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Victim of Clarence Gamble funded sterilization program dies

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The Winston-Salem Journal reported that a 90-year-old North Carolina woman sterilized involuntarily by the state when she was a homeless teenager died as officials continued to drag out the process of approving compensation for the sterilization victims.

The family was targeted because they were homeless , social workers would target two of his daughters for sterilization. The family was white, although the state program would target blacks of modest means in its last years.

The two children were eventually placed in foster homes after their parents died. One daughter who was raped at the home, learned she was pregnant from the rape. Social workers pressed her father writing that she was pregnant out of wedlock, anemic, her mother was feeble-minded, and her father had been a heavy drinker.

The state sterilization program was barely 5 years old, but it was gaining steam, and would soon be supported by powerful leaders including a man by the name of Clarence Gamble.

With the passage of the North Carolina Sterilization Act in 1929, North Carolina’s sterilization program began. In 1933, the act was declared unconstitutional on the grounds that it did not allow an appeals process. In the same year, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law allowing an appeal process and created the Board of Eugenics to oversee sterilizations.
Created in Pasadena, California in 1928, the Human Betterment Foundation sponsored and conducted research relating to sterilization’s physiological, mental, and social effects. Closely aligned with the Human Betterment Foundation, the Human Betterment League of North Carolina used mass media and advertisements to promote the implementation of sterilization procedures. Founded by James G. Hanes in 1947, the Human Betterment League included members, such as Alice Shelton Gray, a trained nurse, and Dr. Clarence Gamble, an heir to the Procter and Gamble fortune.

The League funded a newspaper article campaign to convince the public that sterilizations were needed. In the literature, sterilization was not presented as a form of punishment but as a protection. The public was informed that most of the “unfit” did not live in mental institutions but were in the community and “breeding,” according to the literature, with normal people. The League persuasively convinced North Carolinians that the sterilizations must occur as soon as possible.

After World War II, many states dismantled their sterilization programs; they feared that their eugenics efforts might be compared to Nazi Germany. In North Carolina, however, sterilization increased by nearly four-fifths. By 1957, the League distributed more than 575,000 pieces of mail which promoted the sterilization program. During the 1960s, social workers were given the authority to recommend sterilizations, and the eugenics program expanded to include welfare recipients. These factors contributed greatly to the increase in sterilizations among African Americans and women.

During the early 1970s, the League stopped promoting eugenic sterilizations and started producing educational material regarding birth control and genetic counseling. The League’s name changed to The Human Genetics League. It went out of existence in 1988.

According to the North Carolina Winston-Salem Journal, “Clarence Gamble who helped found the Human Betterment League of North Carolina in 1947 did so to promote eugenic sterilization. Journal research shows a long history of abuses in the N.C. sterilization program – abuses that Gamble consistently glossed over..” Gamble wanted sterilizations to increase rather than decrease, and increase they did.

Clarence Gamble, heavily funded the North Carolina Eugenics Society. Click Here : Clarence Gamble.

Mattie’s family was powerless to resist. Because she was a minor, her father signed the consent form. Doctors at Duke University Hospital sterilized Mattie after she gave birth to a daughter. They told her she was having her tubes tied because she was “too small” to have additional children. Mattie never realized that the procedure had been ordered by the state.

Shortly thereafter, social workers concentrated on Mattie’s little sister, April. The petition to sterilize her listed her as a “pauper” whose family had received relief payments from the government for 10 years or more. The petition noted that she’d been guilty of “immorality and begging” and “liked to wear overalls.” The form also noted that her sister Mattie was feeble-minded, even though that had never been noted in the petition to sterilize her. April was sterilized at Winston-Salem’s City Memorial Hospital in December 1936, just a few days before Christmas. She was 13, and was told she was having her appendix removed.

Mattie made a decent life for herself, working in factories, raising her daughter, and getting married.

Her sister April found out when she was in her 30s that she had been sterilized by the state, and told family members about it. She drifted from job to job and relationship to relationship, no doubt haunted by the sterilization. She died in the 1990s.

Mattie lived on. She resided with her daughter’s family through much of her last years. Her daughter worked hard and taught her children to as well, giving the lie to the state eugenics program’s theory that sterilization was necessary to stop “undesirables” from producing children who would become wards of the state. Mattie’s grandchildren found her to be a joy, a kind and caring grandmother.

Mattie spent the last months of her life suffering from dementia in a nursing home, apparently never realizing that the state was considering compensation for those sterilized. A few months ago, her granddaughter, wondering if she’d been sterilized by the state like her sister said she was, began tracking down records that showed the state ordered sterilizations for both sisters. Like so many other victims, Mattie died while state officials dragged their feet.

Her granddaughter feels for all the victims of the program. “I just think it’s a sad mark on our history.”

Many victim’s of the Clarence Gamble funded sterilization program have come forward to tell their story.

Listen to what the State of North Carolina’s Eugenic Board (Funded by Sanger supporter- Clarence Gamble) did to this “African American woman” : Elaine Riddick

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This Interview is from the 2.5 hour film called Maafa21 and would be worth watching if you are interested in more on Eugenics, especially how African Americans were targeted during this time. Gamble also supported Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Movement. Sanger and many of her board members and presidents were members of the American Eugenics Society.

State considers apology for Eugenics then refuses to declare a viable unborn baby “A person” !

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Some Vermont lawmakers say it’s time to apologize for a part of the state’s history.

It’s the so-called eugenics movement, which was carried out in many states in the early 20th century. The selective-breeding program sought to sterilize citizens labeled feeble-minded or criminal.

A University of Vermont professor conducted the so-called “Vermont Eugenics Survey,” which led to the state passing a sterilization law in 1931. The law resulted in the sterilization of several hundred poor, rural Vermonters as well as Abenaki Indians, French-Canadians and others deemed unfit to have children.

The House Human Services Committee takes testimony Tuesday on the measure, a nonbinding resolution expressing the state’s regret about the so-called eugenics movement.

Backers of the resolution say its harms fell disproportionately on Vermonters of Abenaki and French-Canadian heritage, as well as poor Irish and Italian immigrants.

Vermont was one of many states that passed so-called eugenics laws in the 1920s and ’30s to try to prevent citizens labeled feeble-minded from having children.

But while they make this decision- Planned Parenthood whose founder, Margaret Sanger , was a member of the American Eugenics Society – has pressured lawmakers to not passing a bill which would make the killing of a viable fetus a crime.

According to this article in the Bennington Banner: Sears: Fetal homicide bills won’t be heard
Posted: 02/08/2010

Bills addressing fetal homicide won’t be considered by the Vermont Senate this year because neither has strong consensus backing within the chamber, according to Bennington County Sen. Dick Sears, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Proponents of adopting a fetal homicide bill in Vermont say they will, however, seek a path through the Vermont House.

The pronouncement Monday by Sears, a Democrat, follows a months-long push by a Bennington woman who lost twin fetuses in an Aug. 10 crash on Route 7. Her effort provoked lawmakers to introduce three bills — two in the Senate and one in the House — to address Patricia Blair’s concerns.

But the Senate bills will not be heard this year, said Sears, who was afforded the final word by Democratic leaders in the Legislature.

“I spent a lot of time in the past few days thinking about this and how to approach it. Each time I tried to find a way to deal with this bill, or bills, each time I came back with the same problem, and that is that I don’t have consensus,” Sears said. “These types of bills need consensus to move forward. I have not seen that consensus.”

According to police, Patricia Blair’s minivan was struck head-on by Kelly Cook, a 22-year-old Pownal woman. Cook has been charged with felony counts of driving under the influence of drugs and gross negligent vehicle operation resulting in injury. But Cook is not being charged with the deaths of Blair’s 6-month fetuses.

That’s because Vermont does not have a fetal homicide law, unlike 35 other states and the federal government. And legal experts say that under criminal statutes in Vermont, fetuses are not considered people because of precedent set forth in the 1989 Vermont Supreme Court case State vs. Oliver.

After the crash, Blair said she was devastated to learn that Cook would not face charges related to the death of the fetuses. The state forced her to fill out paperwork when the fetuses died, but does not consider them to be people. “The very first question they ask you is the baby’s first, middle and last name,” she said. “And yet, they’re not considered children in Vermont.”

Sears sponsored one of the Senate bills. His legislation would have boosted penalties for three existing crimes — aggravated assault, gross negligent vehicle operation and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs — when they are committed against a pregnant woman.

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, co-sponsored Sears’ bill. He expressed disappointment in Sears’ decision, but acknowledged the bills had little chance of passing.

Blair quickly rejected Sears’ approach because it would not have recognized that her unborn babies were killed during a criminal act.

On Monday, Sears acknowledged that he underestimated the passion on both sides of the fetal homicide issue, and it’s relationship with abortion rights. “I was maybe a little naive to think that we could do this without touching abortion. There’s a real sincere fear from many pro-choice advocates that anything we do, including my bill, would result in a slippery slope that could impact people’s right to choose,” Sears said.

He also acknowledged that his critics would blame Planned Parenthood and the Vermont-ACLU groups for the decision he reached. “I was urged by ACLU and Planned Parenthood not to do anything and I’ll be accused of caving to them. That’s a little frustrating to me,” Sears said. “Quite frankly, there is very little support for the Illuzzi approach. There is some for mine, but not a lot. Anything I say is going to be seen as an excuse by some.

Full Article Here


Does it surprise anyone that the organization founded with Eugenics members like: Margaret Sanger ( Founder) and Planned Parenthood Prez , Alan Guttmacher ( Former Eugenics Society Vice President) among many others would try and stop this legislation? The truth about Planned Parenthood and Eugenics can be found in an extraordinary documentary based and researched from the files and papers of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood called: Maafa21.

View a clip of Maafa21 below:

The Eugenics links to Sanger and Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood invites the Director of the American Eugenics Society to speak at it’s luncheon. Robert C. Cook was invited to speak at the meeting. The meeting was held to discuss the objectives of Planned Parenthood…but…don’t take my word for it: Read the article yourself here:

(Source:Schenectady Gazette – Oct 20, 1958)

Professor Henry P. Fairchild: Former Past President of the American Eugenics Society was also a Vice President of Planned Parenthood….but…don’t take my word for it: Read the article yourself – here
( SOURCE: Schenectady Gazette – Dec 5, 1951)

Vice Chairman of the American Birth Control League brags that birth control was accepted by the “most distinguished” of the Eugenics Society- here
(SOURCE: The Miami News – Nov 21, 1921)

(LBJ) Lyndon B. Johnson accepts the Margaret Sanger Award and it is mentioned that Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman are co-chairs of a Planned Parenthood honorary council- here
( SOURCE: Lodi News-Sentinel – Oct 10, 1966)

1947- Margaret Sanger says that women should stop having babies because there won’t be enough food to feed them otherwise. ( Have we heard that recently?) well -that was in 1947 and women continued to pro-create…did we all starve? Just checking?
Read article here

(SOURCE: The Evening Independent – Jul 2, 1947)

NAACP – accused Planned Parenthood clinics of “genocide’ – here
( SOURCE: The Pittsburgh Press – Dec 14, 1967)

And here

There is some suspicion in a New England black community surveyed that family planning programs are forms of black genocide, a team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts found. (SOURCE: Genocide Fears of Blacks Found in Birth Plan Study 4/11/1971)

Margaret Sanger helped Bermuda set up birth control clinics when they discovered there was a huge increase in the Negro Population – ( Times Daily – Jun 16, 1937) here

Margaret Sanger concerned that the Well-to-do is using Birth Control while the “feeble minded” are not. She urges that birth control gets legalized so that these “unskilled” , “sub-normal” and “feeble minded” will not out-number the “intellectuals” (The Pittsburgh Press – Dec 30, 1928) Here

In 1962, Vice President of the American Eugenics Society at the time, Dr. Alan Guttmacher wants abortion laws patterned after Sweden and other nations. One reason they list to allow abortions is :EUGENIC ! Also- Guttmacher at this point says he does NOT BELIEVE that abortion should be left up to the patient or their doctor, rather it should be up to “Special Board” to approve the abortion. (Eugenic Board, perhaps?) ( The Miami News – Aug 12, 1962) Read Here ( Alan Guttmacher is a former Vice President of The American Eugenics Society and a Former President of Planned Parenthood)