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Alex Jones interviews Black Pastor on eugenics, black genocide, Planned Parenthood and abortion

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Pastor Childress is featured in this powerful film – Maafa21

Black Tea Party Members Dispute Racist Claims

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Black Tea Party Members Dispute Racist Claims -…, posted with vodpod

Learn how the ELITES are targeting BLACK (watch Maafa21)

Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger admitted in her autobiography that she gave a tremendous speech to the KLAN and no one from the left has asked Planned Parenthood to recant her- today Planned Parenthood’s top award is called the Margaret Sanger Award- think about it !

African American posts comments about Maafa21 and Black Genocide

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This black man posted a commentary about the documentary: Maafa21 Blck Genocide in 21st Century America – He writes, “Ever since Rowe v. Wade and estimated 15 million African Americans have been murder via the horrific process of abortion. This horrific, sinful, and unnatural practice has been push by white elitist, sellout black leaders, and organizations such a plan parent hood for decades in an effort to reduce and ultimately people of color, predominately blacks, that according to their pseudo-scientific theory of social-Darwinism are an inferior people and a threat to the human (white) population. For more information on the subject and it adverse effects on the black populous and the health of women ”

Check out a preview of Maafa21 below:

2 Years and then Doom? Elitists Plan to Bring America Down?

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Decide for yourself:

Alex welcomes back to the show Lindsey Williams, the ordained Baptist minister who went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. Williams has shared suppressed knowledge regarding oil companies and their supplies and predicted the drop in oil prices on the Alex Jones Show. Williams believes the reason why the global elite dropped the world price of oil was to wage economic warfare against the Arab and OPEC countries. Pastor Williams is the author of The Energy Non-Crisis.

QUOTES from Show:

” Within 2 years you will not recognize America”

( The Elite) ” We have altered our time line”

“After 2 years you will be so poor you will not be able to rebel”

” Inflation will escalate”

“Gold+Silver are all you can rely on”

” Buy 2012 the dollar will be dead”

“War is planned after 2 years”

Where” Iran/Israel






” The Devil’s Messiah”




NOTE: on right hand side work from bottom up of Lindsey William’s live 1 of 8