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Did women who killed baby in Pub bathroom previously go to Planned Parenthood?

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amanda-c-hein-20130827The 26-year-old Amanda C. Hein began complaining about back pain while sitting in a booth at Starters Pub in Lower Saucon Township, in Pennsylvania, the night of Aug. 18

Hein delivered a son after leaving the table — laboring in a bathroom stall of the popular sports bar on Route 378 while she ignored her friends’ text messages as they worried why she was gone for so long.

Then she took that “alive and viable” boy of 33 to 36 weeks’ gestation and killed him, putting him in a plastic bag and leaving him in the tank of the toilet.


After leaving her newborn in the toilet, Hein went back to the table for her purse and smoked a cigarette outside before returning to her friends, Morganelli said. She stayed at the pub, he said, watching the hour-long conclusion of the pay-per-view wrestling tournament for which she had come — even while she bled on the booth. Her newborn’s body remained to be discovered by a cleaning crew the next morning.


On Aug. 19, cleaners at Starters Pub found the infant’s body after the toilet wouldn’t flush. Opening the tank, they uncovered the boy wrapped in a plastic bag that had lined a small garbage can in the stall.

Hein, has been arrested on homicide charges and sent to Northampton County Prison without bail Monday evening after being arraigned by District Judge David Tidd, according to online court records.

On Monday, Hein’s stepmother, Louiseann Hein recalled a conversation they had about what might happen if the younger woman had a baby. The discussion was sparked by the arrival of a piece of mail from Planned Parenthood addressed to Amanda Hein.

“I told her she always had a home here,” Louiseann Hein said, choking back tears. “We would make room. Would find a way.”

It might interest readers to know that abortionist Kermit Gosnell was charged with murder after he killed several babies born alive. Their staff testified that babies were delivered into toilets.

In addition, former employees of abortionist Douglas Karpen, also said they delivered babies born alive into a toilet:

“We seen a lot of cases where women, they felt like they had to push and they had to run to the bathroom. On some occasions we had women that were the fetus were falling into the toilet.. We had one incident where it was big news, where the fetus was left in the toilet, I don’t know if you all heard about that one she was at McDonalds. They stopped there in the morning and the fetus was left in the toilet and nobody ever found out whose fetus it was, but it was one of his patients. We knew it because we were watching it on the news that day that she was supposed to be in the clinic.”