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Baby girl and mother shot by pro-choice father because infant was not a boy and mother refused abortion

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Father murdered his wife and 13-week-old daughter ‘because she wasn’t born a boy’
12-28-2009 Daily Mail

Daniel Hicks, who is still on the run, was charged with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder
U.S. police are hunting a father who shot dead his 13-week-old baby daughter – because she had not been born a boy.
Daniel Hicks, 29, also gunned down the mother of his newborn daughter before going on the run.

Relatives told police in Seattle, Washington, that Hicks was disappointed his first born child was not a boy.

They said he was unhappy that his girlfriend Jennifer Morgan became pregnant and had failed to bond with his daughter Ema.

Morgan’s mother said he had expressed regret that his newborn daughter was not a boy.

According to A report from the Medical Examiner’s Office said Morgan was shot at least 12 times and her daughter was shot at least seven times.

Court documents said Hicks’ half-sister told police Hicks wanted Morgan to get an abortion and Hicks claimed that Morgan was trying to trap him with her pregnancy.

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UPDATE 12-29-2009

Pro-abortion murdering father has been arrested !

Daniel T. Hicks, 29, was arrested at gunpoint at about 11 a.m. after police traced a phone call he had made from a pay phone, said Santa Cruz Police Department spokesman Capt. Steve Clark. One law-enforcement source said Hicks had called a relative, who alerted police.

Hicks, who was on the phone when police arrived, was cooperative, Clark said. He told police he knew why he was being arrested, indicating that it was because he was “a bad person,” according to Clark.

King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor James Konat and Seattle police homicide detectives flew to California on Monday afternoon to work on the investigation and to address Hicks’ extradition. It wasn’t immediately known how long it would take authorities to bring Hicks back to Washington. After Hicks was arrested, police found his white 2006 Chevrolet pickup in Weed, Calif., just south of the Oregon border. Weed is about 344 miles from the seaside city of Santa Cruz.

It wasn’t immediately clear how Hicks had gotten from Weed to Santa Cruz.

Hicks has been charged with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder in the slayings of his 28-year-old girlfriend, Jennifer “J” Morgan, and their 13-week-old daughter, Ema Morgan. Their bodies were discovered last Tuesday morning in the Beacon Hill home where the young family lived with Jennifer Morgan’s mother.

Hicks reloaded his .45-caliber handgun at least twice while firing 12 rounds of ammunition into his girlfriend and seven rounds into their infant, charging documents allege.
The King County prosecutor’s office is considering whether to seek the death penalty against Hicks. Under state law, a first-degree-murder conviction carries only two possible sentences: life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Seattle police were aware Hicks had gone to California after the slayings because he phoned his father collect from San Jose on Wednesday. His father, who didn’t speak with Hicks, alerted Seattle homicide detectives.

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