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Beck rails on Left-Wing Violence and Media Bias

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Health Care Debate: Heat and Light ?

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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a phrase being thrown out against those who protest President Obama’s Government take-over of health care? “HEAT and LIGHT”

This morning, after watching both Fox and Friends and NBC’s Today Show, I listened to interviews with the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs discussing Obama’s attempt to salvage Health Care and his speech this evening. Despite the fact that Gibbs danced around the question of whether Obama will compromise on the ” Public Option” …Gibbs used a phrase in both interviews which I found interesting.

In referring to those who oppose the “public Option” and the plan in general, he called the effort, “HEAT AND LIGHT“. Perhaps I am out of the loop, but what the heck does he mean by “HEAT AND LIGHT“..

I have a suspicion, that while he is speaking to the Press, he is throwing out “Global Warming” terms, such as this “HEAT AND LIGHT” phrase.

So, I googled, “HEAT AND LIGHT” and Global Warming and discovered that it is a negative used in that circle.

Does anyone know the origin of this phrase and why it is being used to describe those who object to the President’s Health Care Bill? Please Advise…

When I was searching this phrase I came across an interesting statement describing Russia’s system of Czars. In Everybody’s Magazine,from 1905: ” …the Czar can do as he pleases. He is above all laws…The Czar indeed directs that a ministerial bill beaten by a two-thirds vote in both houses shall be withdrawn.” Even then the Czar may authorize the Minister to reintroduce the measure in The Ridgeway Company, 1905, P. 567 found in Google Books Online.


Obama’s Green Czar Van Jones: Push it “Eco- Capitalism”

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Green Czar – Van Jones “Eco- Capitalism”

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Please understand that the effort to “Save the planet” includes depopulation of humans that are already here, So when you hear these words be warned !

On this site we have additional info on Obama’s Science Czar: John P. Holdren’s views. Search this site for details on Euthanasia and abortion being mandated as well. Given this – Do you reall want the government controlling your health care?

Civil Rights and Black Genocide

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An incredible documentary that everyone must see.

They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and brought across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known.

But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America’s wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not going to be particular about how it might be done.

What you are about to see is that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today. So don’t think that this is history. It is not. It is happening right here, right now.

If you think that slavery and racism is over, you will be shocked when you watch this well documented DVD exposing the racism that is still taking place within America. Maafa21 is a high quality documentary with incredible documentation – A MUST SEE for every African American !

MAAFA21 Purchase Here

Maafa21 DVD

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Contraceptives will become a form of drug warfare against the helpless in this nation.” Jesse Jackson, 1971

Under the cover of an alleged campaign to ‘alleviate poverty,’ white supremacist Americans and their dupes are pushing an all-out drive to put rigid birth control measures into every black home. No such drive exists within the white American world.” Black Unity Party, 1968

Proponents…have argued this bill is for blacks and the poor who want abortions and can’t afford one. This is the phoniest and most preposterous argument of all. Because I represent the inner-city where the majority of blacks and poor live and I challenge anyone here to show me a waiting line of either blacks or poor whites who are wanting an abortion.” Iowa State Rep. June Franklin, Democrat 1971.

The abortion law, hides behind the guise of helping women, when in reality it will attempt to destroy our people.” Brenda Hyson, New York chapter, Black Panther Party, 1971

A true revolutionary cares about the people–he cares to the point that he is willing to put his life on the line to help the masses of poor and oppressed people. He would never think of killing his unborn child.Detroit chapter, Black Panther Party, 1970

How the hell is getting the pill? The Mexican and the Negro. Do you want to wipe us out?Caesar Chavez, 1967

It is strange that they choose to start talking about population control at the same time that Black people in America and people of color around the world are demanding their rightful place as human citizens and their rightful share of the material wealth in the world.” Jesse Jackson, 1977

All these quotes are from a new film on Eugenics and Population Control called: Maafa21. It is a MUST SEE film- the best ever made on this issue. The early civil rights leaders, Black Panthers and others saw through the Planned Parenthood mirage. They saw it for what it really was: BLACK GENOCIDE.

Today 5 BLACK babies to every 1 White baby will die inside American Abortion Clinics. Is there a targeting going on? Find out: Maafa21:

ALL Pro-lifers are in favor of murdering abortionists, Just Say’n

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ALL people who use Craig’s List , must be in favor of murdering women who advertise they are a masseuse, because the suspected “Craig’s List” killer, Philip Markoff, used Craig’s List.

All Lutheran’s must hate women and want them to be murdered, because Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK serial killer attended, a Lutheran congregation in Wichita, Kansas.

All Homosexuals must be cannibals and promote murder because, serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer was admittedly gay. His modus operandi was to spike the drinks of his victims with debilitating drugs, have sex with them and then kill them and eat their flesh, although not always in that order. Sometimes he would kill them before having sex with them. He killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) must “condone” the illegal act of mutilating men, because their executive VP, Kim Gandy, made this statement after the trial Lorana Bobbitt. “It’s hard for anyone who watched that trial to believe that Lorena Bobbitt was not a woman who was pushed over the edge by years of abuse.” Mrs. Bobbitt admitted that she had used a long kitchen knife to cut off her husband’s penis she and her attorneys contended that she did so in a moment of insanity resulting from years of abuse by her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt.
( LA Times 1/22/1994)

All Hollywood actors must hate women, because, according to Shelley Malil may not have been a household name but he had a busy career as a comic actor, appearing in several TV shows including NYPD Blue and Scrubs, the “was uuup” Budweiser commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, and he is best known for his part in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. In 2008, Malil, 43, was arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend 20 times. Let’s not forget the famous Robert Blake case. Blake was arrested and charged in connection with the murder of his wife. His longtime bodyguard, Earle Caldwell, was also arrested and charged with conspiracy in connection with murder. On March 16, 2005, Blake was found not guilty of the murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley. Bakely’s three children filed a civil suit against Blake asserting that he was responsible for their mother’s death. On November 18, 2005, the jury found Blake liable for the wrongful death of his wife and ordered him to pay US $30 million.

ALL NFL’s players must hate women because Rae Carruth of the Carolina Panthers was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, firing into an occupied vehicle, which carried his pregnant girlfriend, and the heinous use of an instrument to destroy an unborn child.  And on June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown, O.J.’s ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, her friend, were found stabbed to death outside of Brown’s condo in L.A.  OJ  Simpson was arrested and charged with double murder.

ALL Law Students must hate women and want to rape and kill women, because Ted Bundy was a handsome, educated psychopathic law student who stalked and murdered dozens of young college women. Bundy was a very adept and glib con artist who faked a broken arm in a sling to convince young women to help him carry his textbooks to his car. Once there, he battered them with a baseball bat and carried them off for ghoulish rituals.

All animal rights and environmentalists MUST be in favor of the use of threats and violence because as a 2001, report published on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, points out,  a recent communiqué sent out by the environmentalist group: Earth Liberation Front (ELF), espouses “militant direct action … by any means necessary,” and claims they will targetF.B.I. offices and U.S. federal buildings,” “liberal democracy,” and even “industrial civilization” itself. The group’s nationwide bombings, arsons and vandalisms had been directed only at corporations “profiting from the destruction … of the natural environment.” In July, Dr. Michael Podell halted his AIDS studies and resigned from Ohio State University, giving up a tenured position and a $1.7 million research project. According to the Law Center, Podell, who was using cats to study why drug users seem to succumb more quickly to AIDS, received nearly a dozen death threats after PETA put the experiment on its “action alert” list. Podell was sent a photograph of a British scientist whose car had been bombed. “You’re next” was scrawled across the top of the photo. In 1979, an FBI-led task force that included the ATF and U.S. Postal Inspection Service was formed to investigate the “UNABOM” case. The man that the world would eventually know as Theodore Kaczynski came to the attention of the FBI in 1978 with the explosion of his first, primitive homemade bomb at a Chicago university. Over the next 17 years, he mailed or hand delivered a series of increasingly sophisticated bombs that killed three Americans and injured 24 more. Along the way, he sowed fear and panic, even threatening to blow up airliners in flight.

And of course, if all the above is true, then ALL Pro-lifers are in favor of murdering abortionists because one man walked up to the Late-Term abortion doctor, George Tiller and gunned him down.

Of course, the statements above are NOT true. Just because one person or even a group of people decide to commit an act of violence, it should not be used to condemn everyone else.

THINK ABOUT IT ! Just Say’n !

Whale Wars and Liberal Hypocrisy

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I have recently watched Animal Planet’s program: Whale Wars , and was surprised that there has been no reaction to the show by all these so-called “non-violent” liberals among us.

The show is filmed on board the Sea Shepard, led by a Captain Paul Watson who was an early member of Greenpeace. Watson admitted on one show that he believed that Greenpeace only raised money to “save whales” but he intended to actually stop the killing. The Sea Shepherd travels the ocean waters looking for Japanese Whaling Fleets , and once located they attack the fleets often with stink bombs and other devises meant to, “shut the killing factories down.” According to Greenpeace, a 2008 article in the New Yorker reported that Watson claimed that the Sea Shepherd had sunk ten ships since its founding.

So, we have environmentalists actually filming their acts of Vandalism to Property and possibly people, then broadcasting their “deeds” weekly on Cable and Satellite TV. To my knowledge, the show has not been criticized by those who claim that calling something “murder” can lead to the violence of those who actually do the “murder”. Meanwhile, in the wake of the shooting of abortionist, George Tiller, the news media is doing flip flops attempting to label all “non-Violent Speech” by pro-lifers as “Inciting murder and Violence“.

I am confused here? Does the liberal left believe in non-violence or not? Why do they attack free speech on the right but are silent at best and even condone the acts of violence and terrorism on the left? Is saving whales more important than saving human life?

I believe in free speech and the constitutional right to protest and speak out…but if these screaming pro-abortion – whale loving radicals have their way, they will silence pro-life people and in the process hurt their own precious causes as well. Perhaps the most dangerous speech, is not that which truthfully calls abortion the taking of a human life, but speech which, instead, silences opposition and by doing so, places freedom for all at risk .