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Supporters lash out at abortion advocate who suggested baby should have been aborted

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A pro-choice person on Facebook messaged the mother of a baby born without a nose asking why she did not abort him.

Eli Thompson Baby born without a nose

Brandi McGlathery, the mother of Eli Thompson, born March 4, without any sinus cavities or nasal cavities posted the hateful message to a Facebook page she created for Eli’s supporters.

The message suggested that Brandi should have aborted Eli calling the newborn, Ugly!

The hateful pro-abortion message read, “he’s so ugly don’t you wish you would have had an abortion…give that thing up for adoption.”

Eli aborted baby without nose 462650741717_n

Brandi told WKRG that her message was tempered, “That took a lot of maturity to not respond the way that the mom in me wanted to!” she said.


Eli’s supporters responded with outrage:

Eli Thompspn baby born without a nose

What a rude and heartless girl. Eli is beautiful! Every life is a blessing,” one supporter wrote.

OMG, that is so disgusting! Eli is a gorgeous wee man and don’t let anyone tell you any differently,” said another.

Still others were very angry, “Wtf??? Sorry for the language but are you kidding me right now? She is a hateful person how dare her. She’s lucky I don’t know her name I’m in the mood to kick some ass right now! Your son is a precious angel from God!”

“I can’t even fathom a heart that ugly” said another supporter, “I love him so much even though I don’t know him and probably never will. My heart aches for you and him for all the mean, nasty, and mostly just plain ignorant comments you’ll hear. You will always be in my prayers.”

It really makes me sad that some people are that clueless, rude and ignorant. Every child is a miracle from God, regardless of their looks, disability, race etc……Much love and respect to you and your family,” writes another.

Others uploaded copies of messages they sent to the pro-abort in response:

I messaged her and will not repeat here what I wrote!! I just had to get this anger off my chest,” one supporter stated.

Eli suporters react to abortion post

Eli supporters respond to abortion post 3

Eli supporters respond to abortion post5

Eli supporters respond to abortion post6


Others were not that polite:

Eli supporters respond to abortion post

Eli supporters respond to abortion post 2

Eli supporters respond to abortion post 4

Comments by outraged supporters of the Baby were numerous. Needless to say, the Jade NoHouse Facebook page has since been deleted.