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Texas abortion clinic forced to stop killing babies claims they now focus on adoptions

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Following the closure of several Texas abortion clinics due to a strict pro-life law passed last year in the state, an El Paso clinic says they now focuses on adoptions rather than killing babies.

But, I have my doubts….


It was devastating,” said Gerri Laster, of Reproductive Services of El Paso, told KHOU.

We did adoption services,” said Laster. She now focuses solely on adoptions, according to the KHOU reporter.

Come on, do you really believe that a clinic can flip from killing babies to saving them overnight? And if they did, why doesn’t the media call them out?

So, I did some checking…..

Maybe the reporter at KHOU is not that thorough – perhaps her bias toward abortion overtook her common sense – but I checked the website of Reproductive Health Services of El Paso and – I see NOTHING about adoptions.

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