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Black Pastor “Comes Out” asks Obama for invitation to WH encourages others to “come out” on social media

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Pastor_and_Sister_Patterson_2011In a video posted online, Church of God In Christ Pastor Richard E. Patterson, Sr., has Comes Out as a Straight, Heterosexual Man, criticizing president Obama for inviting gay people to the White House simply because of their sexual preference.

The growing climate of heterophobia is of great concern to me,” Pastor Patterson states.

Pastor Patterson calls for hate crimes legislation to be enacted for heterosexual people.

He asks President Obama, ‘I want My Invitation’ to the White House.

“To our president, Mr. Barack Obama, it is a direct slap in the face to ignore heterosexual couples such as my wife and me. To trot out a gay couple at your recent state dinner where you entertained the French President. Mr. Collins, a former MBA player receives an invitation, simply because he came out last year as gay. Well, I have now come out as straight and I expect the same courtesy and if not it will be viewed as a direct slap in the face to those who live our lives as straight heterosexual individuals every day. We pay our taxes, we obey the laws of the land, I want my invitation. states Pastor Patterson.

He then encourages everyone else to “come Out” on facebook, twitter and other social media outlets.


Patterson, is Pastor of St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ, Chicago, Illinois.

The church has posted this statement in their website:

Given the heightened sensitivity around the issue of same-sex marriage we feel it important to state our position on this crucial matter.

St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ believes in the practice of living a Saved and Sanctified life as detailed in the Holy Scriptures. We disavow the practice of any
immoral act, or sin, i.e. adultery, homosexuality, child molestation and such like contained in the Bible.

We believe that marriage is between a man and woman and the God-intended family springs hopeful from such a union.

We do not endorse, support, or encourage hatred, mistreatment, or abuse of any kind against anyone, because of their beliefs or practices. We also expect the same respect and consideration for the stand we take with regard to our beliefs from those who may oppose them.

It is our hope that this ministry can provide an environment where the sinner can find a place to confess his sins and receive prayer for deliverance.