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Abortion advocate wants pro-life family to die

Posted in pro-choice violence, Pro-LIfe Action League with tags , , , , , , , on June 9, 2015 by saynsumthn

An abortion supporter has left a comment saying he wanted a pro-life family to die.

The disturbing words were written after Pro-life Action League published a video showing how abortion clinic escorts refused to look at official documents outlining the horrific conditions at the clinic.

The video can be viewed below and although it is outrageous the willful ignorance that abortion supporters exhibit while protecting child killers, it is not he purpose of this post.

What I am trying to accomplish is to expose this outrageous comment by abortion advocate “Yoadavator” left on the page where Pro-life Action League’s posted the video.

It reads:

    “just saw the video about the Albany clinic, I will be sending them $100 tomorrow. Is that asswipe Joe dead yet, I would love to see a video of him, ann and their brain-dead handicapped retarded son die too. Good times fucktards. Who is the douche in a maroon windbreaker, by the way?”


Let’s break the comment down: “Is that asswipe Joe dead yet”

Joe would be Joe Scheidler who founded Pro-life Action League.

“I would love to see a video of him, ann and their brain-dead handicapped retarded son die too.”

Die too?

I don’t know about you – but this almost sounds like a death threat to me.

Maybe not.

Perhaps this ever so intelligent (wink wink) pro-choicer had something else in mind other than wanting to see the entire Scheidler family dead. If so, I’d love for him to explain.

Yoadavator has a habit of writing strange comments that imply violence. Like this comment left on a video uploaded by Life Dynamics, where he sends a message to president Mark Crutcher which states: “hahaha – hey mark, let’s go for a plane ride! near a tree.”

Yodavator on MC

And, this one posted on a video that addresses the death of an abortion patient, where the proud abortion advocate writes: “too bad it was her and not gutless scumsuckers mark, troy and cheryl.”

Yoadavator comment on Lakish WIlson vid

And these comments directed at other pro-lifers on YouTube:




I guess in the end, Yoadavator is just showing the true colors of a person who supports death.

But he also sounds very disturbed and maybe pro-lifers should be tracking these statements.

Just say’n.