or Blessing, in the Memorandum dated February 4, 1966 from: Mrs. Helen P. Stanford to Mrs. Naomi T. Gray, located in the Planned Parenthood Federation Papers, Black Attitudes from 1962, copied from the Sophie Smith Collection, Sophie Smith College , Box 107/Folder 11)