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Violence at abortion clinics not “Isolated”

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Every news story about abortion, abortion in health care, abortion protesters, mentions the shooting of late term abortionist George Tiller, while failing to mention the brutal murder of pro-life activist Jim Pouillon.

Jim’s death comes on the heels of years of pro-choice violence excused and dismissed by the media and law enforcement. The fact that a gun was used to murder an innocent man means nothing to them.

Speaking of guns being used at abortion clinics, my family member had a gun pulled on her while exercising her Constitutionally protected free speech rights in front of an abortion clinic. The man who aimed the gun and threatened her was an out spoken pro-choice advocate in favor of abortion rights.

I have personally been assaulted by pro-choice people. My car has been vandalized, I have received threats and I was assaulted by an abortion clinic owner .

Yet- with all this proof – the media tries to paint pro-lifers as the violent ones. They NEVER show the pictures of the babies that are brutally murdered and they NEVER repeat the litany of documented evidence that pro-choice violence exists. Even Fox News, refuses to show the images of aborted babies, yet we see death and graphic images on that network daily.

Let’s start hammering the point- that pro-choice IS Pro-violence.

Remember- the pro-choicers have been intimidating, threatening, and even killing pro-life protesters with guns for years. Here is one example. If this has happened to you, please comment on this blog !

In October of 1994, a Washington Times headline read: “Man shoots at pro-lifer at Baton Rouge abortion clinic”.

A man picking up his wife at the Delta Women’s abortion clinic shot at pro-lifer demonstrating . The paper reported that the pro-lifer was not hurt. The violent pro-choice attacker, Ernest Robertson, was charged with attempted second degree murder. The pro-life protester he pointed a gun and shot at was , Richard Mahoney. After the two men one pro-choice and the other pro-life were arguing about whether the child was a baby, the pro-choicer went to his car, and got the gun and fired one shot at the pro-lifer. According to witnesses, the violent pro-choicer’s gun jammed and he was only able to get off one round. The violent pro-choice attacker then got into his car and drove off. He later turned himself in to the authorities. (Source: The Washington Times: 10/7/1994 Page A9)

In September of 2009, a pro-life activist was gunned down on a public sidewalk by a violent pro-choicer who hated his message. James Pouillon was standing in front of a Michigan High School, where he had stood peacefully many times before, carrying a pro-life sign. The Shiawassee County Prosecutor’s office has charged pro-choicer, Harlan J. Drake, 33, of Owosso with two counts of first-degree, premeditated murder.

Pouillon’s sign depicted a picture of a baby and simply said “LIFE” and for this he was brutally killed.



Police reported that Drake was ticked off at Pouillon’s pro-life message, so he hunted him down in a killing spree, drove up next to the man who had 2 leg braces and carried an oxygen tank, and opened fire. This is the pro-choice response to a non-violent protest, this is their way of bringing “peace” and “Common ground” to the abortion issue. This type of brutal murder , firing several bullets into the body of a loving father and a husband , is the violent pro-choice response to the simple pro-life message: “LIFE“.

Activist Killed

Check out more about pro-choice violence here: Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence

Case in point is this non sense: Maddow calls it a “Waive of anti-abortion terrorism”

Late term abortionist, Warren Hern calls it anti-abortion violence- There is no mention of the documented pro-choice violence. Hern wants the President to tell pro-lifers protesting at clinics to go away. That is how these liberals work- SQUELCH Free Speech ! Hern compares pro-lifers to the Taliban and links the US Church to the Islamic Terrorists as well ! Ridiculous !