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Geraldo Rivera on Fox defends American Missionaries jailed in Haiti

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Geraldo Rivera spoke with Fox’s Megyn Kelley and said he is outraged about the way these Christian Missionaries are being treated in Haiti and so am I. We are sending billions over there and how dare they country jail American Citizens for simply taking mercy on orphans. Listen to Geraldo’s words here and see that the Haitian Government is making an unnecessary example of people who had the best of motives. Come on people – where is the outrage? Where is the Christian Church speaking for these people? Where is Hillary Clinton, President Obama ? Get activated and don’t let these people rot in jail.

Ten U.S. missionaries were charged on Thursday with child kidnapping and criminal association for illegally trying to take children out of Haiti.
The 10 Americans from two Idaho-based Baptist churches were formally charged with “kidnapping minors and criminal association,” said their lawyer Edwin Coq.

Haitian Deputy Prosecutor Jean Ferge Joseph announced the charges and told the Americans their case was being sent to an investigative judge.

“That judge can free you, but he can also continue to hold you for further proceedings,” the deputy prosecutor told the 10 Americans.

The missionaries were apparently stunned by the charges as they had already packed their luggage in hopes of a release.

It is Disgraceful that Escaped Haitian Criminals are Roaming the Streets of Haiti While Ten American Christian Missionaries Remain in Jail
Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 /Christian Newswire/ — The Christian Defense Coalition calls for the Obama Administration to treat the American missionaries jailed in Haiti with the same commitment they are treating the three American hikers jailed in Iran.

With respect to the jailed hikers in Iran, Secretary of State Clinton has stated;

“As we have said repeatedly, we call on Iran to release all of the American citizens that they have currently detained. We believe they’re being unjustly detained and that they should be released without further delay.”

The hikers are being held on espionage charges.

With respect to the ten American missionaries being held, Secretary of Clinton has stated,

“Obviously, this is a matter for the Haitian judicial system. We’re going to continue to provide support as we do in every instance like this to American citizens who have been charged and hope that this matter can be resolved in an expeditious way, but it is something that a sovereign nation is pursuing based on the evidence that it presented when the charges were announced.”

Why the double standard toward the Christian missionaries?

Why not treat them the same as the hikers in Iran and demand their immediate release?

It is clear that the Obama Administration is not applying the same standard to the missionaries in Haiti as they are to those jailed in Iran.

The same rule should be applied to both situations. That is, the call for the missionaries immediate release without any more delays.

These Christian missionaries should not be treated as second class citizens by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney along with Rev. Rob Scheck met this week with Haitian Ambassador Joseph in an attempt to secure their release.