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Huffington Post uses biased reporter to attack Maafa21 which exposes a eugenics plot of black genocide from abortion

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The Huffington post is attempting to dissuade people from watching the powerful Black Genocide film: Maafa21

In an article entitled: Dangerous Claims That Abortion Is Genocide author Pam Chamberlain, tries to discredit the film, because the producer: Mark Crutcher is White and Pro-Life.

Chamberlain writes, “Mark Crutcher, a white anti-abortion activist (and associate of Priests for Life president Fr. Joe Pavone) can really pull old ghosts out of the closet. The president of the “pro-life” media center Life Dynamics has produced a documentary film, Maafa 21, that rekindles the flames of conspiracy thinking about black genocide.
Using black voices as narrators, this two-hour film argues that wealthy white elites in America have a hidden racial agenda that began the day slaves were freed and is now based on the racist Eugenics movement from the early 20th century, best exemplified, they incorrectly say, by Planned Parenthood. The plan they seek to expose is the encouragement of abortion within the black community as a form of population control, to enlist African Americans as willing dupes in their own genocide.”

What she is failing to report here is that the film is loaded with BLACK EXPERTS – here are a few:

Okay- But in full Disclosure: PAM CHAMBERLAIN the author of the attack piece IS also WHITE ( as if color has anything to do with the ability to produce truth)

In Addition- Ms. Chamberlain as the Huffington Post so cleverly failed to state, is not only Pro-choice, but radically Pro-Abortion. By her own statements, she should have been disqualified from such a piece, unless….another “MOTIVE” was behind the article? but for now, let’s examine Pam Chamberlain’s ideas on this issue:

Chamberlain, wrote a book called: Reproducing Patriarchy: Reproductive Rights Under Siege.” Defending Reproductive Rights: An Activist Resource Kit, recommend by the very pro-abortion group: Medical Students for Choice.

Here is how Pam Chamberlain describes herself on the pro-abortion blog: RH REality Check
About Me
Pam Chamberlain is Senior Researcher of Political Research Associates, a progressive think tank that tracks the U.S. Right. She studies and writes about opposition to the reproductive justice and LGBTQ rights movements, and is a member of the editorial board of Public Eye, PRA’s quarterly. She has been involved with feminist, peace, and human rights activism since her days as a high school teacher, and maintains a commitment to making research from various academic fields accessible to activists.

The Group “Civil Liberties and Public Policy” which says that it is a national reproductive rights (pro-abortion) and justice organization dedicated to educating, mentoring, and inspiring new generations of advocates, leaders, and supporters, had Chamberlain speak at it’s CLPP’s 24th annual activist conference, entitled: From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom. Does Chamberlain sound like an “unbiased” reporter?

Chamberlain led a seminar entitled: Resisting the Right and these were the goals: This workshop gives an overview of the Right, including an analysis of the ways in which the attacks on abortion and providers… Presenters will highlight successes of the Right and offer strategies for resistance.

And on her website Political Research Associates , Chamberlain is described this way: She has been involved with peace and human rights activism for many years. Currently she helps schools and community groups handle right-wing resistance to multicultural education and programs for gay and lesbian students. She helped create four Activist Resource Kits for Political Research Associates and has been the lead researcher on their Campus Activism Project. She maintains a commitment to making information about the political Right accessible to diverse audiences and to helping organizations plan effective strategies to fight the Right

And here, Chamberlain speaks at a conference put on by “Concerned Clergy for Choice”
(Abortion) where Planned Parenthood and CCFC offer on camera “Media Training” for the Clergy.

So, when Chamberlain writes that, “Maafa 21 skillfully presents half-truths, and the continuous background music relies on an ominous, scary thumping in the bass. The filmmakers’ agenda is not really to educate African Americans but to drive a racial wedge in that community in order to stigmatize black women who choose to have abortions and to heighten black support for the predominantly white Christian Right anti-abortion crusade.” we need to consider the source – Chamberlain is a white female, who is a radically pro-abortion, hostile, feminist with an axe to grind !

The FACTS, in Maafa21 are clear and undeniable, because, unlike Chamberlain and the Huffington Post, Crutcher and all his African American Experts in the film- use the words, writings, documents, video, books, and audio of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, American Eugenics movement and their founders and supporters.

The film details the racist days of slavery, moves to eugenics and clearly and precisely connects the links between the founders of the eugenics movements to Planned Parenthood. One only needs to watch the 2.5 hours of thoroughly researched materials presented in the film: Maafa21 to see the facts. Below I will play the “credits section ” of the film , which lists the original books, libraries, and articles published by Planned Parenthood and their cronies: (NOTE: I do not see any footnotes or sources in Chamberlain’s hit piece)

So- the only way to discover the truth is for you- the reader- to watch all 2.5 hours of this important film: Maafa21, and I hope you will. Order a copy here

This is what Huffington is afraid of- BLACKS seeing eugenics for what is really is and defunding Planned Parenthood