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Health Care Debate: Heat and Light ?

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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a phrase being thrown out against those who protest President Obama’s Government take-over of health care? “HEAT and LIGHT”

This morning, after watching both Fox and Friends and NBC’s Today Show, I listened to interviews with the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs discussing Obama’s attempt to salvage Health Care and his speech this evening. Despite the fact that Gibbs danced around the question of whether Obama will compromise on the ” Public Option” …Gibbs used a phrase in both interviews which I found interesting.

In referring to those who oppose the “public Option” and the plan in general, he called the effort, “HEAT AND LIGHT“. Perhaps I am out of the loop, but what the heck does he mean by “HEAT AND LIGHT“..

I have a suspicion, that while he is speaking to the Press, he is throwing out “Global Warming” terms, such as this “HEAT AND LIGHT” phrase.

So, I googled, “HEAT AND LIGHT” and Global Warming and discovered that it is a negative used in that circle.

Does anyone know the origin of this phrase and why it is being used to describe those who object to the President’s Health Care Bill? Please Advise…

When I was searching this phrase I came across an interesting statement describing Russia’s system of Czars. In Everybody’s Magazine,from 1905: ” …the Czar can do as he pleases. He is above all laws…The Czar indeed directs that a ministerial bill beaten by a two-thirds vote in both houses shall be withdrawn.” Even then the Czar may authorize the Minister to reintroduce the measure in The Ridgeway Company, 1905, P. 567 found in Google Books Online.