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Gays publish Christmas Parody video to promote ObamaCare

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Out2Enroll has published a video which they claim will connect members of the LGBT community with their new health insurance options made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

The video is sung to the tune of “Let it Snow” and the words are changed to “Get Enrolled”

Hope you’re stuffed from your Thanksgiving
Now ’tis the season of giving
‘Fore the Doctor brings a lump of coal
Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled!

And, when it’s time for resolutions
A health insurance solution,
Don’t get left in the cold,
Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled!

Get Enrolled

The video shows mostly me throughout dancing around a Christmas theme is what appears to be gay oriented imagery

When you finally meet Mr. Right
Never again will you be alone
You’ll be glad you went to the site
Together you’re a happy home

Gays obamaCare vid 2

The year is quickly ending
Your chance for January coverage suspending
No matter who’s under the mistletoe
Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled, Get Enrolled!

Mistletoe GetEnrolled

The scenes are very male touchy feely:


Gays obamaCare vid

Gays obamaCare vid 3

Obama’s Gay Pride: ‘ I couldn’t be prouder’ to repeal DADT and allow gays to openly serve in the US military

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Speaking in the Interior Department’s auditorium, at Wednesday’s signing of the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” Obama said ,

“I couldn’t be prouder,” Obama said.

Obama hailed the “courage and vision” of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and praised Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, who advocated changing the law.

No longer will tens of thousands of Americans in uniform be asked to live a lie, or look over their shoulder in order to serve the country that they love,” Obama said.

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Obama repeals DADT for gays, sets sight on repealing conscience laws which will discriminate against pro-life physicians

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While progressives cheer the recent Obama “victory” of the repeal of Don’t Ask/ Don’t Tell, which allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military openly, no one is speaking out against the Obama policy which would muzzle the rights of pro-life Christians.

Documents the Obama administration filed in November and December have Obama administration attorneys admitting the administration wants to finalize a rescission of the conscience rules but has been delayed because of other business — likely due to the HHS working on implementing the provisions of the ObamaCare law.

Jonathan Imbody, the Vice President for Government Relations at the Christian Medical Association, an advocate for medical professionals said medical workers stated that,

“The government is now telling the court, in response to a lawsuit by several states against the conscience-protecting regulation, that HHS plans to eliminate or replace the conscience regulation by as early as January 31,” Imbody added. “That means we must act to raise awareness of this threat to conscience rights, which has the potential to push life-affirming healthcare professionals out of medicine and strand the patients who depend upon them for care.”

“Whether you are a student or a doctor, federal conscience protections will have a significant impact on your ability to continue to practice ethical medicine. Don’t wait for someone else to stand in the gap on this one—take action yourself to protect your rights,” he added.”Share your story if you’ve experienced overt or subtle discrimination, contact your legislators, tell your patients and engage your colleagues.”

If the conscience clause is rescinded, many of the faith-based hospitals (Catholic hospitals make up 15-20% of hospital patient care in the US) around the country that provide services to millions of patients could be shut down rather than perform abortions.

The conscience clause is a necessary regulation to preserve the exclusive patient to doctor relationship. Without it, the government will be able to effectively limit where patients can go for care.

By giving ultimatums to healthcare providers on whether or not they perform a certain procedure they are morally opposed to, government is limiting the number of doctors a patient can see and interfering in individual care.

If the Obama Administration rescinds the conscience clause, it is only the first step towards allowing the government into personal, and sometimes life and death, decisions.

Defense bill politics shows what the left really cares about: “Gays and abortions in the military” NOT our soldiers!

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From the WSJ</a:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) is pushing ahead with a measure that would repeal the Pentagon's ban on gays serving openly in the military, setting the stage for a possible confrontation with Republicans.

Language that would begin the process of repealing the law—known as "don't ask, don't tell," because it allows gays and lesbians to serve as long as they don't disclose their sexual orientation—is included in the $726 billion defense authorization bill that has been approved House but not by the Senate.


An amendment from Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., to end a longstanding ban on abortions at U.S. military hospitals overseas is attached to the defense authorization bill set to come up for a vote in the Senate.

The move has been widely opposed by social conservatives and only further complicates the debate over the defense spending package. Senate Democrats already have drawn the ire of Republicans by trying to add to the bill measures to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy banning gays from serving openly in the military and provide young illegal immigrants who attend college or join the military a pathway to citizenship.

The Senate will meet Monday to resume consideration of the defense bill, with a vote to start formal debate set for the following day. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has indicated that even if the Senate clears that hurdle, which requires 60 votes, the defense bill likely will not come up for a final vote until after the November election.

Girl Scouts ‘Beliefs and Values’ survey show that Teens and Tweens are more pro-life today !

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Good Intentions The of Teens and Tweens Today (2009)

Good Intentions: The Beliefs and Values of Teens and Tweens Today (2009), a national study conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) in partnership with Harris Interactive explores what youth today value and how they go about making decisions, based on research conducted with 3,263 3rd to 12th-graders from around the country.

Despite the fact that the Girl Scouts promote abortion the results of the survey indicated the proportion of 7th- to 12th-graders who agree that abortion is all right is lower today than it was in 1989. Fewer youth today (25%) than in 1989 (33%) believe that “abortion is all right if having a baby will change your life plans in a way you find hard to live with.

Six in ten (60%) disagree that “abortion is all right, if having a baby will change your life plans”.

Fifteen percent do not know how they feel about the matter.

Boys are more likely than girls to agree that abortion is all right (29% compared to 20%), and as youth get older they are more likely to agree.

White (28%) and Asian (35%) youth in this age bracket are more likely than African Americans (15%) to agree with this as well.

The survey also found that youth are more accepting of gay relationships. Fifty-nine percent of teenagers agree with the statement, “Gay and lesbian relationships are OK, if that is a person’s choice.” Only 31 percent agreed in 1989. And when asked whether they would continue a friendship with a gay or lesbian friend, 48% said they would, compared to just 12% in 1989.

Compared to 20 years ago, youth today are more likely to say they intend to vote in the future (84 percent vs. 77 percent), as well as give to charity (76 percent vs. 63 percent). Some 79 percent say they will volunteer in their communities. And here’s some good news — youth exhibit a strong sense of community and global responsibility in their attitudes toward environmental stewardship. Fully 78% of 7th- to 12th-graders — girls and boys across all age groups — agree that everyone has a responsibility to take care of the environment.

Nearly two out of three young people (62 percent) surveyed in 2009, say they would not cheat on a test compared to about half in 1989. And only 18 percent say they believe smoking is acceptable if a person finds it enjoyable. In 1989, more than a quarter of those surveyed thought smoking was acceptable.

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