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Post cards expose who is responsible for UNM’s abortion business, says pro-life group

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A New Mexico pro-life group has just released post cards (image below) to expose who they believe to be behind the abortion business going on at the University of New Mexico. The post card features Dr. Paul Roth and Dr. Eve Epsey.

Epsey was appointed chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN) at the University of New Mexico in 2014 is also the president of the Society for Family Planning.

Epsey has also been “honored” by the Physicians for Reproductive Health for which she is a former board member along with abortionist Curtis Boyd who ran a training program at the UNM. Epsey was also a 2014 recipient of Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award, named after was the advocate of eugenics who founded the abortion business.

Paul ROth EPsey POst Card
​This postcard will be delivered by mail to multiple Albuquerque neighborhoods this weekend. The University of New Mexico is a publicly funded institution and the community deserves to know who is responsible for UNM’s radical abortion agenda.

    Bud and Tara Shaver who founded Protest ABQ, said that in 2010 the University of New Mexico placed Dr. Paul Roth in charge of their governing board. Dr. Roth is listed as the chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and dean of the School of Medicine, on the school’s website.

    According to a report filed by Tara Shaver, in 2007, UNM launched its free-standing abortion clinic, the UNM Center for Reproductive Health (UNMCRH), which conducts abortions up to 22 weeks gestation, or over half way through pregnancy.

      In addition to this off-campus freestanding abortion clinic, there is also a clinic on campus performing abortions up to 11.5 weeks gestation. Known as the Family Practice Center, it offers specialized services in ObGyn through the Department of Family Practice at UNM.

      Essentially UNM is running two abortions clinics…

      UNM is currently one of 68 universities that participate in the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Program in Abortion and Family Planning. The Ryan Program, founded in 1999, is a national initiative whose mission is to embed abortion training into residency programs throughout the United States and Canada.

    In 2014, members of Project Defending Life met with UNM Regents, including the Board of Regents President Jack Fortner, and the Health Sciences Center Dean, Paul Roth, to express concerns about the blatant disregard for human life at UNM. Unfortunately, those meetings were to no avail.

    Now, according to Shaver, “The University of New Mexico (UNM) Board of Regents is attempting to dissolve the Health Sciences Center (HSC) board and demote Dr. Paul Roth (godfather of abortion at UNM).

      Could it be that the UNM Regents realize that the Health Sciences Center (HSC) under Dr. Paul Roth’s control has taken the UNM Health system in the wrong direction with Roth’s radically pro-abortion agenda?

    According to the New Mexico Political Report:

      [UNM Regents Rob Doughty] Doughty and [Marron] Lee’s authored changes removed Roth’s full oversight authority over HSC property, finances, staff and legal matters and subjected them to approval of UNM President Frank.

      Shortly before the Regents made a vote, Roth told the public that UNM President Frank would immediately reinstate Roth’s role as CEO. After the vote, Roth said in a statement that he was “grateful” to Frank “for clarifying that I will continue as CEO of the UNM Health System, with all of the responsibilities and authorities commensurate with that.”

      Doughty also told reporters after the vote that Roth stays in charge of the “day-to-day operations” of HSC. Still, an HSC spokesman told NM Political Report last week that HSC press relations were in the process of learning “what that entails.”

    Protest ABQ has released a statement that although the move is in the right direction, having Roth who allowed these abortion facilities at the University to continues in any roll is just not acceptable and reads:

    Back of Postcard

    Back of Postcard

    Some have criticized the UNM regents for acting so quickly to re-adjust leadership at UNM (even GOP leadership) by giving the President of the University, Robert Frank, appropriate authority while bringing Paul Roth more under control. It has been said that for the past five years the University has had two heads, these changes have “removed Roth’s full oversight authority over HSC property, finances, staff and legal matters and subjected them to approval of UNM President Frank.”

    For 5 years we have been exposing and applying pressure to those with the ability to end the abortion agenda at UNM. Whether the motivation for change at UNM was rooted in money, a new hospital or damage control due to Paul Roth’s leadership…It is hard for us to ignore the fact that UNM is currently under a congressional investigation regarding the use of fetal tissue and it’s abortion agenda has become widely known during Dr. Paul Roth’s tenure.

    It seems as though UNM leadership is moving in the right direction in order to make substantial change, however, Dr. Paul Roth is still the motivating force behind their radical abortion agenda. As Dean of the School of Medicine Roth was the highest authority in giving abortionist Eve Espey the promotion to Chair of the Obgyn department, even though her agenda is to promote abortion here and abroad. Espey also received the Margaret Sanger award in 2014.

    In order for UNM to completely abandon their pro-abortion agenda, a few things must be done. Roth and Espey must be terminated and now President Frank has the authority to bring the matter to the Regents for their approval. We are asking the public to contact President Frank and ask him to urge the regents to terminate the contracts of both Espey and Roth.

    Please join us in contacting UNM President Robert Frank

    *ACGME accreditation does not require that universities have their own free standing abortion facility

    “Not only does UNM embrace abortion and run a free standing abortion facility in Albuquerque performing abortions up to 22 weeks of pregnancy, they have also recently been caught red handed using aborted baby body parts in medical research. Are you comfortable with your tax dollars being used to kill and experiment on pre-born babies?”

    Please contact UNM President Robert Frank and ask him to urge the Board of Regents to terminate the contracts of Dr. Paul Roth and Dr. Eve Espey.

ACOG conference speakers give nod to racist Margaret Sanger and promote abortion

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This week, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is holding an annual conference.

ACOG nationnal meeting 2015 May

The event entitled: Teaming up for women’s health is being held in San Francisco, Ca. May 2-6th.

ACOG Teaming up for womens health banner

It is no surprise that ACOG endorses abortion.

While I am not at the conference, a series of tweets under the #ACOG2015 and #ACOG15 hashtags and also on the group’s twitter page, show support for Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger as well as abortion.

In addition, conference speakers appear to show support for the forced abortion/birth control mandate under ObamaCare:

Birth Control ACA ACOG

ACOG Hobby Lobby IUD abortion

Anne Davis Hobby Lobby

Abortion will be a topic according to the ACOG’s itinerary:

    Spontaneous, complete, incomplete abortion (1st and 2nd trimester) (27)Congenital anomalies (reproductive tract)

    The Society of Family Planning will be hosting a three hour session that will highlight new research and clinical practice issues related to contraception, abortion, STIs, sexuality, and how to translate the best evidence into clinical practice.

    Medical MGT abortion ACOG

    Sarah W. Prager, MD from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington will lead the ACOG class on Medical Management of Spontaneous and Elective Abortion.


    According to the group, “This course will review medical management of early pregnancy loss and abortion protocols, pain management, and complications.”

According to ACOG’s final program guide Prager’s abortion class :

    This course will review medical management of early pregnancy loss and abortion protocols, pain management,
    and complications.
    At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:
    • Review epidemiology of medical abortion
    • Review 5 Ws of providing medical abortion: how? Who? What? When? Where?
    • Review appropriate patient selection
    • Address appropriate post-abortion follow-up
    • Discuss complications and how to prevent/manage them

Also in their final program guide is this class on late term abortion:

    A Pilot Survey of Abortion Providers’ Knowledge Regarding Third-Trimester Procedures, will be presented Sunday by Jessica Maria Atrio, MD, Montefiore Hospital Einstein School of Medicine, Bronx, NY Mengyang Sun, MD

    ACOG thrid trimester abortion final program

    And this class, The Effect of Clinical Clerkships on Medical Students’ Attitudes Toward Abortion and Contraception
    taught by, Elyse Nicole Brock, MD University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City, IA Abbey J. Hardy-Fairbanks, MD, and Colleen M.
    Stockdale, MD.

    ACOG abortion classes 2015

ACOG Action tweeted to keep abortion safe and legal – but- they are too late – see a list of women killed from legal abortion here.

ACOG Action keep abortion legal

And, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) weighed in:


Dr. Anne Davis Davis is a abortion advocate and served on the board of Physicians for Reproductive Health from 2002 to 2008.

Anne Davis ACOG Reproductive

She is now their consulting medical director.

In her speech Davis refers to Planned Parenthood’s racist founder, Margaret Sanger as “The pill advocate”.

ACOG 2015 tweet Sanger

An attendee of the ACOG event posted this, “Starting the day with abortion provider and teacher Anne Davis of Physicians for Reproductive Choice discussing the history of reproductive health access. Lovely nod to Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood already!”

Anne Davis Abortion Provider

Sanger was an avowed eugenicist who spoke to the Klan and advocated forced sterilization of those she deemed unworthy.

Today, Planned Parenthood’s top award is still named after her.

Eve Espey ACOG

Also present was Society of Family Planning president elect, and abortionist Eve Espey, MD.

Dr. Eve Epsey ACOG

Eve Espey, MD, was the 2013 recipient of Physicians for Reproductive Health’s William K. Rashbaum, MD , Abortion Provider Award, which honors physicians who provide, “outstanding abortion services and serves as an inspirational leader for colleagues, residents, and medical students.

She has a “contraception” video series on ACOG’s website here.

Other tweets of interest:

ACOG abortion

ACOG Person Me

WOmen take EC have to come for abortion ACOG

COntraception EC Anne Davis

ACOG Choices Anne Davis abortion

ACOG abortion 2