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E-Klipse Rap’n about Planned Parenthood, Black Genocide, Population Control

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Back to knowledge…

Artist – E-Klipse
Title – Racial Awakening
Beat By – Allrounda

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Wonder if people really understand racism
And its eugenics roots
16 million black people have been killed in America
Not by hate crimes
By Planned Parenthood pressuring abortions
Which lead to cancer for the mothers
This is just a start
To be used on every race

Skewed by news
And all the studies findings
Abortions link to cancer
But your fucking blinded

You say its tragic
When they cuffing em wid sirens
What about the ones who never lived
As the mothers dying
Bill Gates sterilization of Africa
Covered up with lying
Forced vaccines for the third world

Without there trust compliance
Filled with mercury
Designed to crush a giant
Amount of the population
Til the publics declining
Demonized by media
For uncovering the science
Clinics filling children with ritalin
Causing another riot
Prozac causes psychotic behavior
And the fake disrupted climate
All tools to depopulate
Plus the crumbling finance
Rockefeller and Ted Turner
Know the plan underlining
80% population decrease
But the republics rising

I’m just trying
To spread some peace
So why the fuck
Do you look at me
Like I’m the liar
The one diseased
I don’t drink the fluoride
Ain’t a fish in a sea
I’m different then you
I’m rising up
Cuz I know the media
Lies to us
White or black
We’re all defined as one
Come together right now

Or be divided up

Minorities are testing grounds
For global genicide

Once I learned
I was awoke and petrified
As false flag attacks
Used to revoke your every right
They use fear
To promote there enterprise
Think your being lead to hope
With Oprahs petty lies
While she meets with Bill Gates
Discussing population control
Your leaders are corrupt
With a strangehold
On all reality aspects
Police state is dangerclose
What do you really count for
Cuz it ain’t a vote
As Coca Cola was draining coke
Government then outlawed drugs
While supplying there own
They use it to fill prisons
So you can die there alone
They won’t stop
Til your living inside of a dome
RFID chips
Planted inside of your home
So when the new world order kills your family
Don’t deny it was known

Are the elites really aliens
With reptilian skin
Are they devil worshippers
With commitment to sin
I don’t know
All I know is there killing our kids
To have the planet to themselves
See us as primitive pigs
Nothing but consumers of reality
They give us to live
You gotta break the mold
Don’t give in to this
Obama legislation
Creating militia’s of kids
Humans made into fucking drones
To mimmick its kings
Teleivison mind control
Watching haults your thinking to thin
Fluoride is a toxin
Yet your fucking drinking it in
Causes bone fractures
Ain’t a dentistry thing
Doesn’t help your teeth
Just builds into your skin
Hard to detox it
But its bigger then this
Only scratching the surface
Do the research yourself
Learn what else
Is being done by the pures of wealth
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