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Did late term abortion campaign trigger pipe bomb attack by pro-choicers?

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FBI Investigates pipe bomb explosion near ‪#‎prolife‬ sign shop

A pipe bomb at an Albuquerque strip mall in November has sparked an FBI investigation.

APD says the pipe bomb was attached to the gas main of Fastsigns on Eubank when it detonated a week before the abortion vote.

According to the APD Bomb Squad, it had been programmed to explode at that time.

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When they discovered the sign shop had been hired to print anti-abortion campaign posters, they called in the feds.

In what could have been a disastrous explosion, it did only minimal damage.


The director of the ABQ Voters for Late Term Abortion Ban says the time and place of the explosion is no coincidence.

She says it’s possible that someone thought the address printed on all their signs was their campaign headquarters.

“It’s really scary to think people will go to such lengths, especially when we’re following the process of the City Charter and doing everything legally and lawfully,” said Tara Shaver, who also works for Project Defending Life.

Shaver says the FBI has never contacted her about the incident.

The FBI said it’s still investigating.

A spokesperson for the FBI says they don’t think it had anything to do with the abortion vote but wouldn’t elaborate.

But- reports revealed that pro-lifers were targeted by pro-abortion forces during their campaign.

The campaign website for a pro-life group was hacked.

Emails meant to go to the pro-life PAC ABQ Voters For Late Term Abortion Ban was redirected to the abortion-supporting group Respect ABQ Women, which is opposing the Ordinance.

The ABQ Voters for Late Term Abortion Ban campaign filed complaints with the FBI.

The Pain Capable ordinance, was the first of its kind to be proposed at the municipal level and would have banned abortions after 20 weeks within the Albuquerque city limits, where the largest late-term abortion clinic in the nation currently operates. The campaign has received national attention.


That clinic is owned by Late term abortionist Curtis Boyd who once admitted he was killing.