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Carly on Planned Parenthood “The depravity is unspeakable” but Hillary “hasn’t said a word”

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Just what we need – more women’s voices on Planned Parenthood. We already dominate the pro-life view, but if we are to counter the lies of Planned Parenthood we will have to put up double what they dish out.

Gloves off pro-choicers because we found another female pro-life champ in Carly Fiorina.


She continues to hit the knock-out punch to the abortion lobby and, if I am as perceptive as I think I am, she drives Planned Parenthood nuts.

The 2016 presidential female hopeful was on the Bill O’Reilly show Tuesday, and, in her soft-spoken yet strong manner, she spoke up about the second undercover video showing the callousness of another Planned Parenthood doctor haggling about money over the bodies of dead babies.

Her first observation was to point out that Hillary Clinton, who supports Planned Parenthood, hasn’t said one word about the scandal.

Carly Fiorini

“Well, she hasn’t said a word,Fiorina told O’Reilly.

Talk about a war on women. I mean, think about this. Democrats like Hillary Clinton have argued against giving women a chance to look at an ultrasound before they have an abortion but they’re prepared to use ultrasound to figure to best way to preserve the body parts of an unborn child they had convinced women is not a life at all.The depravity is just unspeakable. And, Hillary Clinton hasn’t said a word,” she said.


Hillary clintonMargaret Sanger

As for Hillary, well, we all know she admires the eugenic work of Planned Parenthood.

Hillary Elephants 2

After all, while Hillary Clinton has spoken out against the dismemberment of elephants, do you really think she also cares about chopping up the body parts of unborn babies with abortion?

But, unlike Hillary, Carly Fiorina has so much more class and compassion.

Fiorina denounced the faux “war on women” claim by those who oppose Planned Parenthood, whose policy is basically, “It’s not a life until it [the baby] leaves the hospital,” she said.

She added, “I don’t know how you justify taxpayer funding of this kind of activity anymore.

Fiorina ended that segment of the interview by telling Bill that she would ask Hillary if she would send an equal amount of tax payer funding to pro-life pregnancy centers so women get all the options, “But they don’t do that either,” she added.

Watch below:

But wait….there’s more.

Here she is on CNN with Jake Tapper.

“The majority of the American people now believe that abortion for any reason at all to be paid for by tax payers after 5 months is an abomination.”

“This [ Planned Parenthood] video tape is depraved. The casual nature with which these people are talking about fetuses and tissue and specimens. I tell you what, if a woman was looking at that ultrasound at that same stage of her pregnancy the doctor would not be talking about fetuses, or specimens or tissue. They would be saying look at your baby’s heartbeat, look at your baby’s eyes, look at your baby’s organs.”